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Introducing…Scott Vannatter MC…

I have been giving thought, no, not to running a circus, but I have been thinking about beginning a discussion group in my home.  I can say it on here.  I may get the same type of “OMG”s as in RL, but I can handle them better.  And, those “no”s aren’t necessarily stopping me; I just don’t want to hear them right now.  I understand beginning a group in your home invites crime; it also offers serenity and a peaceful controlling atmosphere.  Anyway, I have been thinking about it since I was ordained into the “Universal Life Church”.  Yeah, I know, $25 and ten minutes and anyone can do it.  Not the point.  Since then I had started thinking about starting a church.  Then, I thought that would kinda undo what I really wanted.  I simply wanted a couple hours a week where people, like me, could go and share their thoughts on the “Power of Attraction” and God and life, in general.  A non-judgmental, quiet time without much disagreement and more discussion.  I thought a meeting with no money involved, a little prep on my part, and a few interested people might just work.  I have been hearing how so many people do follow God because religion gets in the way.  I want a spiritual atmosphere where people are accepted and can feel free to talk to be available.

Anyway, saying all this just so it was out in the universe instead of just in my head.  Any comments, good or otherwise are fine.  I would like suggestions and thoughts from all of you.




To Calm Your Heart and Soul

I have said for a long time now that I do not follow a church as such.  I am very spiritual and believe deeply in God, but my beliefs do not, necessarily, agree with the church.  However, they do overlap.  Here, I will leave you with one such instance and may it bless you and help you through your day(s).

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

— Psalm 23:1-6









My Translation: 



God is my caretaker – I have everything I need.

He helps me to rest and relax and stay healthy. He keeps me calm and quiet.

He lifts my heart and soul when I have exhausted it.

He helps to guide me in the ways that are best for me and blesses me.

Even when I stray and go somewhere or do something I shouldn’t, I don’t have to ever be afraid because he never leaves my side. His guideance is always there and I can rest easy.

He gives me food and joy and happiness even when those who don’t like me or my lifestyle are right there threatening me. He lays His hands on me and I know I have everything I could ever truly need or want.

He will always be by my side as long as I live, and when I die my soul will go and be with Him for all eternity.

Scott L Vannatter – 1/18/2017 14:17



Religion – A Repost

This is a repost of An Opinionated Man’s from 4/22/15 “Why the Word of God Hurts”.

I have gone public with my belief or lack of belief in organized religions.  This article says a lot of it very well.





10 Reasons to Probably Stop Dating the Woman You are Seeing – Rated PG13

Source: Google Search (with license for reuse) Click on Pic for Page.

I just finished reading “11 Signs You Should Call It Quits with the Guy You are Dating”  by Bad Chi.  Click the title to read the post.  It’s good.  It’s funny and informative, and really true.  It got me thinking that, perhaps, I should write one about women.  Guys, whether you are dating someone or thinking about it, doesn’t matter, you have some basic guidelines you should follow.  I am talking here about dating with the intention to go long-term.  This is not an article for the “get in her pants” group.  You guys, you will get what you deserve.  You just don’t know it yet.

1)  She really really cares about your motorcycle and/or sports car. Now, I know that many of you guys have these items specifically to get this woman.  But, think about this, dating her for any good length of time, is going be based ON THIS, NOT ON YOU.  Unless you are really shallow (then you deserve her), go somewhere else.

2)  She asks what you do for a living or how much money you make within the first 15 minutes.  Again, this means she is really really concerned about wealth, not necessarily you.

3)  She knocks down more than 3 drinks at your first date.  ’nuff said.

4)  She brings up church, religion, and/or the Bible more than 5 times in the first hour you talk.  Really?  It’s fine to be religious, but a zealot like this is going to be difficult to live up to.  It goes the same if she tries to save your soul in the first hour or so.

5)  Her pictures online show her with many animals in the pictures (or she continually talks about what an animal lover she is).  Now, nothing wrong with pets.  You may even like a lot of them, too.  Just remember that if this is basically all she shows or talks about, your future may be mostly about dealing with animals, not dating her.

6)  When asked about her desires or goals she talks about world peace.  Umm, yeah.  not going there…

7)  She wants to jump in the sack right away and doesn’t seem to worry about protection.  Again, I know this seems to go contrary to what most guys seem to want, but think about this:  if she is that quick to make it and doesn’t care about protection – you are sleeping with every guy she has…

8)  She talks about your future life together after marriage – on the first couple of dates – RUN! – that is all.

9)  She discusses her 4 or more marriages with you – There might be a good reason and you may still end up dating her, but really watch this one – she could be just a person who likes to try on a marriage or one who lives on the settlements of a good divorce.

10)  She seems absolutely perfect, absolutely.  Nope, dig deep, or run.  No one is that perfect.  Yeah, I suppose it happens, but be smart and don’t wait for the “I do” to find out you really shouldn’t because she isn’t.

That’s  my initial take on it guys.  Ladies, you can read “Only Bad Chi’s” article and/or you can switch a little of what I said above to make it fit your needs.  Guys who exhibit the above traits probably aren’t so hot either.




Okay, Let’s Do This…(Don’t Read this unless you want to be Yourself)

Source: Google Image Search with license for reuse. Click pic for page.

I have, mostly, stayed away from extremely controversial items and subjects.  Talked about them?  Yes, but I have seldom sought to really hit on things that would, most likely, bring trolls and horrible comments to my blog.  Well, I decided that, after four years or so of blogging, perhaps I should go ahead and speak my mind fairly blatantly.  So, I will start with a clip of Ellen D, one of my own favorite people.  She had to work her way up there in my mind and soul, but she has managed over the years to do just that.  Watch this 4-5 minute clip, then we will do the fireside thing.


Okay, simple clip, simple message – I love those.  Now, let’s see if I can muck it up.


There.  That’s a good start.  What am I angry about?  Well, mostly, I am so very tired of the “religious” world telling the rest of the world what’s right and what’s wrong – I mostly don’t believe in right or wrong and I know that is enough to get people swinging, but too bad.

I was thinking the other day when I saw a sign at a church which read:

One nation under God – doesn’t that sound nice?

Yes, I think it does.  However, when a church says that, they almost always mean – their God – or, at least, the same God, but under their beliefs as to what is right and wrong.  Certainly, in the church in question here, lesbians would not be considered “under God”.  This is where I start to rankle.  Let’s look at what the following have in common:



People in Prison


Child Molesters

War Mongers

Motorcycle Gang Members

Drug Users

Porn Stars

People who like BSDM

Devil Worshipers

Now, let’s do the “Jeopardy” theme tune while you think…Dum de dum dum… dum…dum…dum!

Okay, have you got it yet!  The question is:  What are people not welcome in most Christian Churches?

I am not against Christianity.  I am not against churches.  I do have a problem with religion, organized religion, who set people off as good and bad, especially when you are “good” if you go to a Christian church (or Catholic, or Muslim – wow, let’s not go there!).

“One Nation Under God” would be fine if people would just let God do His thing and love us and we love each other.  How would that change this nation?  The world?  Can you imagine if the leader of North Korea honestly called the White House and said, “Hey, I have been acting horrible.  I would like to stop all hostilities and start working on making my country an open, loving place where everyone feels equal and loved!”?  For that matter, can you imagine the White House doing that?

Obviously, all of this did not stem from watching a 4-5 minute clip of Ellen.  But, it has bothered me and I decided that even Trolls are loveable in some way, so here is my attempt at a controversy.  Now, before you slam this post all of you people out there who are not so loving and understanding, let me make two comments:

First, I am not opposed to deleting any horribly said things that are simply there to start an argument or to insult me or my generally wonderful audience.

Two, you should worry that I may NOT delete your comment, but may add my own afterwards, in which case, you may be exposed for the fraud or nasty person you are or can be made to look like…up to you.



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