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The Ups and Downs of My Week

I have had an up and down week. There have been good, even great, moments; however, there have been the others. I was leafing through my set-aside poetry and saw a few I thought I would share that are also up and down.

by Scott L Vannatter – 1-23-12

Sitting, deep in thought
Lost, caught between
Knowing best, wanting other
fear of future, of unknown
stepping out, chance taken
Divinity watches, smiles at knowing
Trust begins, journey starts.

Life Happens
by Scott L Vannatter – 1-23-12

Soft, deep kiss, Touches soul
Embrace the life, the living
Mind wavers, consciousness drifts
Thought moves toward beauty
future seen, not prepared
Listen not, promises made
too late the knowledge becomes solid

Two becomes three, becomes way of life
One leaves, mother remains
tough existence, another steps up
fear overrides, and the good never happens.

by Scott L Vannatter – 1-31-12

She steps in grace,
Movement depicts awe
My eyes lock onto beauty and its form.
Shape appeals as well as face.

I stutter as I talk, struggling to stand.
Her voice drifts with sweetness over the breeze
Each word rests with love upon my ears.

Hope springs, my heart leaps
The smile I bring to her lips
As I open the door.


Taking Leave
by Scott L Vannatter – 1-31-12

Momentary pause, my heart stumbles at the thought
The scrawling on the page takes form
before my eyes become a note of destruction,
Our love becoming my love.
Separation of being, loneliness sets in
And I know solitude is my soul.


The good thing is that God is always with me and it all works out in the end.

The other good thing is that I know all of you are out there and that makes me smile. 🙂


A YouTube Day…

It’s All Sam’s fault!

Yes, it is, Sam. Yours! Your wonderful post today included “Wonkey Donkey” (http://aspergersgirls.wordpress.com/) and after it finished (oh, I laughed), then YouTube advertised several others.

I forgot what I was doing. From about 5pm until almost 10pm I was lost in “YouTube” land. I went from “Wonkey Donkey” to funny pics to rugby, even watching live water birth, and all sorts of videos in between.

It’s been a long time since I got lost like that, but it was worth it. The longest time spent was on “Flash Mobs”. If you aren’t familiar with them, I will bring you up to speed.

The original flash mob was a group of people who just seemed to appear somewhere different and sang and danced. The people around them didn’t know it was going to happen and … well … wonderful surprise happened! It has caught on and spread around the world; I don’t know where it started.

In the way of leaving you today, I would like to give 3 video examples I simply loved.

Do Re Mi Flash Mob


Paul Potts Flash singing


Waka Waka – Biggest Flash mob in the Netherlands



Wow! Certainly not me…

Don’t worry, I won’t do two blog posts in one day often.

The entire reason for today is that, in all the excitement of beginning my blog, I didn’t really come forth with what you can get out of this. It certainly isn’t me!

I am not doing anything here but, hopefully, opening up an opportunity for you to speak through this blog to the rest of the world. I don’t want to do all the talking.

I can and will continue to post, but I think it more important that you all be heard, no matter what you have to say. All I ask is this:

Please don’t judge and don’t criticize. I don’t mean you can’t state your opinion even if it disagrees with the person who just posted a comment. I love discussion; I love it when there are more than one side to things. What I do mean is to treat each other here with love.

Sometimes, that can be a scary thing, treating others with love. You fear what may happen if you over-step, or if you come across wrong. Well, what I want to say is “Don’t feel that way!” Share with me; share with us; let us know about you and about the life you are living.

Our job (especially my job) is to sift through parts of it and help us all see that we can love, live, and grow even (perhaps, especially) with the differences we have. We are all spiritual beings, even if we don’t think so. This makes us loved by God by definition.

I don’t care how you picture God. In fact, it’s even your own business if you picture God in the first place. However you look at it, we are here and we are all connected. That should make it easier to love; easier to care; and easier to accept. If it truly doesn’t then, after you have given it a good, solid try, then go somewhere else to seek what it is you are seeking.

Just know this: I love you all and what I would choose most in the world is for everyone to love everyone else and themselves.

A New Beginning: with new problems…

Well, this is the 2nd day I have been chatting up my blog, well, really, it’s your blog. I want the posters to be the ones who truly move this blog along. All I truly ask is that you stick with the basic guidelines – this is a blog about life, mostly, the positive side, but I know that won’t always be the case.
I would like this to be a place you can go to vent a bit and feel the refreshment of knowing there are those here who will not judge you, but will support and help you. I don’t judge. I will seriously have to remove or disallow posts that do, so please, if you have to complain, do it in a fashion that shows us you are trying to understand life.
Anything I say is an opinion. Know that. While I have had some training in many areas, mostly education, but some counseling, I am not in the habit of telling people what to do. I “offer”. You can accept or reject the offer…what is important is that you know I am saying whatever it is I am saying because I feel God leading me to say it; it’s not for me.
Namaste to all of you. I look deeply forward to your comments.

A New Start

I think that I need to begin again with this blog by letting everyone know what has happened since the blog stopped almost 2 years ago.

I had a stroke in May of 2010. I nearly died, in fact, I may have for a moment or two. During that time and the recovery afterward (which is still going on), I discovered that my faith in God had increased and things were much more clear. I have come to fully believe that “everything works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out, it isn’t the end.” The first part is a Bible verse; the second is my own understanding of how it all works. That being said, I managed to return to my love of teaching at the New Castle Alternative School in August of 2011, only to have to stop last Friday (February 10, 2012) due to health problems. I am now on disability and supplementing it (trying to) through my life-long love of being a published author. I am now 3 days into my newest journey and have submitted 2 stories with a 3rd one in progress.
I would love to hear your stories; stories that let me know where you are on your journey. Make no mistake: I fully believe God controls it all; I think He just changes how He does it all the time by allowing us to make choices. That is what we do, make choices, all the time. There are reasons and He steps in constantly to help us and all around us reach our collective goals, spiritually, and, I think, other goals, by offering us opportunities and using both our acceptances and rejections to show all another, more beautiful way.
Love you all,

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