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Living off the Land and Creating Beauty with Powder!

This is a wonderful video < 15Min.  I found it posted by a friend on Facebook, but it also comes from a WordPress site entitled “Primitivetechnology” .  See what you think.  I was absolutely fascinated. If you can’t get the link below to work, the one above has the video partway down on the page.

Living off the land

This is about 5-6 minutes and is a beautiful art style from India!  Wow




Fear and Survival

I have been deciding all day on what to post tonight.  I, finally, saw a clip on YouTube that started me thinking and I just had to watch all 7 (about 1 hour 10 min) to get the story and then pass it on to you.

This is about the Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka Tsunami on Boxing Day (2009?).

It is filled with hope, loss, survival, and everything that I hope we never have to go through.

It is rough, has some violence, language, and sadness, but it’s all true.  It is a collection of films put together from cameras used during the Tsunami and on scene.  This earthquake/tidal wave killed over 250,000 people.  This is the story as told from several of the survivors.

What amazed me is the guilt that people went through because they lived and others died.  I am not surprised, but so many talk of it and it struck me how we think and feel after a disaster.  How about you?  Have you ever gone through a life/death situation?  How did you feel during and after?

It impressed me.  I hope it does you, too.










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