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The Day and After Effects

Well, yesterday was the procedure…my colonoscopy.  Obviously, I lived.  But, for the more curious, here are the details.

The Prep day was strange and, at times, a bit scary.  I began at 3pm drinking their liquids and taking their pills, finishing last bit at 7pm.  Nothing really happened until 10:30 except that I was nauseous.  I did  take my sleeping meds at 1:30am when I decided that things were just going to be whatever they were.  I was not as “cleaned out” as they would have liked.  I called their service at 1:30 and the Dr. on call told me to take my last two pills (that made 10) in the morning when I got up.  I took them at 6:30.

When Dad and Mom picked me up at 8:30, I was still not sure what would happen that day.  When I arrived and the nurse checked me in, I told her.  She went to refer with the specialist, but felt I would, most likely, have the scope, but they might have to stop and reschedule if it wasn’t clear enough!  Arg!

The doctor was an hour late (emergency), so I got in about 11am.  The scope itself went very well.  My blood pressure stayed good and my sugar was okay.  I told them I was awake the whole time, but I think I dozed off.  It went awfully quick for how long I was gone.  I left about 1:15pm.

The news was fantastic!  I had no polyps, no cancer, and was told to come back in 5 years.  It would have been 10, but she could not see some of the finer details and wanted to make sure in time.  She said, though, that she found no problems at all except for 4 pills in my colon.  I have no idea what they were as I had only had 2 pills since 1:30am.

My Mom came and stayed with me for a few hours (after we ate! Man, was that good!).  We watched “The Reef”, an animated show for Mom, but I fell sound asleep and she slept through a lot of it!  I slept on the couch that night and stayed there all day today.  I actually watched 5 movies while I lay there.  I am getting ready to go to bed right after this post is done and I am still exhausted.  I may have to stay on the couch again tomorrow.  We will see.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.  Except for the tiredness, I feel great.  Big load off my mind.



Rip Van Winkle had it easy!

Yep! He had it easy!

I mean it! He just had to sleep for however many years it was (20 says Internet). He should try to not sleep.

I find that easy to do, just miserable. Yesterday (Saturday), I decided to try something. I take 3 medications to help me sleep:

The first is Melatonin. This is an herb and your body makes it. My understanding is that is helps, over time, to regulate how long you stay asleep.

The second is Valerian Root, another herb, which helps you feel sleepy.

The last is an Rx (Prescription) called Sonata or Zaleplon (generic). It is also supposed to make you sleepy and help you stay sleepy all night.

There are three things I don’t like about Sonata:

First, it is a prescription, which has to be renewed each month. I have had some problems with this.

Second, according to my up-coming Medicare prescription plan, it will be the most expensive one I purchase.

Third, it seems to take about 12 hours to leave my system. I am very groggy when I get up after being in bed for even 9 hours, even if I slept well.

Felt sleepy, but it didn’t really take…

So, last night, I decided to not take my Sonata. About thirty minutes after taking the other two, I was extremely sleepy and went to bed. Now, the only reason I say I slept at all was that, if I did lay in bed for 4 1/2 hours without sleeping, it didn’t feel like it. But, I didn’t sleep long, nor did I sleep well.

I felt awake at 5:30, but by 7 was so dead tired, I tried to go back to bed and sleep again. I did and in two separate sessions, I got about 3 1/2 hours in by 2:00pm today. It was enough that I have made it through the day, but I will go back on my third med tonight.

This isn’t a complaining post. What I really set out to do was an experiment and it had bad side effects. It did keep me from meeting my daughter and her fiance for the suit fit for the wedding, but she is great and we are doing that at another date. I also did not get groceries tonight, but those will be bought in time. That’s for certain.

My experiment showed me I need my meds.

Have any of you tried to experiment just a bit with meds or a recipe and had it simply go bad?
I hope you rest well tonight. I plan to.


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