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Spring is Here, Once Again…

Yep, spring is here and it brings the good and the bad, but mostly the good.  Here are some pics I took yesterday (Tues):


The wind was very bad for awhile (40-60mph) and it really did a number on my plastic drain pipes.


One tulip that keeps coming up year after year.


Not sure what this is?


As I said, the wind kept tearing things apart.  This was the big branch from a previously windy day.


Before time and the wind, this was a useable bird house.


A group of yellow tulips that comes up in the back yard.


The old homestead.  I have been there over 10 years, I believe.


My car will have been mine for 16 years in September.  Has about 156,000 miles on it.  Going Strong!


Close-up of red tulip at side of house by porch.


Same here, but yellow tulip.


This is my gas meter.  It squeaks anytime the gas is being used.  Weird, but I can’t get anyone to worry about it.


A stroke adaption.  These solar-powered lights (small) burn all night to help me see when entering the driveway after dark.

IMG_3755Finally, this old tree has been here forever.  It was struck by lightning many years ago.

I do enjoy spring, almost as much as fall.  I hope your renewal time of the year is going great!




Spring Really is Here! Flip ‘Em the Bird!

Today (Friday) just before what looked to be a huge downpour coming, I was coming into the house when I noticed something for the second time (funny how you can excuse something once, but twice?  You gotta figure it out).  I saw the corner of my house, outside, (first pic) had fresh sawdust on the ground below it.  Now, as this either meant (to me) termites or someone trying something on my house, I got down on my rear end to check it out.  Since my hip surgery, getting down on my knees means I can still get back up!  It’s great.  Anyway,   I discovered a small hidey-hole that had been built there, I am certain by my Popaw Roy, that help gloves, shovel and stuff for Momaw to use when putting in flowers.  He was like that.  Why make her keep them in the house? (Second pic).

That still didn’t explain to me why the fresh saw dust (I now really got worried about termites or those wood-eating ants), so I used the small shovel to pull out some of the stuff and see.  What I found was an old pan full of leaves and grass and stuff…and…two little bird eggs!  I don’t know what kind they are.  They are not Robin eggs.  I imagine they are sparrow eggs.  One had rolled out of the nest, so I kinda rolled it back in.  I am hoping mama bird doesn’t kick it out because of my smell.  We shall see.  Anyway, my welcome to Spring is late, but what a great Summer!  Which reminds me…shouldn’t they have hatched already?

IMG_3518Pic 1 – Here’s the ground and the sawdust…

IMG_3528Pic 2 – Here’s what was on the shelf I didn’t know existed.

IMG_3529And here is the pan with the stuff and the two little bird eggs!



Spring is finally here – for Me, It has Come in like a Lion!

I saw a flower in my yard today!  So, I decided that, officially, meant spring is here.  I dutifully got my camera, went out, and captured some of the nicer things.  When I finished, I listened and heard a loud windy noise.  There is a storm brewing!  It may pass me; it has so far but for sprinkles, but I did catch several pics of that as well.

The “Lion” part for me was coming back inside.  I was boiling spaghetti to make baked spaghetti in the oven.  The spaghetti was almost done, so I turned on the oven.  With a bright light, the oven element burned out and blew my fuses for both the oven and the stove.  I finished the spaghetti in the microwave and ate it as is.  It was fine; my oven isn’t.  Making plans to use Mom and Dad’s Nu-Wave oven for now and looking at how to replace it soon.

Click on a pic to start the slideshow.  There are two slideshows.  One for the flowers and one for the storm.

Enjoy the pics!




Spring? Spring?! Spring! – Well, not quite yet…

I was thinking today of how beautiful it is here and how winter is supposed to return in just a few hours and be with us for the rest of the week.  It was sweatshirt weather today and will, likely, be snowing by tomorrow night and rainy and nasty tonight and tomorrow.  So, I went to buy groceries today at good old Wal-Mart.  To and from, I had my trusty camera and photographed some of the scenery for you all.  Not beautiful, yet, but…it’s on its way!


Here is our start, my house, from across the street.


Look! The sun glinting off the windshields of cars not covered in ice and snow!


Ah, but the vestiges of the mess are still apparent, even right across the parking lot.


I wanted you to see the fine county roads we have to travel on. I took this right before I was bounced three times in a row!


I think that I shall never see…


This is gorgeous in the late fall and in the winter deep snow.


If I remember Miss Hopeful Hugger, you love horses, yes?!


There are a myriad of houses on route. This one is new? and I have never seen it before. Does look like a modular, doesn’t it?


This is the bigger grandiose style of home.


This is a church that was sold and bought and transformed into a home.


For those who follow, this is the library I am always talking about. I help support the purchase of new books through my Amazon Sales. Over 1,000 books, most of which will benefit the library greatly, even if you buy them from far away!

Enjoy!  Namaste,


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