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Unexpected Evening

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Tonight, well, last night now since it’s 1:14AM, was unexpected. Not the evening so much as the end of the evening.  My father broke his ankle some time ago and I watched over him while Mom and Sis went to Indianapolis.  I brought my laptop, intending to write a new story, but I got sidetracked (did I sound surprised? Didn’t think so.) and ended up watching the last two episodes of “The Witches of East Side”, Season 1″ on Netflix and 1/2 an episode of “Turn” (2nd episode, Season 1).  When they got home around 10:30pm, I shut off Netflix and powered down my laptop.  That’s when the evening went unexpected.  I knew there were going to be updates.  I hadn’t used my laptop in some time and it has been updating whenever I shut it down.  This time, however, the “loading 1 of 153 updates” was not met with a smile from me because, following that was a “do not shutdown or power off your computer” message that had me staying there until 12:50PM when it finished and shutdown.

I spent the time reading my Nora Roberts’ novel “Calculating in Death”, so it was not a wasted time, but I wanted to be home doing other “home” things.  Then, to simply add to it, I remembered as I walked out the door, that I have somewhere to be in the morning.  So, there goes that time, too.

In trying to figure out how to make good out of bad, or decent out of not-so-decent, I decided to do a post on tonight and how I felt.  I don’t usually feel rushed anymore.  Since the stroke, I take my time, do things as they come and do not get pressured or bothered by waiting.  This, however, for some reason, really irritated me.  Even sitting here now, I cannot figure out quite what was bothering me so much, though I have some ideas.

I think a lot of it is simple.  I just wanted to be home and have more choices as to what I could do when my laptop was unavailable.  For instance, I could simply go to my desktop PC and work or play.  That is what I would have done, normally.  If you add to it that my home computer would have done the 2.4 hours of work in about 15-20 minutes, you can see why I was unhappy.  I would have had time and availability to do a load of dishes, clean up something, read in the comfort of my bed, or to be practical, taken a shower to get ready for tomorrow.  Was I really put out?  Nope, not much.  But, I am used to doing things at my pace and in my own way and that was messed up.

That brings me to the point of this entire post.  When things don’t go our way, we often get upset, short-tempered, or whatever else.  My question now is, why?  It wasn’t that big of a deal.  I no longer work, so whatever I don’t get done tonight, I can do tomorrow.  I have a story deadline, but it is far enough off that I won’t have any problems finishing it.  It just ends up being spoiled…me, that is.  I am “used” to doing thing my way.  So, when it gets a bit out of shape for me, I get upset.  Seems a bit petty.  In fact, it seems a lot petty.  Made me think that if I am this petty over something small, what can others get like over big things and in more of a rush?

The whole thing has now humbled me a bit.  I am not the unshakeable person I made myself out to be.  It was bothering me tonight that it was bothering me.  I guess I can still step back and take a look cause there are things I still need to work on.

How about you?  How do you handle it when things don’t go right for you?



Five Sentence Fiction – Spoiled – “What a Brat!” Rated PG13 – humorous

Lillie brings us, once again, “Five Sentence Fiction“.  This is a weekly flash fiction challenge in which Lillie provides a one-word prompt and we, the acceptors of the challenge, create a full story in just five sentences based on that one word.  This week’s word is “Spoiled”.  My story is below the picture.  The rest are >HERE<.  Enjoy!!!


“What a Brat!”

By Scott L Vannatter – March 9, 2015

I got married at 17 because my boyfriend, Sam, wanted to; I got pregnant at 18 because Sam thought it would be cool; I went to work at 2 jobs at 19 because Sam said we needed the money; we are in financial trouble because Sam thought his job was not paying him enough, so he quit.

If I say anything to Sam he ignores me and says I don’t understand; if I say something to his parents, they tell me I don’t love him enough; if I say something to my parents, they want no part of it; If I tell our friends, they tell me I am getting what I deserve.

I told Sam I wish I was smart enough to deal drugs and make all that easy money; I told Sam I wish I was smart enough to run a prostitution ring and have other people do all the work and I make all the money; I told Sam I wish I was brave enough to just kill the bad people who got in my way.

Sam started his new jobs six months ago; I turned State’s evidence last week.

I think I will like my new home in San Diego; I think I will like my new name, too.



Scott L Vannatter

Is It All Too Much?

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I was at Walmart the other evening looking for a few items to round out my groceries.  I made a huge purchase weeks ago and used a lot of coupons, saving about $35 in all.  Pretty good for me.  That meant, though, a lot of cereal – I mean a lot.  So, I began eating cereal at supper (late) and found out that it digests better and keeps my sugar lower than most other foods.  A friend suggested it was because cereals are more simple carbs instead of complex ones.  I don’t know, but it works remarkably well.

Back to the issue at hand.  I was at Walmart and turned to get a couple of boxes of cereal.  For the umpteenth time I looked down that huge isle and looked at all the cereals, brands, and types.  I started counting different types.  When I reached 114 I realized that I was just over 1/2 done.  So, I estimate just about 200 different types of cereal.  Let me repeat that:  2-0-0 d-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t t-y-p-e-s!  Now, that’s a lot of cereal!  Thinking back on it, I saw different brands:  Kellogg’s, Post, General Mills, and several smaller brand names.  But most of the cereals were of those 3 brands.  Then, even after the brands, I did not totally ignore sizes, but that would have made it even more!

I also saw, for instance, (I am remembering here, so don’t hold me to specifics):  there was a Cheerios regular, Honey Nut Cheerios, A Chocolate (dark) Cheerios, and at least 2-3 more different types.

Here’s my point:  While I really enjoy having all the choices, it bothers me that when I was little we had less than 10 cereals to choose from and a few of those were more aimed at adults.  We had Cheerios, Wheaties, Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, Captain Crunch, Trix, Fruit Loops, Rice Krispies, Special K, and Frosted Flakes.  That was, basically it.  I remember what a big deal it was when Captain Crunch added Crunch Berries!  My problem?  I just wonder if it isn’t all too much.  The cereal varieties are only a small tip on a large iceberg of choice and discontent.  We have so many choices on everything.  I am not certain that is such a bad thing, but it does seem to have promoted a poor attitude of “Give me more” or “More Choices”.  For me, it is pretty much to the point that if I see something I like, I will wait about 3-9 months for it.  Then, someone will create a new choice and the original’s price will drop or they will find a way to make an even cheaper unit.  It’s just time now, not “if” but “when”.

How does this make you feel?  In a way, it makes me feel old and that this generation is rather spoiled, or could well be.

What can be done?



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