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Trouble in Computer Land!

Well, it had to begin; now, we will see where it goes.  I won’t get all technical here, but I will tell you that I have computer problems and still have them.  I will explain and try to do my teacher’s job at it for everyone’s sake.  It will just be my post for today.

A few weeks ago or so, I was listening and I began to hear my computer make that high whining noise that they all make eventually.  Just for most, that usually means the hard drive (the part that stores the information that’s not kept on the Internet) is going to go.  It is about 4 years old, so I can understand it.  So, I began to make plans.  First, I emailed my daughter’s husband and asked him some specific questions.  He told me I was on the right track and to make sure the new drive works before getting rid of the old one.  So, I bought a huge brand new hard drive.  It is about 8 times bigger than the old one.  Now, the fun began.

I downloaded several free programs while doing this -ahem- disaster project.  I downloaded a program to copy information from one disk to another, exactly, or sector by sector.  I also ended up downloading a program to “slice” the disks up in to smaller virtual disks.  These are called partitions.  Okay, most of the technical part is over.  From there let’s just list what I did and what happened:

1)  Copied the information to my external (USB) hard drive (twice as big as the new one).

2)  Copied the information from that disk to my new one after I put it in the computer in place of old one.

3)  When I looked at the disks all the sections were gone but one on each (that one was the same size as the old disk).

4)  I used the new program to stretch and add the new slices back into the 2 disks.

5)  Computer now came up fine on the new disk and all the space was there.

6)  I found that I had lost all email functioning (I use Windows Email).

7)  I downloaded Windows Live Mail (supposed to be better).

8) This wouldn’t start either (said my “calendar” was corrupted- funny, I could bring up the calendar).

9)  I formatted (cleaned) the sections on the 2 hard drives and resliced them (or vice-versa).

10) I am now copying the old info to the external drive once more.

11) Tonight, I will copy the external drive info to the new drive and both have the right size slices.

12) Tomorrow (probably after church), I will check and see if it all works now. hopefully!!!!

Result:  I am now about 100 posts behind and had only done a little bit of my monstrous wonderful email today.

Result:  I am also now behind in cleaning for New Year’s Day and wrapping presents for Christmas Eve.

Result:  I am also tired and a bit grouchy.  Using this laptop for everything is not that much fun.

There you have it; I am hoping this all works fine.  I know I don’t have work to hold me to a busy schedule, but this seems to be doing just as much.  The only good thing is that I am learning more about how this all works.

One last note:  There has been a fairly serious problem with another member of my family.  I can’t talk about it now, but would ask for your prayers.  Thank you very much!




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