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Rebuilding Your Life? Yeah, I Know…

This is a link to one of Rian’s posts.  It’s an important post.  Read it.  If you understand it fully, then you have been in similar circumstances.  If you don’t, then try to put yourself there and understand now, before…

Rian, you are wonderful!

Rebuilding a Life



Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a Pain (I mean, a pane, of course)

Okay, so I, with some shame, admit I have worked about 23 years in the computer field over the course of my life.  I will further admit that I am no amateur when it comes to things Microsoft.  I have age and wisdom and experience on my side.  However, the stroke card with its fluctuating mental moments, wins.

Two nights ago, I downloaded my “free” copy of Windows 10 upgrade.  I decided to put it on the computer then (at 1am) as the 8.1 update took about 15 minutes and went flawlessly.  This is where I stop and say, “First, I backed up all my really important files in about 20 minutes.”  However, I don’t get to say this because it didn’t happen.  My stroke brain just ignored that little precaution, said, “It will be fine.”, and away we went.

The system told me it would restart several times and literally said, “sit back and relax”.  The first restart went okay.  The second one made me nervous as it took several minutes.  But the third one gets the prize as I fell asleep and when I awoke – 27 minutes had passed and it was still shutdown w/o restarting.

At this point, I did not panic.  I restarted it a couple of times after reading on the IPAD about what to do.  When that didn’t work was when I got more detailed in my searches and became privy to the info that Windows 10 can shut your computer down and lock it up so that only a restore will fix it.

I tried several things (including “safe” mode) to fix it, but, in the end, I had to reload back to factory settings and wipe the hard drive.  I do have a lot of items backed up on my external drive and many things are online.  however, I did lose:

  1.  My Book (WIP)
  2.  My stories (published and, …unpublished)
  3.   All my ideas for new stories
  4.   The outline and notes for my WIP
  5.   My Amazon sales files for both myself and our library
  6.   My current and past budget sheets (bank balance, if you will)
  7.   Several hundred video clips and movies from youtube and such
  8.   Innumerable little items I will come across in the months to come
  9.   My Minecraft saved games.
  10.   My Word/Excel and such…
  11.  The huge download for “The Elder Scrolls Online”

I had said several prayers and asked God to get me through this okay.  After the initial anger/frustration/ and whatever I felt, I settled and realized that God had done what I asked.  After all,

  1.  I had the discs for “The Elder Scrolls”
  2.  I had just paid the library for all sold books
  3.  I had just paid the last bill on the budget sheet and remaking the sheet is turning out better
  4. Many of the vids and clips were backed up
  5. My stories are just that…they can be made up again.
  6. The published stories are out in the real world
  7. Minecraft can be redone
  8. I found a free version of Microsoft compatible programs for word and excel
  9. My computer is fine, just the software was messed up
  10. It is all…just stuff

Looking for the best in everything, I realized, everything taken into consideration, other than time, it was all going to be fine.

As of this writing, I have already:

  1. Gotten the computer reloaded with its operating system — WINDOWS  8.1 !!!!!
  2. Redone the budget sheet and put in new formulas and balanced it to the bank as of today
  3. Reloaded and played “The Elder Scrolls Online”
  4. Pulled all the info from my previous computer that I could find

And, it really is just stuff.  None of it is life threatening.  All will be redone and forgotten in a few months.

Until that time, I will just keep reminding myself how it all works out in the end…




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