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We should be Scared – more than Nervous

12 1/2 minutes – Scary use of common Apps

I guarantee, if you haven’t seen this before, you will be surprised and nervous, but you should be scared.



Big Brother? Getting Closer!

I have read George Orwell’s “1984”.  While I shook my head at a lot of it, I can relate it to now.  We are in an age in which technology, wonderful as it is, can and is used against us in so many ways.

Computers are wonderful machines which can help doctors diagnose illness, help people look up nearly anything, and can connect me to all of you reading this blog.  Just realize for a moment that these words do not really exist except by very tiny dots all lining up proper through complex wiring after traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles through air and over cables.

This same computer can also catalog bombs and how they are made and help sort through populations and movements in order to help a terrorist figure out the best place to set a charge and do the most damage.

And, these are supposed to be the cheap ones!

Our phones, once home bound, now travel in our pockets and allow us to not only talk to the world, but to also take and send photographs that do not exist any more than the words on this blog which can be read on them too.

Now, that same technology can have another purpose, good or not, depending on how it is used.  Here is the technology and the good use of it.


As you can see, Argos will be a great help in allowing our police force and FBI to track criminals and follow them without their knowledge.  It will also help to look at distant crime scenes or possible ones and view enough detail to,  possibly,  pick out individuals who might have or will commit(ted) these crimes.

My hope is that this will be what it will be used for.  However, when something is created for great good, it can also be used for great evil.  How far behind is the idea of tracking US citizens merely to keep track of them?  How far behind can be the thought that using this type of “watching”  would be good if some tracking were kept of everyone within the US borders?  Now, combine that with the possibilities contained in my earlier post, “Game of Drones” – https://kindredspirit23.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/game-of-drones/ and see what your mind can come up with.

Do you see this as a necessary evil for us to consider in order to out step criminals and terrorists?

Do you see it as something to not worry about at all?

What are your thoughts?



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