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The Dating Game

As my long-time readers can attest, I do dating sites.  I enjoy them (well, most of the time) and find it a way to, at least, contact women I would, otherwise, not meet.  I am not horribly picky, but I do have my limits.

I prefer women.  I prefer them younger (at least 1 year) and I am not really into BBW types.  Those are preferences.  I know I won’t do well with a highly religious person (not spiritual, that’s fine) and if you own dogs (more than 2) I doubt we would get along.  If you are really into sports, mudding, 4-wheelers, antique cars, hunting, fishing, or hiking, you would probably do best to continue on.

Why am I beginning a post with what sounds like a dating site ad?  Really just to show that I am a person with ideals, things that have to be and things that can’t be.

I used to get mad at the sites.  I got tired of not even being worth an answer from women.  Then I spoke to a couple of women who used the sites and they said I wouldn’t believe how many men write them each day.  They also said that most of those men were jerks.

I didn’t like the sites (and still don’t) for people who put pictures on their sites in which they are 3-5, even as much as 10 years younger.  Well, I guess if you tell me you are 56, but your picture looks 46 (because it is!), yes, you will probably catch my attention.  What I can’t figure is don’t these ladies realize that, at some point, they will meet this guy who will have a good reason to think he was lied to and walk out or make the evening miserable for both?

Then, finally, the ones who say, “all I want is…” and follow that with several things.  I don’t mind that.  What I mind is when the woman specifically says she doesn’t care about age or looks or money, just so he… I have met all those requirements before and they don’t even write back or it’s an instant rejection letter.

I told my stroke counselor that I have been doing a mental exercise to keep me occupied and deal with these sites.  I am on 2 sites Plenty of Fish and OkCupid.  Both are very good and can be used free with some success.  This is what drew me to them.  I now pay on both, but I wanted the changes; they weren’t necessary.  You could send and receive messages.

So, now, I do a small exercise.  Most days, I look through the pics and find 5-10 on the two sites who I might be interested in.  I make certain they are within an hour or two of me and, if things look decent, I write them.  I try to write at least 5 per day.  I don’t worry about being rejected.  That’s  part of the exercise – to get used to that.  I don’t even worry if they don’t write back at all – I just consider that a part of it.  I find a lot of scammers.  Pictures that aren’t of someone on the site or very little said and some suspicious things.  If I am sure, I report it.  If I am not, I block them.  Anyway, I have been doing that for a couple of months now. So, I estimate 5 actual writings a day and that’s over 300 letters!  Wow!  It takes a lot to bother me now.  And, I have had a couple of dates, 3-4 actually.

So, no Mrs. Right, but I am not sure I  even want that now.  It’s nice to just have the freedom to do as I want, to write who I want.  It’s fun as, sometimes, even though we won’t go out, a woman will write me for a while and we will just chat.  All of that is nice and it’s helping me.  My attitude is better and I don’t worry much about it.

Maybe you are at the point where I was and need to just write.   Maybe you need to really sit down and be honest with yourself.  Are you truly looking for a practical someone or are you looking for that one-in-a-million?  If that’s the case, realize that it means you will have to recognize that person and write and have them recognize you.  If you broaden your search, you may find the one quicker.

Thanks for listening to me go on and on.  I am really starting to enjoy my life even w/o someone.  Who knows?  I may find someone today or not at all.  It’s all part of life and of the story being told.



Interesting Results – Dull, but Interesting…

Well, this is the fourth day since I posted my poem using the most popular Google terms and pics.  I wasn’t sure what I expected.  It’s an experiment and I know the results could change anytime in the next, well , whatever, but it seems I should have an idea by now.  So, here’s the results of views for four days:

2/19  37

2/20  37

2/21  73

2/22  39 (as of 3:18pm)

I checked the searches and there wasn’t much there.  No big hits…nothing.  I wonder if WordPress has a way of suppressing the tags and such so that my type of “spam” won’t overly effect it.  I didn’t think so, obviously.

Now, the thing is the last three days have been normal.  The 73 views was for a Friday Fictioneer day and was normal.  Today, 2/22, is the most unusual with 39 during the laggiest part of the day (I  know, not a word, but I like it).  I suppose it could take off tonight.  If it does before around 9pm, I will add to this post.  I intentionally didn’t stick in the minotaur picture that started this mess.  I figured that would give results on something I already knew could do a job on my numbers.

That post could, though, somewhat affect all my numbers from here on out.  I mean, during any day, people could search out some of those terms.  I did realize that they could be looking at them now in a Google list and just not going to my post.  I didn’t think about that particular possibility when I set this up.  See?  That’s what good experimental analysis is about.  I did quite a bit of that in Psychology in college, but I didn’t create the experiments.  I don’t think there is any way I can see how often these terms bring up my site unless people go there.  So, I guess we shall see.

Let’s change gears for a moment.  Speaking of probability, there was a good probability that we were going to get stomped by an ice storm last night.  We did get some ice, but not horrible.  Let me give you a few pics just to round everything out.


My drive wasn’t bad at all.


The backyard just looked like a little snow had fallen.

Car didn't get iced enough to even be noticeable today.

Car didn’t get iced enough to even be noticeable today.


The birds got hit worse than we did.

Now, I didn’t go out and walk on the drive yet; it may be really slick out there, but it doesn’t look like it.  I am thankful for that.  Ice is not my friend.  Hopefully, then, I can get out a little this weekend and enjoy myself.  It isn’t that cold right now.  I went out, for a few minutes on the porch, in my shorts and a sweatshirt.

Enjoy things, everyone, spring is coming soon.



Archeology and Ancient Advanced Technology

This is a post which brings together 4 clips from YouTube which talk about different archeological searches for Atlantis.

First, I need to point to two fellow bloggers and their part in this post.
First would be Debra Christi – her blog —> here <— started me looking at these clips. Her post also uses these. I want to concentrate on the archeology rather than the city itself.

Second is Jmmcdowell whose post, located —> here <—, has done a great deal with her occupation and her writings to interest me in archeology.

The four clips are listed following this discussion.  They total about 45 minutes.  It is a fascinating program dealing with several different searches for the location of Atlantis.

The city was, supposedly, destroyed very suddenly at a fairly specific time in history.  It is chronicled, fairly well, by Plato and it is his writings which guide these searchers.  My fascination lies in the mixture of modern technology and old-style methods to locate and prove the existence of Atlantis.

I hope you will check out the four clips.  Drop me a comment telling me what you think and some of your ideas on both Atlantis and archeology in general.

If I could go back and start over, perhaps, this is an area I would have enjoyed getting into a bit more, fear of caves and underwater not withstanding. lol



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