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Seeing the Complete Picture

I am not going to go on tonight about movies, songs, diseases, or how much change you can find on the floor of a dance hall on Saturday morning.

What I would like to talk to you about today is much simpler and, hopefully, much more interesting. The reading of this blog is about 5-6 minutes, but it will be noticeably longer and (again, hopefully) much more interesting if you will follow the ending instructions.

I work hard on my blog, not just my posts. The posts are a daily thing and, according to my following and my views, I am doing a decent job there. What I am talking about is the left hand column of all my posts. There I have put in hours and hours of work and yet I see no likes or views of those pages, for the most part. There are a few if I mention them, but people do not seem to, normally, gravitate to those sections of the blog.

Well, I would like to change that just a bit, not so much to help me (though it will), but because there are other people who I am also helping with that entire left-hand section. I was going to list all the parts and explain them, but I decided that I will just make a simple plea for a couple of pages and then let you drift where you will.

A) Some interesting places to go

B) Very intriguing posts I have found

Okay, two sections, viewing them will take 10 seconds. Clicking on one of the items is quick, too. Looking at one will take longer, but I think you will be better for it. I have tried to really pinpoint the great things I have found both on WordPress and on the net.

Take a look…my 5-6 minutes is up.


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