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Your Faith and Your Life

I would like tonight to point you toward a post that intrigued me:

Post is here!

Now, the biggest thing, for me, about this post is it showed me the idea of living your faith by living your life.

I find, so often, people have their faith and they may be very lively about speaking concerning their views.  They  may have the answers to the most probing questions and be able to argue with the best of them.  I went through a phase similar to that one.  I was able to point out flaws in most faiths and show good reason why mine was good.

The problem is it, usually, only creates enemies when we do that.  No one wants to be talked out of their faith, not really.  We have chosen to believe a certain way and we try to stand beside it.

A big part of walking your faith as a part of your life is believing in yourself.

Rather than argue and try to persuade, I have learned if my faith is such a part of my life people cannot put me in the ring with hypocrites, but, instead, can tell you a lot about my faith by the way I live, then I have succeeded.  I am living my faith.  If my normal life is a good illustration of the basic me and how I feel and believe, it is hard to argue with that one.

At least, I am valid and consistent.

I think I am finally to the point I do, indeed, live my faith in my everyday life.  I walk the talk, so to speak.  I am now the type of person who will listen to someone talk, listen if they have questions, and try to comment if they want someone to comment.  This works for me.

I am much happier this way.

I much prefer talking instead of arguing and talking instead of debating.  Life is much simpler when your beliefs mirror your life.

Do you notice here that I have not said what my beliefs or yours are or should be?

I think that is good, too.  Your beliefs are yours; mine are mine.  If you desire to question (as have I in the past) and want comments and have come to me seeking, then I owe it to you to talk and discuss and give opinions; otherwise, you must be reasonably happy where you are, believing what you will.

I don’t seek to change that.

You are on your own path and that path may cross mine, should you choose for it to (or God choosing, of course).

I am waxing philosophical tonight.  Just some thoughts as I read through many posts and think about how we all should fit together and not be moving apart.  You all help me to shape my life and my beliefs.  I can only hope I can do the same for you if you need it.




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