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FF – Friday Fictioneers – Shoes of the Past – R – Horror

It is time again for Friday Fictioneers hosted by RochelleW.  A full story of 100 words (+/-) based on the photo below is the calling for the day.  After reading my entry (following picture), please click > HERE < to see the rest.  Enjoy!!!

Copyright: Adam Ickes

Shoes of the Past

Scott L Vannatter – 100 Words

Carolyn walked through the dark room guided by sunbeams filtering through dirty skylights.   The jagged splotches of illumination somewhat resembled a checkerboard from hell.  She stopped, noticing a small wooden platform near several large panoramas of early American history.  The platform shone a bit more than the rest of the area and on top sat a pair of empty clod hoppers, farmer’s boots.  They almost seemed in place here in the museum with this exhibit – almost.

Carolyn crept over to the pair and examined them.  Nestled down inside each boot were the remains of a foot.  She drew the berretta.


Thanks for reading another vignette from Carolyn’s story.  I have begun the longer version of the story and began by posting part one last night on my blog.  I hope to see you there.  As a side note – you have no idea how close  I came to calling this “Soles of the Past” 🙂




A Little More of Life Gone By

Lucky guy. I have a few stories, but no poetry published.

I need to thank you all.  I received some very nice compliments on my … um … earlier poetry and even several agreements that I should show more.  So, I have several things on my plate now.  First, there are about 5-6 more posts of this early poetry.  Second, I promised to expand my FSF selection “Charmed” into a full story.  Finally, I still have Friday Fictioneers and Five Sentence Fiction to keep going on a current basis.  Well, that makes me busy on here and that’s excellent!

I shared that early poetry and I, of course, shared the easy stuff.  There are a few that were written that I call my “dark” works.  I had broken up with someone who I had tried very hard to stay with.  I should have left earlier, looking back, but I didn’t.  She wasn’t in love with me and the post-stroke me would’ve said, “see you” long before.  It hurt me and caused me to view relationships much differently after that.  I guess I was always waiting for “the other shoe to fall”, which is even funny after my “shoe” story in my second marriage.  I thought I had written about that, but couldn’t find it in my posts.

Near the end of my second marriage, my wife was not doing much to help things.  She had a lot on her plate, but so did I.  We went to a counselor to help her daughter.  As part of that process, my wife and I were asked to come a few times so the counselor could see the environment.

After a couple of those sessions, the counselor asked me if there was anything Diane could do to help us stay together.  I said a good beginning would be to take the 4-5 pairs of shoes she constantly left in the downstairs living room up to the bedroom closet.  Diane agreed.  I thought, “simple thing.”

The very next day began with one pair of shoes and by the next appointment there were, again, 4-5 pairs of shoes downstairs.  The night before the appointment, Diane was upstairs in the bedroom.  I was downstairs.  I threw all the shoes, one at a time, up the stairs next to the bedroom door.

That next day, the counselor asked how the “project” went.  I told her.  Diane said, “I am just too tired to get the shoes upstairs when I get home.  Deciding that there was one last thing we could try, I said, “that’s not a problem.  I will clean out the closet next to the front door and move her shoes down there.  She can just walk in and put the shoes in the closet.”  This was readily agreed to.

When we got home I did just that.  Over the next week, I now found 4-5 pairs of shoes on the bedroom floor instead of the living room floor.  The night before the appointment, Diane was reading in the living room.  I, being in the bedroom, threw all the shoes, again one at a time, down the stairs.

It was at this point I fully realized that she was doing this all intentionally or, at the very least, subconsciously, and did not want to get back together.  So, you see, “waiting for the other shoe to fall” is a very appropriate phrase to me.

However, I did not always feel that way.  Here is a poem which I find very difficult to put on here because it tells how I felt when we got married.  As I said last post, I do not always feel the same way as when I wrote the poem.  There are some grammar errors, too.


By Scott L Vannatter


   Lying awake some evenings while the night settles in,

I look at the gift sleeping next to me, and I am amazed.

I think back on the misery and heartache of growing up and

of growing old, and I am confused.

I feel the sheets shift softly up and down, the rhythm of

your breathing, and I am breathless.

I hear in my mind your voice and heart speaking as one to

to me, and I am happy.

I smell the perfumes of you, your hair, your breathe, your

spirit, and I am home.

I think ahead of our years remaining, the joys and sorrows

to come, and I am content.

For you are Gods gift to me, a match without equal.

You are my comfort, an assurance of tranquility and love.

You are my breathe of life, fresh and clear.

You are my happiness, my song of joy and love.

You are my home, my place of security, trust, and acceptance.

You are my contentment, that which overshadows all tensions.

You are my life, my love, my all . . . you are Diane.




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