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What’s It to You?

I have been tossing around ideas for a new post.  I had some, threw them away, had others and saved them for a rainy day.  Then, I read this UpWorthy article:

McEnroe speaks out!

Read the article, watch the video (please, it’s hilarious), then finish this.

I don’t really know this older tennis veteran talked about in the article and video.  I really don’t care to know her. I have said, time and again, I don’t judge people.  She is allowed to voice her opinion, no matter what I think of it.  Other than she is hurting people.  Her fame with a tennis racket does not give her the ability to be a life judge of everyone else.  Moreover, what the game is today does not take away from what she thought it was in days gone by.  The biggest fact is:  the world is moving toward acceptance of same-sex marriage and LBGTQIA+ views and acceptance.  I see this as no different than people telling me how good it was before computers. “Computers are taking the jobs from good people and giving them to machines.”  These are the same people who are upset because food prices keep going up as well as most other things.  But, fact is, computers are keeping most prices lower than if we still had myriads of humans running those machines and tasks.  Same thing, acceptance, will help everyone move into the next generation and feel good or better about life.

I am a mostly retired person, doing some writing and a bit of work here and there, trying to make things work on my salary.  This ex-tennis pro is so much wealthier than I am.  She should find it easier to forgive and forget…shouldn’t she?

Do you accept the changes in this world as far as technology and sexual empowerment and expression are concerned?  What’s it to you?



Just Thinking with an “Open” Mind

The US Open in Tennis is one of the top tennis tournaments in the world.  So many players come to play, so many people come to watch.  I won’t belabor the point.  I was just looking and thinking because Google has the US Open as it’s main pic on the search site.  If you click on it, you can find out everything about it you probably never wanted to know.

I have never been a big fan of Serena Williams.  No good reason.  I like to watch the ladies play because they finesse a lot and they are mostly pretty.  I watch the guys because they tough it out and play hard.  Serena simply got lost in the shuffle for me.

That is, until recently.  They have been talking a lot about her ability and the fact that she has the only shot at the grand slam this year.  She has won 3 of the 4 majors to clinch it.  All she has left is the US Open.  I doubt that I will watch much of it, however, I imagine I will look at the scores and listen as they are talked about.

Here is Serena’s page and info: http://www.usopen.org/en_US/players/overview/wta230234.html

I had a difficult time when I saw what all she has accomplished in about 34 years of life and 20 of playing tennis.  What is really getting me is that, at 34, she is still the number 1 seeded in the US Open.  In those 20 years, she has qualified and played in 16 US Opens, winning 6 in the women’s singles and 2 in the doubles arena.  She has won 69 titles and 723 matches in her life and, as of this writing, 48 matches this year. She is ranked number 1 this year.

She has earned around $73 million for life and over $9 million this year.

A great athlete?  Yes, I have decided that.  She is now somewhat of a role model for me.  I don’t choose those easily.

Who is your role model in tennis?  Something else?

My big life role models are  Joan ‘d Arc, Helen Keller, George Washington Carver, and Thomas Edison.

Put yours in the comments below.



Not My Usual Night or Post

Source: from the wiki page listed (linked) below.

I don’t usually do a post on Sunday night for Monday.  I have tried to make it my day off (along with Sat and Mon).  However, while going through things tonight, I happened on Google and clicked on their picture.  They change it frequently.  The Wiki entry simply amazed me.  I had, personally, never heard of this women.  During a time when it was difficult simply for women to do much in sports, this woman of color ran off and left them all behind.  In fact, I would say she outshone most men of that day and, for the most part, even today.  But you judge it for yourselves.




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