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My First Time

Got your attention, didn’t I?  No, not that first time (that’s a story for another time).  I am talking about what happened today before this was posted.  You see, today is Sunday.  I am writing for my Thursday post because Wednesday is my first time…for a colonoscopy.  This has been something my doctor has threatened mentioned over the last few years, so I knew it was coming.  However, my being disabled and on Medicare, I think, is what pushed this to a “do it now” type of thing.  I have a feeling there will be several things that are “do it now” concerning medical procedures now that I am on Medicare.


I am only a little worried about it all.  I mean, the idea of a camera … well … that doesn’t sound so great, but I worry more about the anesthesia than anything.  I have reacted differently to so many things and being out is just another concern.  I certainly don’t want to be awake, but being out has its bad side, too.  It doesn’t help that, even though they have little to do with each other, the last time I was “out” I “died” too.  Although, I guess it won’t get much worse than that? 🙂

Here’s the actual worst part:  you have do stop your meds and such.  They allow a little for my diabetic meds, but the real problem is that I take 3 meds to sleep and stay asleep and I am now told I can’t take any of them the night before!  So, basically, I will lie awake until about 7am, then about the time I get to sleep I have to get up.  I will not be a happy camper that day.  I don’t know who you should pray harder for:  me or them.

Anyway, I figure Wednesday I will not be fit to write a post, so this is it.  For those of you who think I don’t really have much to worry about, let’s try this:  have you seen the movie “Awake”?  Yes?  ’nuff said.



Rip Van Winkle had it easy!

Yep! He had it easy!

I mean it! He just had to sleep for however many years it was (20 says Internet). He should try to not sleep.

I find that easy to do, just miserable. Yesterday (Saturday), I decided to try something. I take 3 medications to help me sleep:

The first is Melatonin. This is an herb and your body makes it. My understanding is that is helps, over time, to regulate how long you stay asleep.

The second is Valerian Root, another herb, which helps you feel sleepy.

The last is an Rx (Prescription) called Sonata or Zaleplon (generic). It is also supposed to make you sleepy and help you stay sleepy all night.

There are three things I don’t like about Sonata:

First, it is a prescription, which has to be renewed each month. I have had some problems with this.

Second, according to my up-coming Medicare prescription plan, it will be the most expensive one I purchase.

Third, it seems to take about 12 hours to leave my system. I am very groggy when I get up after being in bed for even 9 hours, even if I slept well.

Felt sleepy, but it didn’t really take…

So, last night, I decided to not take my Sonata. About thirty minutes after taking the other two, I was extremely sleepy and went to bed. Now, the only reason I say I slept at all was that, if I did lay in bed for 4 1/2 hours without sleeping, it didn’t feel like it. But, I didn’t sleep long, nor did I sleep well.

I felt awake at 5:30, but by 7 was so dead tired, I tried to go back to bed and sleep again. I did and in two separate sessions, I got about 3 1/2 hours in by 2:00pm today. It was enough that I have made it through the day, but I will go back on my third med tonight.

This isn’t a complaining post. What I really set out to do was an experiment and it had bad side effects. It did keep me from meeting my daughter and her fiance for the suit fit for the wedding, but she is great and we are doing that at another date. I also did not get groceries tonight, but those will be bought in time. That’s for certain.

My experiment showed me I need my meds.

Have any of you tried to experiment just a bit with meds or a recipe and had it simply go bad?
I hope you rest well tonight. I plan to.


Let’s Celebrate a Bit!

Ok, I missed the actual date on Friday, so I will catchup now.

There are just so many great things going on right now, I am in awe.

1) I bought a new mattress and box springs and I am sleeping like a baby. The last 3 nights have been wonderful! And, I have not been waking up to pains every morning.

2) I hit 200 posts on Friday! That’s a lot to me in a short time. Thank you all for sticking it out here with me.

3) I have 1887 comments to date.

4) According to stats, I have over 500 followers!

5) One of my earlier posts – The Minotaur poem and Haiku – has been viewed nearly every single day since I posted it!

6) I am just shy of 6,500 views on my blog from 86 countries

7) Just under 100 views on my highest day

8) I have over 1375 likes so far!

9) I also have a date on Wed!

10) I have some of the most wonderful friends on here! It is so great. I look forward to coming on here every single day.

To Celebrate, I decided, after my usual form, to give you some short YouTube clips to watch tonight. That’s all! Nothing long and complicated. You need a night off, too.


Okay, I was trying to post one of Simon’s Cat videos and, accidently, posted the whole list of 24 videos!  Don’t feel you need to watch them all, but 1 or 2 would be good…Funny!!!


This one was not funny but I really liked it. Maybe not for the little kids, but you all should be able to handle it (PG13?)


And, just for those who love action and are post apocalyptic fans like me, here is a short animated film:




To dream? That is not the Question! To Sleep – Ah, Yes!

Well, last night was the second night on my new bed (mattress and box springs). The first night I slept soundly.

Last night, however, I tossed and micro-slept for an hour, then had to get up I was up about 2 hours at the computer and, finally, went back to bed about 4 and slept until 9 (with a couple of breaks).

All-in-all, I am still one tired person.

I don’t think it was the bed; I think I just concentrated on things that kept me awake instead of asleep. I thought about active things and thought things through instead of just letting myself think, forget, and sleep. I will try better tonight.

Today (Thursday) I went to visit the Reflexologist. She worked on my feet (of course). She brought out pains I didn’t even know I had, though they felt, somehow, familiar. She told me that I don’t digest my food very well and that my pancreas is blocked. My hip pain is stemming from my shoulder.

Where she worked to restore the normal meridians, my shoulder and lower leg hurt horribly. She said that might happen. Also, my feet still hurt where she told me I have problems. It was amazing how it all ties together, but that shouldn’t surprise me.

The thing that hurts the most is my lower-middle back, right around my spine at my waist. I know that pain and it can come from sleeping poorly (in a poor position) or from straining somehow. It is not going away. I decided to give it to Monday then go to the chiropractor. There are some stretching exercises I can try that might help (they have before).

After the visit, I prepared to meet some friends for a birthday celebration for one of them. We had a good time. But, you know, it was all falling short because of this back pain. I sit here now and it doesn’t hurt, but it will, horribly, when I get up.  (I also noticed that it is Google’s 14th Birthday!)

I feel like a cripple and I don’t like that at all. I want to be back to walking everywhere and playing volleyball and doing exercises much more often. I have my affirmations and my vision board. Now, I need the same thing doctors need -> p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e !
Sorry for the horrible pun. But, I do!

What slows you down?

What brings out the need for patience in you?

I hope you have learned how to cope. I am there in a lot of ways, but still have some distance to go.

Any thoughts?


A New Lease on Life, Well, on Sleep, at Least

Well, last night was different. When 11:00pm rolled around, I decided it was time to take the new set of meds.

Now, mind you, when I am tired, things worry me more. So, I was still concerned about taking all three meds at one time. I stood there a moment and looked at the three pills in my hand and … well, prayed just a bit.

I really do love God, but I also really did not want to meet Him in person that night! So, after turning it all over to God, I kinda just shrugged my shoulders and took them all. That didn’t, of course, alleviate all my worries, but I decided that I was really too tired to care, so I went to bed, said another prayer, and read for a few minutes.

When the words didn’t make a lot of sense and I had stopped enjoying the reading, I put down the book, turned out the lights, and FELL ASLEEP within 15 minutes. I woke up about 5:30am and, looking at the clock, thought,

“Man, it’s still early. Then, I thought, “Hey! I am awake!”

That made me happy enough to get up, go to the rest room, and stagger back to bed. I woke up again at around 8 and again at 9:30 when the alarm went off.

I realized that in some way, I had gotten in about 7-8 hours of sleep and, more importantly, over 5 were at one shot! I was still tired all day, but I think it was mostly catching up from being so tired for 3-4 days.

So, the new meds are working and I didn’t die or go into a coma! I am one happy camper.

I went to my daughter’s today and we had lunch at an Indian buffet and watched “We Bought a Zoo”. That was a great meal and it was a fabulous movie.

English: Scarlett Johansson at the Hasty Puddi...

English: Scarlett Johansson at the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year Parade in Cambridge, MA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Based on a true story, it dealt with a father and two children to gambled it all to purchase and run a zoo. It was excellently done and kept my attention throughout. I will say that Elle Fanning (Dakota’s sister) did a great job of being the kid who everyone liked and Scarlett Johansson would bring me to a movie almost anytime.

If you haven’t seen it, check out the trailer below. Good movie.



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