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Today, Another One…so Similar, so Special

I am tired today and grouchy. It hasn’t taken much to set me off. Why do I tell you this? I have learned now that when I feel this way I need a short nap and to do some relaxing thing(s) to take my mind from whatever is making me grouchy. Even if that thing is just the sleep, relaxing is never a bad idea. Thing is, the LofA has set my life up so that I can take that nap and/or do that/those thing(s) to relax mostly whenever I wish. I mean, for me, the biggest thing I usually do during the week is to go get the groceries. But it set my life up this way by seeing that I go through much to be here at only 63. I keep trying to remember how I wanted to go out so much just to meet someone special, to keep busy and work to make more money, and working because I wasn’t 65 yet. Even then, I would have been making much less money at 65. The stroke set so much in motion, providing me with a bit more income and a sooner time to relax, and a feeling in which grouchiness is almost a foreign feeling to me. Things I wanted, just didn’t see them coming this way or being this way. Always know things work out for the best and keep using and believing in the LofA. Remember, it’s not the LofA “or” God; it’s the LofA “and” God. The LofA will never conflict with positive beliefs; if you are experiencing conflict, take a better look at things – maybe there’s something you need to think about differently. Better yet, use the LofA to find that answer. Namaste

That is the post I wrote for my FB page on the Law of Attraction. You can friend me at FB and then join the page, if you want to follow it. We post about twice a week, usually me, and it isn’t really any longer than that one above. Here’s the link, if you want> https://www.facebook.com/groups/LoAQPGod . You may have to copy/paste.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw it out here. I would love to see any of you join and really, maybe, contribute a bit. This audience is a great outlet, but I don’t use it as much anymore. It just kind of slipped when Covid-19 pushed its way through. The variants haven’t helped much. Plus, I do get more tired, more quickly since the last 2-3 years. So, I do there more and here less. Sorry, I really don’t mean to let this go. That’s why I do put some things on. I am planning another look at about 20 films I have watched in the past to give them a push and a review. Hope you are all here for that.

Love ya all the time,


Win Charles: Podcast Interview

Just a short post today.  I was interviewed yesterday by Win Charles.  She is a wonderful person to talk to and I was very nervous for nothing.  Here is the link.  It is about 15-20 minutes.




Perhaps, the Time for Worry is Now…

It takes a lot to worry me anymore. The stroke miraculously removed the ability for me to excessively worry. That’s been good. Now, I have been “concerned” with this mess between US and Russia. I don’t even fully understand it. However, it has begun to worry me as a FB article says that our attack on a Syrian air force base is one step from clashing with Russia, even though we warned Russia and all of their troops were removed from the affected area. This animated article shows me what even my stroke-enhanced brain could not ignore.
Namaste, (Always remember God is with us)


I have never really thought of myself as a super anything.  I was jumping around on Facebook (not an Olympic event or even a strong skill) and came across a video that I was glued to.


I hope you can all watch this video.

It is about all the superhumans in the world (the disabled who do things that even many non-disabled people can’t or won’t do).  It isn’t a particularly long video, but if you pay attention it is quite impressive.

Now, I will go back to my first statement on here: I have never really thought of myself as a super anything.

Yet, when I look back on the last 6+ years, I see a person who “died”, who had a traumatic brain event strong enough to cripple him, and I see him now being normal in many ways.  Yes, I  have short-term memory problems.  Yes, I have balance problems.  And, yes, I have vision problems.  But, I am told and I am seeing that I am compensating very well for those.  I can’t work a full-time job because of balance issues and fatigue issues mainly, but I do several small jobs.  I also chauffeur my Mother 2 days a week, visit my Dad 5 days a week, and help Sis get prepared for her surgery.  I run my own household, do a heck of a job balancing the budget, and I work on my computer (play and fun) a lot.  I play “Words with Friends” on Facebook – 30+ games at a time and win just over 82%.  I play online poker (fake money) on Facebook (WSOP), have 2 accounts (PC and Tablet – not my fault) – with $76million and $7million respectively and I haven’t paid a cent!

I have a good social life and even date some.

All-in-all, I think I maybe am a bit superhuman.  Sounds good.  Now, just what to call me?  Superdude, Supernerd, Superscott…too many choices.

Have a super day.



Killing Me Slowly…

Hayden Panettiere has entered a clinic for depression.  I loved watching her on “Heroes”.  I suffered a serious bout of depression (actually depression/anxiety) before my stroke.  I was in counseling for many years and medicated somewhat  moderately.  Hayden’s trip to the center has reinforced my knowledge that being rich and famous does not insulate you from the world’s problems.  The world inside our heads comprise the biggest part of our lives.

I watched a commercial tonight concerned with a new drug meant to treat type 2 diabetes.  It sounded promising except for the part where the side-effects can be much worse than the the illness.  I mean really, I take a drug to help me not have pancreatitis and not have to go on dialysis for kidney failure and those are two of the possible side-effects!

I saw an advertisement today that stated “Too many people are counting calories and not counting chemicals.”  How true is this!  We seek so hard to maintain a good weight and body type that we ingest hundreds of chemicals that can kill us – slowly, but still…

I read about cleansing our bodies (doing an internal cleansing) because we are bombarded by thousands of pollutants weekly.  So the air we breathe, the crops we eat, the milk we drink, the water we take in, the soaps we use – all of these can have contaminants that ravage our bodies and kill us slowly…

Is it just me or does it seem to you that our world, our sciences, our governments, our very selves are working overtime to kill us slowly?  I mean, with all the problems, all the poisons, all the global events, all the global warming, the food shortage, the water impurities, the splinter groups, the big pharma, the advertisers, the sweat shops, the new viruses, the dumping of chemicals, the image of the perfect woman-man-child-family is it any wonder that we are nearly all suffering from illnesses without and within that are killing us slowly, but without pause?

I did not set out to write a downer post.  I set out by writing from a couple of things I noticed today and just decided to keep writing.  I didn’t come up with a title until about the third or fourth paragraph in.  But, it really is as I see it – we are killing each other and ourselves.

You don’t think you are a part of it?  Let’s keep going a moment.  How many parents push their children into sports, into career fields, into families, into lifestyles?

How many of us expect our friends to be a certain way, act a certain way, do things a certain way?  How many of those ways are nothing really more than excuses to make them fit into our own little world instead of working out a way for all of us to fit together into a newer and better world?

How many of us ram commercials and needs and ways of being into and onto other family members so that our own way of doing things or of buying things will not appear to be too much or cut us short by not having enough?

And finally, how many of us say or do things purely to make ourselves count to someone else or to appease someone or some figurehead?  How many of us are acting in a manner that is consistent with an idea we think has to be upheld instead of insisting what we truly know is right is upheld?

Tired yet?  I am.  All of this has been building up in me and I really didn’t realize it.  Yet, today, I found myself yelling at cars again.  Yelling because the drivers did something that simply made me angry.  They didn’t really break my three rules of :  1) Don’t hurt me, 2) Don’t scare me, 3) Don’t slow me down.  I am usually very content if you keep those three rules.  I am even okay most of the time if another driver stretches those rules a bit because I am not upset and not in a hurry.

So, I find myself upset, angry, and venting a bit.  Is it my dad being in a nursing home and probably never coming out?  Is it that my life since my stroke has been tough and always changing?  Is it that my mom and my sister are scared and worried because the man who has always been in their corner just isn’t up to it now?  Is it that I no longer sleep well and have spent the last couple of months doing more mental and even physical work than I had gotten used to doing since my stroke incident 5 1/2 years ago?


I have been s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d nearly to my breaking point and, other than you dear readers, I have had no one I trusted enough to vent to.

So, now I have vented.  Now, I have spoken truths I have kept to myself.  Now, I have purged a bit…done a cleansing…freed my mind.  Has it served a purpose?

I don’t know…

What I do know is I have passed on information I really wanted you to know.  And, now, I have realized, other than that, none of it is my responsibility.  You have my information.  You have the ability to think.  You have me to question…the rest is all up to you.  Decide or don’t.  I finally see that all I can do here is report.

I love you all.



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