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Short one tonight.

I am tired and still working through stuff.  I decided that I have seen enough movies in the past months that I could rate them in order and, perhaps, help you in your choices.

Now, do let me say this:  the movies are in order of me wanting to watch them again.  Also, if you don’t care for scary or whatever, then those would move up on your list.  Finally, I listed “Gatsby” as last, but it was good.  All of them were good.  If you notice 3 stars is the lowest and that is mostly because “Gatsby” just wasn’t my type of show.  It, probably, deserved better.

So, without further adieu:

Five Stars:_______________

Star Trek:  Into Darkness – Great Movie Watched it twice *****

Man of Steel – ***** Would definitely watch it again

Iron Man 3 – ***** Stellar movie

Four Stars:_______________

Olympus has Fallen ****

After Earth ****

Oblivion ****

Epic ****

Jack the Giant Slayer ****

World War Z ****

Splinter **** – Scared the daylights out of me (2nd time)

Three and a Half Stars:_______________

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two ***1/2  Enjoyed the 2nd half

Much Ado about Nothing – Joss Whedon  ***1/2

The Host ***1/2

Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter ***1/2

Monster U ***1/2

The Call ***1/2

OZ, the Great and Powerful  ***1/2

Three  Stars:_______________

Warm Bodies ***

The Ruins *** (Scary!)

Gatsby ***




Two Fer One…

I had a post scheduled for tonight and, when I went to write it out, I didn’t care for it anymore.  There have been two main things on my mind in the last couple of days.

First, last night a friend and I went to see “Gatsby”.  It was more for her as I wasn’t entirely hooked on the idea.  I wasn’t being magnanimous or anything, I will go to see almost any movie.  I simply was not expecting much.

I was wrong, at least, by the time the movie was over.  It was involved, fairly complex, and the acting was very good.  Anything that was overdone made sense for the piece.

I don’t do spoilers very often, and I won’t now.  I won’t tell you all about it, in case, as was with me, you didn’t read the book.  I know the entire movie kinda exploded with about 1/2 hour or so left and it was about 2 1/2 hours long.  But, when it was done, the responses from the audience were decent.  I heard a “followed the book pretty well” and a similar comment from my friend.  While it wasn’t a grand action movie, it was a grand movie.  It was the 20s and that was a period with flair and style.  The movie had that and portrayed that.  The 20s is not my favorite time period, but I liked it just the same.

I would give it a B.

The other thing my mind has been on was “Star Trek: into Darkness”.  We went to see that today (Sat.).  We went to a 4:40 matinee showing of the 2D version and it had quite a few in it.  It wasn’t packed, but 3/4 full anyway.  The movie was huge; it kinda blew me away.  I loved the cameos; I enjoyed the reminders of movies past.  I like(d) the new characters for the old molds.  It all worked.  And the surprises were there, too.  If you can sit through this entire movie and not smile, grimace, cry, or scream then you are not paying any attention.  This one is a roller coaster of a ride.  It is the sequel to the sequel of one of the greatest sci-fi ideas ever created and they did not disappoint.

I give this one an A+.  I found nothing wrong with it bar a little unbelievability, which fits it anyway.

I hope your weekend has gone and continues to go well.




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