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The Darker Side of Some Things

A few nights ago, this was one of the main stories in a town near me.  I spend a lot of time there, and so, this could have been me or I could have been a bystander.  It is a restaurant I go to and my neighbor works there.

http://fox59.com/2014/06/29/shooting-at-anderson-restaurant/#axzz36GpPFmp4   (Shown Below)

Police investigate shooting at Anderson IHOP

ANDERSON, Ind. (June 29, 2014) — Police are investigating after a teenager was shot outside an Anderson IHOP.

Cops responded to a report of ‘shots fired’ at the restaurant around 2:45 a.m. Sunday. When they arrived, they found a 17-year-old male with a gunshot wound to the chest. The teenager was transported to St Vincent hospital and is listed in stable condition.

Police made two arrests in the shooting. Eighteen-year-old Michael Wright has been preliminarily charged with attempted murder. Nineteen-year-old Christopher McGregor has been arrested on a preliminary charge of aiding, causing and inducing attempted murder. Both suspects are from Indianapolis.


This was another article that came out soon after the first.

http://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2014/06/29/indy-teens-arrested-ihop-shooting/11726343/   (shown below)


2 Indy teens arrested in IHOP shooting


ANDERSON — Two Indianapolis teenagers are facing charges after a shooting outside an Anderson restaurant that seriously injured a 17-year-old boy.

Anderson police say 18-year-old Michael J. Wright is charged with attempted murder and 19-year-old Christopher L. McGregor is charged with aiding, inducing or causing attempted murder. It was not immediately clear if they had attorneys.

Police say the shooting occurred about 2:45 a.m. Sunday in the parking lot of an IHOP restaurant near I-69.

The victim’s name was not immediately released by police. He was shot in the chest and was in stable condition Sunday night at an Indianapolis hospital.

Investigators say the victim and Wright had been having an ongoing argument in recent weeks.

Shortly after the shooting, the suspects were stopped by Fishers police on I-69.


Now, granted I am reading some into this, but if those 2 young men were stopped in Fishers, then they had left Anderson and were on their way back to Indianapolis.  It doesn’t read as if they were evading police, nor did it sound like they were particularly concerned about the whole thing.

This is what has come to concern me in recent years.  I see a growing tolerance of violence, injustice, and pain.  I watch a lot of horror movies.  I watch, read, and write a lot of violence.  Still, it affects me.  Even in the movies or in a book or in something I am writing, I feel the violence and the pain.  I get angry at injustice; I abhor someone who has no feelings and cannot think about something and the pain or whatever not bother them at all.

I have sat and probably will sit in that restaurant.  The waitress/friend was telling me about all the blood that was everywhere.  It is my understanding that the human body has around 6 quarts of blood.  Now, a person is in sad shape if they lose an entire quart.  I don’t know how much this person lost, but even if it was only 2/3 of one quart or about 1 1 /2 pints, think about how much that is if it sprays everywhere.  It bothers me that those 2 could do that and then just drive away.  A disregard for human life is what it amounts to.  And that is where I believe our society is slowly heading.

Do I think that movies have caused this?  No, they are a symptom

Do I think that the Internet has caused this?  No, it is also a symptom

We are, in my opinion, always so quick to blame, often without looking deep for the true problem’s base.

Let’s look a bit deeper and realize that, most likely, all of us contribute to this problem by ignoring the situations that are real and that exist all around us.  If we would truly look, we could well see the problems and then muster up some courage to start the ball rolling concerning changing the attitudes.

We just need to look and truly see, then to simply do some small thing.  It could be as simple as making a comment on this post that someone else reads and decides to take it up and start something big.

You really don’t know, so let’s go!



Read more: http://fox59.com/2014/06/29/shooting-at-anderson-restaurant/#ixzz36Gq7BZTy

Ramblings of a Person Stuck at Home

And what happened then?

I live by myself, mostly, by choice.  I know I talk all the time about the weird things that happen on dating sites and how women seem to be “after the bad boys”, so I am glad not to play that part; however, while being true, it doesn’t explain it all.

We live in a fairly cruel society.  This isn’t a piece on the paparazzi or rumors particularly.  It’s an article about me, how I feel, and how society has influenced the ways I choose to be.

I spend a lot of mornings now, since my stroke and loss of my teaching job, browsing the net for news items.  News has never been something I have enjoyed until recently.  Now, I check email, check my blog, then when I am bringing up my Xfinity  email, I am presented with a few articles and incentives to read them.  Those lead to others and, often, it is several hours before I look up and realize the day is half-gone and I have been perusing the net for news.

I have many times also simply done a “Google” on a word or phrase and bounced around from there.  I can go from reading about bagels to which government agency may be influencing my television preferences by winter.  It is not without a pattern; however, that pattern changes almost daily.

All of the previous info was to bring you to an understanding of what I read today and its influence.  I began with a few cute short articles, saw one on governmental security, and headed into seniors buying cars and how we change oil too often.

Then, I started reading the meatier articles.  I read Edward Snowden and the NSA:


While this didn’t particularly surprise me, I was surprised that they could even know this well enough to write the article.  We either have a very smart government who only lets us know what they want us to pick on or … well…you get the idea.

From that, I saw an article on Fibromyalgia:


I watched this because one of my close relatives suffers from this syndrome and I wanted to understand it better, especially since I have chronic pain now, too.

I watched the video, and then chose another when that one was done:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yfu7SDCrLrg&feature=player_embedded#t=1s  (language!)

This woman was angry at the medical field (especially) for not understanding her fibromyalgia and the intensity of the pain and what it could do.  She was very angry that she was treated often with indifference or even ignored at times.  At least, you KNEW, she was ANGRY!

After that, I studied an article about a new book on desire:


And then, I read about Kate Winslet and the fathers of her three children:


Finally, that led me back to an article about a high school running coach who was let go because he touched a student inappropriately:


The article was well done and from a young woman, I believe, in her late 20s who was on that team and was still feeling a bit responsible that the coach didn’t serve time, or, at least, was still a coach somewhere.

This is where I stopped.  Having taught middle school special needs for almost 5 years before my stroke and going back almost for 1 year afterwards, school things interest me.  This one hit home for a variety of reasons, one of those being fear.  Yeah, fear.  Any male teacher in today’s school that is not, at least, a little afraid of his female students, I think, is off a bit, if not his students, then their parents.  We are a “fire-happy” education system today and that should worry a lot of us.  I have read so much about the problems of engaging students, widening your coverage of testable materials, and all that other study stuff that, often, it seems to me we aren’t told much about the problems of being in a classroom of 12-16 year olds.

I am not trying to take away from the young lady in the last article I mentioned.  There are, I am sure, a lot of teachers and coaches who do things horribly wrong to the students entrusted by parents into their care.  It’s very hard to blame the school (though they do) when a background check may show nothing about how that person was treated as a child or how they have treated their own children.  It is difficult to believe some of it because it seems so widespread a problem.  However, it also seems a problem because the nature of the beast is that many teachers are with students of the opposite sex who are just beginning to get into sexuality.

One of the scariest things I ever read was not a horror story (I like those).  No, it was a part of a book on special needs children and they were talking about just children.  I don’t remember the name of the book, but the idea was that most children in the 11-15 age groups (close to that) have very active imaginations and CANNOT distinguish between reality and their own imagination decisions many times.

Does that not scare you?  Doesn’t the idea that a child could have an idea about you that has no validity in reality, but that they have imagined it and so TRULY BELIEVE it to be so, scare you?  I always treated my students with respect.  I always believed them until there was sufficient reason to disbelieve them.  I was also a good judge of the truth.  But, if a student truly believes some story they have imagined, how am I supposed to judge that?  If they believe, they will tell it as the truth and it should sound like the truth.  Oh, I know that there have been times when it was so ridiculous because of what I knew happened that I could tell, but still…

This is what held my attention today.  This is what I decided to allow myself to dwell upon so that I could pass it on to you.  I fully found myself believing this young lady who said her teammate had been touched by her coach.  Now, the tape recording would have been (and was) a big factor in that belief, but the truth is most school administrations are scared enough of being closed down or, at least, sued that they have elected to, often, overreact to students’ accusations of molestation.  This is an opinion, I know.  And, it may have little real-life bearing.  However, it is a thought.  It is and should be something that is, at least, taken into consideration when a person’s career and often life (as defined by years in jail) is hanging in the balance.

Yeah, I know, just an older guy who used to teach and is now at home with time to think on these things.  I understand how you might just drop this whole idea and shake your head going, “Scott, you have lost it, Buddy.”  Maybe, but it is a pressure that teachers (all, but mostly male) have to live with.  It’s something not covered in pay nor in retirement benefits.

I had you do a poll at the very beginning of this article.  Now, that you have read it, has it influenced the way you voted?  Why or why not?

To those of you who worry, but are not part of the problem, I commend you for teaching under pressure.  For those of you who are a part, I hope Karma exists…



It’s Just Plain Wrong and I am Really P*s**d

I was surfing a bit today, trying to read all the new posts and realizing I had accidentally followed a whole lot of posts that I didn’t mean to follow, just read. So, I am cleaning up, trying to figure out why this is “perfect” and I hit a site and read a post that leaves me…cold and angry. Here’s the post, but I will go ahead and talk about it and the problem.
—> Post is Here <—

Teaching school is rough today, but what makes it especially rough is if you manage to keep your feelings of compassion and have to deal with the thugs, bullies, and other people (often, including parents and other teachers) who are either part of the problem or who ignore it.

Amanda Todd’s story, unfortunately, is not abnormal today.  We live in a society in which many people, both young and old, feel that hurting someone else is funny and a good source of entertainment.

I do not know all the reasons why bullies come to be; I am not a specialist in this field, but, in spite of legal changes being made, bullying is around way too much and is too effective at destroying the lives of our youth.

I think that one of the biggest reasons why it is totally out of hand is apathy and even a slight acceptance of it in our society and in schools.  It is apparent to me that it is going to take a lot of situations in which people who are bullies are made examples out of.  Then, it needs to stem back to the reasons they became bullies and that needs to be addressed in a serious fashion.

It does little good to put a few specials out there talking about bullying being a problem; it does little good to make it illegal  and have penalties if you are being a bully in school.  None of these do much good if the problem is ignored by the very people who are in charge of watching for the problem.

My understanding is that Amanda Todd did, eventually, kill herself over this problem.  She was, according to the clip, followed by this bully from school to school; he never let up.  She would begin to get a handle on things and he would strike again.

My need to know is why has he not been found and arrested?  Why has he not been put through the grinder for what he did to her?  Yes, there were a group of students in all the schools who badgered her and pushed her even further; however, if this one person had not started it; if this one person had not kept it up, she might have recovered and still be with us.

I get even angrier when I read how kids (people) on Facebook manipulated her by making such derogatory statements like “I hope she’s dead!” and others.  Why is that necessary?  Why is it that people have to egg on someone who is, obviously, having such problems?

School people are so impressionable and form clicks so readily.  “Follow the Leader” is very popular, even when the leader is a bully.

I realize that the people I am talking to on this blog, the people I will reach, will, almost totally, agree with me.  I know I am “preaching to the choir“, but I need to say this; I need to get this out of my system and feel as if I am doing something constructive to help rid the world of this problem.

I am not one to start movements; I am not one who will get into this in a huge way; I know it is just not me.  What I hope is that, by reading this, someone (or many ones) will be sparked to do, at least, what I have done, heck – reblog if you don’t want to rewrite, and speak out.

Amanda Todd deserved better and, if this helps even one person, then I will consider this all a success.

If you need help; if you need someone to speak to and no one seems to listen, then send me a comment, send me an email through my Gravitar.  I will try to help, whether it be to listen or to try to connect you to someone.  I care and there are others who care!  Please people, speak up here and in your blogs and throughout the world.  This is one post I would truly like to see the “views” go over several hundred!  That’s not up to me, though.  It is up to all of you out there!!!

One Amanda Todd lost is one too many.




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