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The Powers that Be…

I have blogged about security and some things about the COVID19 and other things, but I never talked about the good points of the virus outbreak.  Are there any?   Yes?  Here is one train of thought from my good friend at “Blessed with a Star on the Forehead“. Some of my info may overlap, but not the way it’s said or the thoughts behind the statements.  Those are always individual.

I am a very firm believer in the Law of Attraction.  Among other things, it states that everything is perfect and will continue to be perfect.  This universe is here to give us whatever we desire.  What we reflect on the most will draw power and attraction to it.

A big over-simplification, but correct.  Whatever we think upon the most, the strongest, and whatever we believe – happens.  It’s as simple as that.  It means you cannot blame others for what happens to you.  You can change what is happening to you by changing your mind.  You are very powerful, especially as concerns your own life.

So, why a worldwide virus epidemic?  One very smart individual had been talking with others and this thought came up:  This world (people) have been worried about over-population for many years.  We have also been worried about a “supervirus” wiping us all out.  Most people worry about their health.  So, why is it surprising that a virus appears which may well cure over-population and threatens our health, globally?

Most people (meaning nearly all, especially the “experts”) have been/are worried about, not “if” a supervirus comes, but “when” a supervirus comes.  We all hear/have heard that very very much in the news, magazines, and shows.  So, what we have thought about the most and the strongest is that a supervirus would arrive and threaten the entire human population on the earth.  So, it has.

Now, what can we do about it?  Well, following the contact and food and other restrictions is not a bad thing.  It can help, probably does, in fact.  But out attitudes and how we think and what we think about needs to change.  If enough people change their thinking about this virus, it will become a thing of the past, a non-entity.  It doesn’t have to affect you as far as contracting it.

I am not saying to just start going out and talking, touching, and so on… Follow those guidelines, but importantly, watch your thoughts.  See if you are negatively-focused or positively-focused.

It makes a difference and can show the world the power of the Law of Attraction.  In fact, it is, even now…up to you.  You can control your thoughts.

Need some help?  There are many books out there that you could read now…I mean, you probably are at home for awhile…right?

Pam Grout’s books and Facebook page and WP blogging page.

Beginning books by Ester Hicks about Abraham and the Law of Attraction.

Start there. Ask me here.  And, believe that “all things ARE possible”.



If it’s not one thing – Well, it is usually more things.

Long week.  Dad passed on the 25th of July.  His birthday was yesterday (Tuesday).  Sis had her cancer surgery Monday.  She is doing well, miserable, but well.  Me?  I went to the Doctor’s this morning with a stuffy head, drainage, body aches, no fever, and a bad raspy cough.

The doctor kinda looked at me and said, “Stress.”  I didn’t think about that.  I am under so little stress since my stroke and I have such a different outlook on life that I forget stress can still get to me.  So, I am sick – I am stressed.  Okay, I will get better – am getting better.

I used to play a card game called “Magic the Gathering” (ooh and aah).  Well, I played and I shared it with my students and met with a group of them after school once a week.  We had fun and they learned to play nicely together.  I collected the cards and gave them or traded them to the students as a reward for behavior or whatever.  We all enjoyed the time.   Of course, that buying of cards to sell meant buying bulk cards at a good rate.  I now do not play, so I have been trying to sell the lot of them (or most, I still want to maybe play).  Well, I found someone to buy them and we are meeting later this week.  The final sell count was just over 49,000 cards…YES, I wrote that right… over forty-nine thousand cards!  I am pleased to be selling them and I am pleased to have them out of my house.  I kept several hundred for myself, but that’s a small amount that won’t take up a lot of room.  However, getting them out and separated and counted…wow!  I am tired and still sick…But, it is done.

So, tired, sick, and somewhat happy, plus glad Sis is fine.  I guess I will call it a day.  DAY!



The 24 Hours of Dante!

Okay, it’s only funny if I tell it, right?

Here’s to the last, nearly, 24 hours.  I think I might have made Dante turn over in his grave while writing the description of an 8th circle of hell.

Anyway, went to visit Dad at the nursing home.  It is cold here; I mean cold.  Warmer then, but still cold.  As I sat with him and played some chess, I sneezed a few times.

When I got home around 11:45pm, I was still sneezing and my nose was running a bit.  I went in planning to wash the dishes and clean up from the baked spaghetti meal I made for a dinner that previous Saturday.  At that dinner, when all was done, I was almost the last one to leave.  I went down their steps and thought I was on the last one when it was second to last.  As I fell, things slowed down, I managed to push forward making it more of a slide and, though it shook my spine top to bottom and hurt shoulder and hip, I didn’t bruise and didn’t end up at the chiro.  I just was very sore.

Still sore last night, I still wanted to do the dishes.  I went to put the leftover spaghetti into the trash (I am vegan, remember?), saw that it was full, and looked at the garbage disposal.  “It will be alright,” my stroke-induced brain told me as I shoveled it into the grinder.  About 1 minute later, the drain began backing up and I worked hard at fixing that, with no good result.

So, at 12:10am, I took off into the night to Walmart.  There I managed to find about $28 in stuff for the kitchen I would “need” including some Drain Cleaner (80 oz) and a plastic strip to shove down the drain and loosen it.

Arriving home, I tried the strip first.  Nothing.  Then I poured in 1/2 the bottle (instructions for heavy clog) slowly through the sink full of greasy muck and set the timer for 30 minutes while I checked on the computer.  The timer went off and I went back in to check the sink – nothing, except now a heavy acid smell to the air.

I followed the directions and poured in the rest of the bottle and waited another 30 minutes – still nothing.

Now, angry and frustrated, I realized that I would not only have to find a plumber on Wednesday or Thursday to fix the drain so I could get to my conference on Friday, but I would not be able to take Mom to dialysis to see Dad.  We also would eat breakfast and visit at Cracker Barrel and she would shop a bit somewhere.

I headed to bed, realizing that the heavy smell of acid cleaner was in the air and I could not do away with it until, at least, tomorrow.  I got in bed and realized the sneezing had now developed into a nasty sinus stoppage with some chills added.  At this point, having stretched myself too thin over the past week, I said a prayer to God about the illness, the plumber, and the conference (it was a learning conference for fun out-of-state, kinda vacation), then went to sleep a very short fitful sleep.

Mom woke me at 8:45am to tell me it had snowed and we wouldn’t be going to Dad’s dialysis.  Secretly relieved, I told her about the night.  She gave me her plumber’s number which I called and left a message on the phone.  She told me not to go see Dad at all and I agreed (can’t have him getting sick, too).  I decided to call a good friend who does odd jobs and have him fix the drain.  I decided whoever I actually talked to first got the job.  He got on the phone and said he could be over in a short while.  When I hung up and tried to rest, the other plumber called.  I took care of that situation, letting him know I would keep his number for another time.

I decided to just get up and eat.  Sugar was 85, the lowest it has been in a bit.  I had to maneuver everything around the kitchen drains and the smell to fix breakfast and take my meds.  After a bit, I noticed my nose and head were much better and I felt it might just be an allergy attack from something recent.

Friend came around 11 and took about 1 1/2 – 2 hours.  I paid him and then decided to wash the dishes…it is 5:29pm now and they have not been washed yet and my sneezing is back in spades!

So, at present, if the sneezing doesn’t get worse, I will go to the conference (weather willing).  I plan on visiting Dad tomorrow night, and I will do the dishes after posting this.

So, there, Dante…get writing!



Happy New Year?

Add your own question mark (?) source: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1396134

Well, I am giving Carolyn the night off.  This was the date for part 5 of the longer story, but I am sick and don’t feel I would do the story justice right now.  I almost didn’t even do a post tonight, but felt this would be okay.

I gave the title of the post a question mark because of all that has happened since the first (and it’s only the 7th).

First, I didn’t even make any New Year’s resolutions this year.  I did not feel like it.

Second, My New Year’s Day dinner went well as usual, but I didn’t get to sleep until after 5am New Year’s Day and because of that, mostly, I am now sick.  I haven’t been sick in over 3 years.  It was the stress, the lack of sleep, and the fact that 3 other people didn’t feel well.  I am better now, but not well.

Then, in the middle of it, we have this…S-N-O-W.  As I look at my driveway, right now I have about 15″ of snow filling it and about 10″ on my car.  With the weather being -11 last time I checked, I am in until better weather on Friday.  Of course, then we are to get more snow on Sunday!

Monday, when all this hit, my electricity went off from 7:12pm to about 2:05am.  I solved this problem by going to bed at 7, covering in 4 blankets, a sheet, and wearing a sweatshirt.  I did not get cold unless I got up.  I worried Dad and Mom who just don’t seem to understand that while they can leave me a message on my phone (not my cell), it is stored at Comcast and not to where I can hear it when the electricity is out.  I live in a dead zone, so cell phone is reduced to texts and they don’t have a cell.  So, they got really worried because they knew I was sick and didn’t answer the phone.  In fact, they called the Police and had them come to my house to check on me.  I was fine (except cold because at 11pm I had to get up to answer the door) and I told them I would call and let them know I was fine.  My fault, I should have done that earlier while the battery was still going.  Anyway, had to text Sis and my Niece and have them call and let them know.  Whoo!!!

All seems good now, except that I spent the entire day (9am-6:30pm) on the couch (where I also slept last night) watching 5 movies.  While it’s nice to do that once in awhile, then I was all pent up and did most of the dishes and cleaned a bit and showered around 7pm.

My neighbor called today and asked if they could park at the end of my drive as their parking was shoveled over.  I said yes.  My neighbor across the drive came over to ask me to let them know they were blocking his drive.  I checked and there were two vehicles parked there and I assumed it was the other neighbors who had not asked.  He went over in a huff and got mad at them and it was my first neighbor’s best friend who had come over to help them.  What a tangled web!

So, we will probably go back to Carolyn’s adventures for the prompts tomorrow through Friday and I will plan on the 5 large installment next Tuesday.

As Zoe keeps saying:  “There is Hope!” I certainly hope so!



And then, there’s Today…

This is the first time, since 6:30AM today that I have been on my computer.  I caught a nasty version of the 24 hour stomach flu and have been on the couch, pretty literally, all day.  I have napped more than watched TV, a bad sign for me, and have had my mind go all around in circles.  It seems that, mostly due to the stroke, my mind plays a lot of silly tricks on me.  There are also weird things that just seem to happen, too.

1)  I have had the song “I Dreamed a Dream” stuck in my head almost all day.  A good friend mentioned that to be a strange song to have played over and over on a day when I couldn’t sleep.

2)  The cat spent a portion of the day walking from my foot to my shoulder, thinking about crawling next to me, then running off and sleeping in the dark computer room where I wasn’t.

3)  My last school gave me an automatic ring today to let me know that we are on a 2 hour delay tomorrow.

4) I have 6 Amazon packages all of which have to be wrapped and mailed tomorrow!

5)  I am hoping it to be coincidence that I ate the cookies I tried to make yesterday (See post) and got deathly sick last night (I will be throwing them out, anyway).

6)  My imagination is not working well again.  That’s rough when I use it to fall asleep most times.

7)  On a good note, I did manage to actually sign and mail the contract for my fourth story.

8)  I turned a movie off, not because it wasn’t good, but because I had fallen asleep several times and did not know much about it at all.

Writing this post has made me realize how much I hope all of you are doing well and feeling fine today.  I am past the worst of it, so tomorrow should be good for me.  My sleep will be off for several days thanks to today, but I am getting used to that one.

As a bonus, the picture above came from this WordPress Post: The 12 Stages of the 24hr Stomach Flu  and I decided to link to it so you might enjoy it.  I did!

Enjoy, my friends.  You are all special to me.



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