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I was suppose to reblog this one last night, but didn’t.  I posted some fireworks display, which was appreciated, but then got tired and forgot to do the next part.  So here is aghostdancer’s post from yesterday.  Enjoy.

Depression and Lessons




I Didn’t Know!

Mark Twain stated, “I was glad to answer the man quickly.  I said, ‘I do not know.'”  I will claim ignorance here, but I should not be able to.  To say, “I didn’t know” is to admit some stupidity concerning an issue that all my training, all my studies should have led me to, at least, know exist.

What the heck am I talking about?  I was doing some casual research on the net.  Just bumming around, looking at stuff and I decided to check out something that I was tagged in on Facebook.  It was a short clip on “Anarchy” and what it really means.  Well, that led to this and to that.  Then, after about an hour and a half, I found a 2 hour clip on Aaron Swartz.  I had heard the name, but I honestly did not know who he was or why I should know.  Do you?  Well, if you don’t, here’s your chance.  If you do and haven’t see this 2 hour clip, here’s your chance.  I was pretty much spellbound.  I was watching it thinking one thing and then it took off somewhere dark and I thought, “Wow!  What is this?”  Glad I watched.  Here’s to the rest of you.  Don’t care?  Fine, your loss.  Don’t watch.

Last chance…



Robin’s Gone, Now is the Time to Scream…

Source: Google Image Search (with license for reuse). Click on pic for page.

Okay, here are two things I know:

1)  Today I am supposed to do my Five Sentence Fiction entry for the week.  I will do it tomorrow.

2)  Everywhere people are talking about 2 things:  Robin Williams’ death and Depression.  I will make one more.

Seriously, I imagine there are dozens (or more) of posts on depression and Robin Williams made in the last few days.  I was not going to add to them, but then I saw this:


Now, see?  This one got me going.  Why?  Because I, too, have been there.  I have sat in a hospital on a bed in a place where the doctor comes in, asks you a bunch of questions, then decides what happens to you.  I have never tried suicide, but I understand it.  My contention is that suicide is a very permanent solution to a temporary problem.  That’s what I told the doc.  Then I told him that there are just times I wish I had never been.  He said, “Close enough.” and into the stress center I went.  Two weeks to begin to solve a lifetime problem.

I prayed.  I prayed and I tried so many things.  However, for me, it took a stroke.  When I awoke from my stroke, I was no longer depressed.  I am anxious (nothing new), but not depressed.  I don’t worry much about dying anymore (I have had that experience).  I realize that life is great and that I truly need to focus on enjoying life and making it count.

Recently, I published a book on Kindle.  I have also published in actual paper books 4 times and another time online.  That makes me a published author.  That’s a big one on my bucket list.  Am I rich?  Not with money, no.  But, that’s not what I asked for (that was a separate thing!).  I wanted to be published; I am.

The thing is:  you truly don’t understand depression unless you have been there; that’s no joke.  I had a lot of people and family say, “Let it go.”  “Smile.”  and “Just get over it.”  None of those work.  I saw a psychologist for years; I was on strong medication for years.  Having the depression gone now just feels like such a load off of me.

So, I won’t tell all of you out there who are depressed to “get over it.”  What I will say is “don’t stop trying.  Don’t give up. See a professional.”  You worried about the money?  There are cheap and/or free places to go.  Also, curing yourself or learning to deeply deal with it is so very important.  Don’t be afraid to spend the money on yourself to get better.  You can!  Need someone to talk to?  I am here.



Again?! I am still Pis*ed!

Audrie Pott

We get to add up another death by suicide of a young teen who was sexually assaulted and cyber bullied.  Audrie Pott took her life recently.  I don’t know every detail.  I don’t need to know every detail.  What I do know is that three young men sexually assaulted her and then, for about seven days, she was cyber bullied her until she broke and committed suicide.

It has not been that long since I reported through a post on this blog about Amanda Todd and her suicide due to someone who bullied her on the Internet even after she changed schools.  This just hits me so hard and deep and it is wrong and needs to be stopped.

I don’t know how this works, but my feeling is that, somehow, since it was suicide, these men (boys) are getting away with this as not being murder.  The Pott family is filing a wrongful death suit against these three men.  I, for one, hope that they prove what needs to be proved to tag the culprits with the wrongful death.  I hope they do jail time and have to pay fines and have to register as sex offenders forever.  Sound harsh?  Two young women in two instances of this are dead.  To my knowledge, no one has had to pay for Amanda’s death even though I understand it is known who bullied her.

I am sorry to go off so badly.  I was watching the Boston bombing coverage, which was bad enough, and I saw this one on Audrie Pott.  I need to stop now.  I am not handling all this very well.



This one is rougher, especially the comments (the ads are horrible for this):




Five Sentence Fiction – Prompt: Edge – 4/11/2013

What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week Lillie will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This weekEdge

Don’t confuse this with Friday Fictioneers!  That is 100 words from a photo prompt.  Go here for that.  For FSF click on the above pic (after you read my story!).



By Scott L Vannatter 4/11/2013

He held the razor blade in his right hand with the edge toward his throat’s carotids.

It had been a horrible year, beginning with his parent’s divorce and the subsequent out-of-state move all the way to his original girlfriend calling him to break up over the phone due to the distance between them, both from the move and his sad attitude over the entire separation mess.

He thought how easy it would be to take the thin stainless steel blade and slice his throat while no one was home and he would be gone before anyone even suspected he was serious about the entire business.

He pictured his parent’s faces when the coroner told them or when his mom walked in to find him dead; he pictured his girlfriend and the pain she would go through; he pictured his sister as she realized she would no longer have him as her supporter and confidante; he pictured her with the blade in her hand.

He took the blade and cut the wire in half to finish his electronics project for science.




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