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What has Happened!?

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I spend a lot of time now, reading posts, watching clips, reading emails, and looking at articles about various subjects.  It would be unfair to say I am becoming some sort of expert on an area, but more to say I am becoming a little better at most areas.  Still there are times when I want to throw up my hands and scream at people.

Two examples that I will describe and give the link after.  First, a young woman in school, ran unopposed for a position in the national honor society.  After the votes were tallied, there was a conference and she was told she had been stripped of her title because she wore a spaghetti-strap dress to give the speech.  The dress was said to be in violation of the school dress code.

Number two, a teacher posts one of those vintage postcards on her pinterest page.  It says, “Hey!  Wanna know a secret?  You’re the reason your teachers are alcoholics.”  A parent who read this is wanting the teacher punished.

Okay, here’s the links, then my disgust…

Honor Society: http://my.xfinity.com/video/student-stripped-of-honor-society-title-over-dress/453153859753/Comcast/Today_in_Video?cid=hero_sf_trick

Pinterest Comment:  http://my.xfinity.com/video/teacher-investigated-for-sarcastic-social-media-post/453387331833/Comcast/Today_in_Video?cid=hero_sf_trick

I am getting so very, very tired of the “people police” who watch everything that everyone says, writes, posts, jokes, mentions, or even whispers in their own shower.  These people, I think that if one tries to come down on me or my friends, I am going to lash out and scream at them.  I hate trolls, but they simply do stuff to cause trouble in general.  These folks seem to go out of their way to find some way of hurting someone who is just blowing off a little steam or something.  I loved teaching, but I am not so sure I would enjoy being in a school system where I had to watch every word I ever spoke or wrote because, no matter how innocent, it could be twisted and lose me my job.

And who says it has to stop with students and teachers?  What is going to happen to the doctor who makes a joke on FB about cancer?  What about the grocery store clerk who mentions that he thinks one of the older people that visit his store is taking an apple or two?  No names, but someone calls and says he is talking about me, I know it and I want him fired!  It is approaching the point where entitlement, that overused word, has people thinking they can have anyone punished for anything and society and even the legal system are both saying, “yes, you can.”

Take a better stand.  Find something worth fighting about and stand for that.  Quit this nit-picking and tattling on people.  We are, grownups, acting like little children.  And, it used to be, those little children had sore hind ends when they did the stuff people are doing.  I think I begin to see the problem…



A Change Visits Me and Reminds Me

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This will be a fairly short post tonight.  For those of you expecting and looking forward to another part of the Carolyn adventure, I apologize.  I am not very sick; the antibiotics have done their work.  I am still a bit congested and on the coughing side, but, otherwise, I am good to go.

No, the problem this time came with a small shock that I received on Facebook last night.  I was playing Words with Friends and I received a private message from a teacher I used to work with.  She wanted me to know that one of the students I had in class passed away.  Now, for those of you who have not followed me from the start, I need to tell you a couple of things:  First, I taught a rough bunch.  They were the problem children of the school systems; many were bussed in from other schools.  Most of them swore, many stole, many had had previous problems with the law.  They were, without a doubt, very difficult to manage on good days.  Second, I love each and every one of them.  I liked all but a couple, and I tried to like those.  Third, we had a connection that was very close in many cases.  I made it a point to work hard with the most difficult ones.  This student was one of those.  He was very likeable, just had many issues and problems.

His passing caught me way off-guard.  You have those ideals in mind when you have your own children that they should outlive you.  You should not have to bury your children.  These were much younger than my children.  And, in case of point, they were my children, at least, for awhile.  I met with their guardians; I discussed lessons with them; I helped them to achieve things, some of which they did not think they could do.  In short, I had invested much time and effort in each one of them.

So, tonight, instead of writing about death and the end of the world, I encourage you to hug your children a little tighter and to make certain you know what’s going on in their lives as well as how their health is.  Above all, make sure you tell them how much you love them.  My children and my students did always know that.  No regrets there.




I am no longer, officially, in the education system.  I do not get up in front of a class and talk to students and try to help them improve themselves.  Here is a student who had something to say and decided to say it.

Student Speaks Up!

You know one of the big differences between high school students and adults?  Adults usually know when to keep quiet.  We don’t stand up and speak our minds if it means being impolite.  Society has taught that to us.  Does that make us always right?


Through the course of history, it has not, normally, been the quiet, polite, soft-spoken people who made the differences in our lives.  It was the Martin Luther King Jrs, and the John F Kennedys, and the Pattons who have gone to bat for the rest of us and marked out a line that leads to a better place for all of us to be.

I am so tired of hearing the word “standardization” used in education.  Is it important to have a set of standards to teach to?


Does that mean we need to teach every student the same way and have them pass the exact same test and do things the exact same way for them to learn.


This country’s educational system is on its way down.  You mark my words.  If we, as the citizens of a nation, do not take it upon ourselves to speak loudly and with great intent to the “experts” who are saying that teaching so that students can pass a set of tests that “prove” they are learning is the way to go, it will be the way to be gone.

I was in a classroom full of students who were “failures” by the standards of our educational system.  These kids had great difficulty taking tests; they couldn’t pace themselves to do their homework; they acted up in class.  In short, they fell short of what the educational system stated they needed to know and do to succeed.

The worst part is that, most of the educational system, had already given up on them.  “Babysitters” was what many (not all) thought our job was to be.  Do you know what I found?  I found that when a teacher honestly took a decent period of time with each student and let them know that:

1)  I know it’s hard for you

2)  I care a lot about you

3)  You can succeed

4)  You are special

When I did that, I got results.  Did I have problems?  Yep,  Did I have days and weeks when I wanted to scream? Give that an amen.  But, I also had times when a student would push through and succeed in something.  I had kids who could smile because they did something good.

I had one student who worked for me.  He did well enough that, by the standards I set for students, he received an A+ in that class.  He thanked me after report cards came out.  Why?  Because he had never received an A+ before.  I told him he didn’t need to thank me, he earned it.  He left my class and went back to regular school the next semester and I never heard from him again.  He went on.  He didn’t come back.

I “trusted” my students to behave and I trusted them with things that a lot of other teachers said, “You are setting yourself up for bad news.”  You know what?  So many more times than not, they lived up to my expectations and succeeded.  They made me proud.  Not all, not every time, but it was certainly worth the time and effort to do it.

What was the best was that I dealt with each student as an individual.  I didn’t do the cookie-cutter thing.  That just didn’t work.  I believe I made a difference (I know I did) in a lot of those students’ lives.

We are failing right now.  I am not going to blame the government, the school system, or the teachers.  I am simply going to state that we are failing right now.  That means that someone, anyone, us needs to begin setting a change in order.  We need to succeed for them to succeed.

There is no one simple thing that will “fix it all”.  We have to learn to work together and to give a Damn about it.  Okay, I am swearing; I am done.

Note:  I said, I was done, but then I read Bert’s post on this same subject and saw this video.  Please visit Bert and watch this very important 20 min TED  Talk.

TED Talk on Education – Very Important!!! 20 min



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