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A Moral Choice – in a Video Game?

I love the different directions I take based on my, um, personality traits (you can read that as “chaotic nature”, should you wish).  My blogs have run the gamut from love poems to horror stories from family outings to BDSM confessions.  Been a ride!

Well, today is no different.  I have a video game, one of several, which I play a lot.  Right now, I have about 300+ hrs on this latest trip through this game world.  The game is “Fallout 4” (F4) and is apocalyptic in nature (big surprise? then you don’t know me).  It is about a person who goes through suspended animation for about 200 years, missing WW3 and awakes in its aftermath: a bomb-riddled, radiation-lingering, mutated and violent world.  I chose to play a female this time.  I hadn’t ever done that and it does change the game quite a bit.  I imagine I have done about 50% of the main quest.  I tend toward the rest of the game.  Here in F4 those smaller quests are big and small and very many.  In the quest mentioned in the title, called “Nuka World”, I have wandered into a gauntlet of machine guns, Mirelurks, grenades, gas, and a big boss.  I managed to defeat all of these and find out I am now the appointed leader of a trading center.  This center has collared slaves as the merchants, custodians, and such.  The under leaders are 3 very ruthless gangs of Raiders whom I am to keep in line so they don’t kill each other (not such a bad thing) and everyone around them (not such a good thing). I went to one leader, the “alpha” of that pack and attempted conversation.  He asked me if I was willing to show what I was made of by doing a small job for him.  I agreed.  The job was to take a package from a group of “Minute Men” (keepers of the peace) and kill all of them (help his pack do so).  This, then, was my problem.  I play a mostly,morally right individual. In the other part of the game, I am a leader also.  However, there I fight with my group of settlers from about 14-17 settlements to protect them from harm and keep the bad guys (and things) out.  Further problem, these “Minute Men” are in my other group.  In fact, I am their general there.  I could not get it right inside my head to kill 4 of my own just to save some settlers in this other section of the world.  Neither could I simply not help and lose my small advantage to later get rid of these gangs (oh yes, that is my plan!).

My decision was a bit ambiguous.  I went to the gang rendezvous.  My intention was to find out the location of the other group then steal the package, making the killing unnecessary. Apparently, the game thought of this and, to pass, all 4 of the Minute Men must die.  I decided to go with the gang.  I stood back and did nothing while the gang killed the Minute Men.  Then, I retrieved the package AND killed all the pack.  I figured if the Minute Men had to die (should have known) then their deaths would not be for nothing.  I believe (as I died 4 times trying to kill the pack leader) I was not really supposed to kill the pack. I finally left some large mines in the house where he was, went outside the house, and threw a grenade in the door, blowing up everything.

I returned and had succeeded in the mission.

How do you feel about my choice?  What would you have tried?




No, I have not gone renegade and am prompting for a war.  “Revolt” is a recently-release movie in the Netflix site under Science Fiction.

I don’t believe much in spoilers, so I will keep it brief.

You need to watch this if you are okay with violence, some bloody scenes, and enjoy a great story with pretty decent actors.

I give it a 4 of 5 stars.  It ranks up there pretty high for me.  I love B movies (Heck, I even like C movies), but this one is a cut above those.

It will have you sad and cheering and hoping and holding your breath.

It got better as the film progressed and had a dynamite ending.

Rated “R” for violence, it has my thumbs up.



Flash Friday – Knowledge is Power – 04/25/2014 Science Fiction

Rebekah Postupak brings us Flash Friday and it’s 140-160 word creations based on both a photo prompt and a word.  This week’s prompt is below and the word is “knowledge”.  Click here for the others > HERE < Enjoy!!!

Canal Workers (Suez Canal). CC Photo by Hossam el-Hamalawy.

Knowledge is power!
@SVBookman 158 words

She stepped forward and pointed the small collection device at the construction of the new security data center.  Anonymity was paramount to her mission, so she had dressed as closely as she could to the native women.  She was hot and hated covering her face.  Still, it was necessary to remain hidden.

The small “click” made by her hand-held analytical-diffuser was custom-made to sound like a cell phone. What was not seen nor heard was the short burst of xenox rays.  The rays would completely pass through objects and simultaneously sent info back so a duplicate of the structure and all items inside and outside for up to 100 meters could be made.

Having the objects added to their race’s knowledge which their computers, in turn, would convert to pure energy to run their ships and, ultimately, their cities.  Soon they would have enough power to take off this cursed world and revive their entire race at home.




Friday Fictioneers – Robomonster Fan – Humorous – PG13

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields hosts Friday Fictioneers.  This week, read my entry below, then go > HERE < to enjoy the rest!

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Johnny put the helmet on.  It fit, but was stuffy and heavy.  He walked around his room talking in the procured echo chamber he had around his head.

He knew there would be a sequel.  It was, in his opinion, the greatest film of all time.  Forget what the others said.  They did not know.  They had not studied and realized, as he did, the significance to this movie.

“The Great Guidance” was becoming worried.  He had released the dinosaurs and humans had returned.  Now, this child, was stirring up trouble.  He scratched his helmet and returned to his cave.



Scott L Vannatter

PS – I realized that this particular story might not work around inside many people’s heads just right.  If you are having trouble, here’s some background – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robot_Monster

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