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What a Beautiful Sound – But Let’s Stop Music in the Schools!

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I will be kinda sparse here for a couple of weeks.  Not leaving, but gonna be real busy.  I still hope to read and comment on a lot of posts by all of you.

To leave you on a “High Note”, so to speak, here is the reason we should stop all music and art in the schools.  Please read that last line as sarcastic crap!


That takes so much teamwork, effort, practice, and skill!  How can we take this opportunity and others like it away from our children?

Raise a real stink about this one!




Hey, Schools: First Do No Harm


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Something sickening at our schools   <<<<Click for 7 minute Video

When I watched this video, I was surprised at some parts and shocked at others.  There were some parts that did not surprise me.  I have seen a lot of this coming, I suppose, in my years of teaching.  This is one reason, though, that I am not sad about no longer teaching; I can see the writing on the wall.  There is a war, of sorts, coming.  It’s plain when you watch videos like these.  What did surprise me the most was that Indiana, my state, does not have legislation against these practices.

My school experience was one in which I taught a pulled-out segment of students.  These students had a history of causing trouble in classrooms and we spent a lot of time calming students down and working with them.  We seldom touched students at all, and those times were to put a hand on their shoulder or to tap them to get their attention if needed.  We would call administration or  security when there was a bigger problem.  Even the police very seldom did anything strong-armed.  Only when everything else had been exhausted did they restrain the student.

The year (perhaps, two) after I had to stop teaching, the program I taught in school was integrated back into mainstream education.  I do not know how that went.  I do not even know if that is still going on.  But, I see problems with mainstreaming; just my opinion.  It’s a difficult thing to work with.  You have students that are so much trouble that you need to have them outside of the regular classrooms so the other students do not lose teaching time.  Then you have the complaints that the students who are pulled out are not getting the quality time the other students receive.  It’s not a win-win, it’s a lose situation.  I see no good way to handle both sides equally.

In the end, I believe, we will be forced to form an entirely new way of educating children.  Good? Bad?  I don’t know.  The history of education I have read about seems to reel from one thing to another and use “research” to back it up.  Sometimes, I think a little more common sense could prevail if people and government were willing to work it through and really pay attention to both what is happening and what happens during the change, then refine, do not start over unless it is truly called for.  The people running education now at the State and National levels are, in my opinion, not battle-tested qualified to do what they do in creating the legislation over education.  My opinion is that they are “arm-chair” quarterbacks, instead.

Not certain just what the answer is, but, it seems to me, that we are pulling farther behind rather than closer.

What do you think of today’s education?



The Writing’s on the Wall; Well, the Ink is Back

I would like to share an article with you.  I have reprinted it below.  Here’s the credit:


Tattoos at Work: Show and Tell?

By Robert DiGiacomo, for Yahoo! HotJobs

For Jen Denis, a senior art director at a Philadelphia-based ad agency, having a tattoo has been a nonissue where her career is concerned.

At her agency, Gyro Worldwide, a boutique firm known for cutting-edge work for major fashion and liquor brands, about a third to half of her art department colleagues have tattoos. Denis has three Japanese-inspired designs, covering roughly two-thirds of her back.

“It’s not expected that I have a conservative appearance,” says Denis, adding that the agency’s creative culture is “not about who we are or how we look.”

During a previous job at a more corporate agency, Denis, 30, often covered her tattoos, but she doesn’t see any reason why her body art would limit her career prospects. Her experience nonetheless highlights a fluid tolerance for employee tattoos.

Trust Your Instincts

The decision on whether to reveal your tattoo on the job depends in large part on your field and your office environment.

“You have to use your own discretion in terms of what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate,” says Stephen Viscusi, a corporate headhunter and author of On the Job: How to Make It in the Real World of Work. “There’s no right or wrong answer. It has to do with the industry you’re in, and what’s acceptable for that industry.”

The Big Cover-Up

If you’re unsure about how your tattoo will be received in a job interview, cover it up, recommends Donna Flagg, president of the Krysalis Group, a New York City-based human resources and management consulting firm. “I would always play it conservative because you just don’t know enough about the organization yet.”

What Defines You?

Don’t let an especially prominent tattoo upstage your appearance as a professional.

“It’s fine to be an individual, but anything that’s going to separate you isn’t necessarily a plus,” says Viscusi, who also hosts a syndicated radio show on workplace issues. “If it’s a snake, a religious image, or an ex-husband or ex-wife, it distracts from who you might be. Instead of being the smart person in cubicle so-and-so, you’re the one with the snake.”

Grounds for Dismissal

If your company has a no-tattoo rule — or a dress code stipulating tattoos should be covered — you could run the risk of being fired if you don’t conform.

“It’s really about an agreement,” Flagg says. “If we state clearly we have a no-tattoo policy, then displaying yours could be grounds for firing, just like with any policy.”

My Generation

People in their 20s and 30s are more likely to view tattoos as just another fashion accessory, while colleagues or bosses older than 40 may think otherwise.

“It’s a generational conflict,” Flagg says. “Even in a cool, hip company, there are still people in their 40s or 50s who ascribe meaning to tattoos…and think they are a rogue or rebellious thing to do. That’s not how it’s being seen in the generation that’s having them done.”


Okay, now that’s done.  I remember sitting in on a talk by a school person who was, basically, in charge of hiring/firing at a large school corporation.  More on that in a minute.  But, getting right to it, this person told us that it was not legal for the corporation to not hire us because we have a tattoo (this was a class of teachers).  Following that, he said, basically, “let’s just say that we have never hired anyone because they HAD a tattoo.”

The meaning was clear:  don’t show, don’t tell, don’t get (if you haven’t).

Here’s that “we’ll get back to that”:  this corporation has all kinds of problems, from the way they do their placements to schools that people really don’t want to work for.  Yet, the idea is made that they don’t want tattoos on their teachers.

Beautiful? or too much? or both? or neither?

I have never truly wanted a tattoo.  I don’t care to have something on my skin that could possibly cause cancer down the road or that would cost hundreds or thousands to have removed.  However, I understand the desire for people to show their individuality.  I even think they can be very beautiful.  I do feel that the reason young people get them is to show their uniqueness and to express their creativity and sense of art.  It is not a rebellious attitude or whatever.  Those days seem to be done.

My question to you all out there is:  What do you think of tattoos?

More to the point:  How do you feel about them in the job market?



School Poetry 3 of 4

This is the third of four installments of poetry I wrote in class while my students did the same.  I got enough of a positive with the 2nd one that I chose to continue this track.  I hope you enjoy it. 


School Poetry 3


Let Me Stay, My Love

By Scott L Vannatter 05/07/07


Let me stay, my love

and be your servant to the end of time,

to cleanse your heart of the world’s grime

and smooth your brow of sorrows past.

Thy cloth will I be to wash your feet

of the missteps of your week gone by

and wipe the tears of joyless days

and nights with dreams devoid of gladness.

Yourself thus clean, I will ease your burdens and light your face until the

sun grows faint in the glow of its countenance.

Your skin will be made silky soft by my

balms and efforts, and your lips will know

my joy through sweet caress of my own to yours.

Let me stay, my love, for service to you

shall be not toil, but life complete, you

making it so by your allowance.


By Scott L Vannatter 5/2/07

Trees – old, stoic soldiers of earth,

Behemoths of green and bark,

Pushing their fingers of wooden flesh

toward the heavens,

Grasping for the pieces of stars.

They live.


By Scott L Vannatter 5/3/07

Prickly mistress of crimson,

Folded arms cover the bosom of nature’s glory.

Creeping arms of green scale the walls and

fences of man’s efforts.

Glistening with God’s tears and fragrance

of pleasure.




School Poetry 2

Well, people…you don’t follow directions any better than I do.  I had 1 comment on the school poetry.  Now, it was a nice one, but I wanted feedback.  So, like I did in the classroom…you didn’t follow directions, so I will try once again.

I have put out here a series of poems, which I wrote during school with the students.  I wrote mine (below) as they wrote theirs.  I wish I had theirs, but I don’t, sorry.

Please!  Let me know what you think.  If it is okay, I will still be able to do 1 or 2 more posts.  I enjoy this, but I want to know what you think! Lol Thanks.




School Poetry 2


Stretching Out in a Field


Stretching out in a field of gold,

The summer sun not yet touching the grain,

I look heavenward, the peace a blanket

Of joy, the breeze a caress of calm.

The cotton puffs drift lazily from my

Vision, animal shapes napping as I would,

Were I not so tranquil.

The animal fog slinks toward the night

As I stand to face harsh reality with a smile.


SLV – 050907


Weeds in a Forest


Sentinels of the emerald kingdom

Standing guard against invasions of grasses.

Holding strong the fertile ground against

Surges of wetness, pounding the carpet

Of green and brown.

Wind bends, but does not break; storms

Make ballerinas, graceful and lithe.

The sun ages, bringing brown hues to the

Dying army.

Summer cools; winter passes; the cycle begins



SLV – 050707


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