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Flash Friday – The Hunted Prey – Thriller PG13

Rebekah Postupak, once again, brings us Flash Friday.  This time the photo (below) is tied to a “include a detective” direction.  After reading my addition, please click >HERE< to enjoy the rest.

Source: Creative Commons photo by Kat/Swim Parallel.

Shauna Perkens stared quietly at the polished tips of her new Gucci low heels.  Private detective work paid well if you had the right clients and Shauna had the right clients.  She sat with those same shoes against a pole in a nearly-empty bus.  Her client’s interest had gotten off several stops ago.  Shauna decided five stops should be enough to keep suspicions at bay.

She sat up in her seat, standing when the next stop arrived.  She walked to the door and slid out into the raw world of Philly.  Brotherly love was a good moniker, but, from her position, the city was anything but.  Her keen eyes saw the deviance in so many who passed by her.  If they only knew how easy they were to read, but they did not.  Her job was mostly easy.

He had noticed her on the bus and waited, following her.  If she only knew how easy detectives were to spot.





Flash Friday – For Her Pleasure – Rated PG13 Thriller

Rebekah Postupak brings us Flash Friday, 140-160 words carved from a word and picture prompt.  The words “include a dancer” are added to the photo below.  After reading my addition, please click > HERE < to read the rest.  Enjoy!!!

Source: Dancing at the Red Cross Fund, Brisbane, 1942. Public domain photo.

For Her Pleasure

158 words

She was a natural-born dancer.  He did not even know her name.  He had heard “Tilly” tossed out once and thought it belonged to her, but was never sure.  It did not matter; he would not approach her, anyway.

He was not a child molester; oh no, nothing so crude.  He would never touch or harm such a child.  She was destined to dance to ballet with symphonies, perhaps, the next world-renown ballerina.  That he could not know.  But he did know something.

It all came from a picture.  She was staring at the crowd, doing what she loved, yet those eyes were blank, devoid of pleasure; she was in too much pain.

He did his work: studied, followed, researched, planned.  Yes, planned, that was the most important.  You see once he looked, really looked, the plans were needed.  Her father was not the man he seemed.  Her father was a monster.

So, her father had to die.



Flash Friday – Aftermath – Carolyn – Horror Rated R

Carolyn’s story is truly coming to an end.  The final part is planned for my post on Tuesday night.  All of the parts ( except 11) are contained on the Carolyn page listed at the top left of my blog.  Enjoy them.  For tonight, I have double-posted.  The first entry is 159 words.  When I finished I realized I had not followed the guidelines for the prompts at Flash Friday (hosted by Rebekah Postupak).  I then wrote the second one (159 words) which does.  Since they are all part of the saga, I have both posted below so you can fill in some blanks.  After reading them, please click > HERE < for all the other stories.  Enjoy!!!

Source: Gary Plant Tubular Steel Corporation, 1943. Public domain photo.

Vendetta and Aftermath

Carolyn and the others sat, looking at the corpses of night crawlers lying around.  Sheila checked the girls to see if they had scratches.  Carolyn did not have to be checked.  One finger nearly severed and two bite marks came from saving Jenny.

Jenny was crying and screaming, “No! No! No!” at everyone around her.  Carolyn finally got her to stop.

“It wasn’t your fault, dear.  I did what had to be done.  Now, I have to do what has to be done.”

Jenny hugged Carolyn so tightly it nearly hurt, but Carolyn did not mind; she understood.

Sheila took Jenny to herself and looked at Carolyn.

“So, no other way around it?”  She was tearing up, but holding on for the sake of the girls.

The others were in shock.  Carolyn simply shook her head.

“You all were brave.  Now, I need you to be brave one more time.”  She picked up her Beretta and checked the ammo.


Jenny turned the metal pole once more, welding the blade to the three foot rod.  She removed the welding glasses after turning the unit off.  She was glad they had managed to get into the high school and the shop department.  The equipment ran off of tank gas, so it was usable.

She admired the spear; it was sharp, pointed, and solid.  It would help her when they came back.  Her vendetta was strong.  She was not going to waiver.  Sheila had tried talking to her, but it had done no good other than strengthening her resolve.  She knew what she had to do.

The young teen put the spear next to the other seven and started on another one after placing her hand on the Beretta and hunting knife she now called her own.

Later, Jenny went to the back of the elementary home they all still shared.  She sat by the hand-dug grave a long time.




Flash Friday – Aging and Prompt – Carolyn – 2/21/2014

Well, it’s Friday and Rebekah PostuPak comes to us once again with a word and pic prompt (below) for Flash Friday.  The word is aging.  150 (+/-10) words forming the story done by dozens of very talented writers hoping to win the coveted attention/prize.   After reading my entry below, please click > HERE < to see the rest of the creations.  Enjoy!!!

Source: Parachutist @ Ft Lewis. Public domain photo.

Seconds Like Hours

Scott L Vannatter (159 words)

Carolyn ran like the wind, trying to reach the Elementary where her new family was and where the alarm bell had just been sounded.  Seconds passed like hours as she pushed herself to move even faster.  She felt the wind rush over her face and hair and remembered it had felt just that ecstatic and breathless the one time she skydived and her cord had refused to come out for a few precious seconds.  Now, it was Sheila and the four girls who could be suffering at the hands of the night crawlers. Carolyn aged.

She realized it was only mid-afternoon.  If it was them, why were they out in the daylight?  Then, a horrible thought struck her:  what if they were dying from the intense cold of winter and had become restless or even panicked?  What if they had abandoned their old ways because of starvation?

She rushed even harder, her breath losing the battle to keep up.




Flash Friday – Patience – Carolyn – Preparing for the Storm – Horror – Pg13

Okay, after discussing things with Carolyn, we came to an agreement.  The story will have either 9 or 10 parts.  It has 8 to date.  You may read them > HERE <.  It mostly depends on how concise I write, so I am guessing 10. 🙂  We have settled on 1 of 2 endings.  Again, we shall see.  Regardless, here is the next little part of her story used for writing to the prompt at Flash Friday, hosted by Rebekah Postupak.  After reading mine, please click > HERE < for the rest of the entries.  Enjoy!!!

Source: Kolmanskop. CC photo by Damien du Toit.

Preparing for the Storm

By Scott L Vannatter (159 Words)

A Carolyn Adventure

Carolyn patiently walked with the children as they showed her their new home, the elementary building.  It was old and had character, but had also been beaten by the elements.  One room did not have a window and the sand and dirt had blown in, covering the floor and parts of the wall and doorway.  Carolyn knew this was an open invitation to night crawlers and needed to be sealed.

After the tour, she and Sheila sat down and seriously discussed what needed to be done to improve the security of the building and better protect everyone.

Carolyn removed her hunting knife and her Berretta.  She laid them on the table by the lantern and looked at Sheila.

“Do you know how to use either of these as weapons?”  The question was blunt, the intent clear.

“No, not really,” Sheila responded.

“That ends first thing tomorrow.  I will go look for some weapons here in town.”

Preparing, she slept.




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