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These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Taking a hint from Buckwheatsrisk, I decided that a “Thankful” list combined with a “Favorite” Things list might be good for me and amusing for you.  Those are two pretty powerful ideas.  So, I will give you a current list of my favs and thanks and call it my:

ThankFav list

1)  My 2 children (2 of the very best in the world)

2)  Being able to watch a lot of movies

3)  Having a decently successful blog

4)  Enough money to live on and still have some fun

5)  A wonderful group of friends (you all are included)

6)  Living through a near-fatal stroke (and the wondrous things since then)

7)  Being intelligent and able to think

8)  Having sold 4 short stories and to soon be a published author

9)  God

10)  Memories (the good ones, especially, but even the lesser ones are good to have)

11)  A good family

12)  My cat (don’t tell her!)

Okay, that was short / sweet.  I just realized that I have been kinda sliding by in life without really concentrating on what I have to be so thankful for.  The list above is not in order, but all of them are important to me.

What are your favorite things?  What things are you truly thankful for?



Just a feeling!

I was having problems trying to figure out tonight what to do my post on.  It has been a long week, in fact a long couple of weeks.  I did manage to get into the Christmas spirit and have a good time.  My father did end up at the ER on Christmas morning, but is much better now; thanks for the prayers.  My computer is back, kinda, the way it was.  I have a new monitor waiting for me at Walmart along with a copy of Windows 7.  Now, if the blizzard conditions would let up, I could go get them.  My learning curve has been the highest I have had since I was in rehab for the stroke.  My cleaning person helped me redo my computer room and get ready for my hosting the family New Year’s Day mid-day meal.  I even discovered that Roku, my television program provider, has a great number of stations I didn’t now about.  So, now I can work on my laptop and watch some great shows.

So, there you have the last couple of weeks all summed up in a single paragraph!  The interesting thing is it has all seemed so busy for me.  I had gotten used to doing things a certain way, not quite a rut, but just, well, yes, I guess a rut…So this all changed everything.  I remember now how it feels to be a little rushed and trying to do several things at once.  I know a lot of you do things like this all the time.  We are a society in which we are expected to do a lot of things at the same time, do them well, and still have time for other things.  I used to be this way when I was working.  My entire life was rushed and full and there never seemed to be enough time to get it all done.

I guess this Christmas, this holiday season, I will be thankful for several things.  I am thankful that I am alive.  The stroke I had was one of those that, percentage-wise, people don’t survive.  I did and I thank God for that.

By the same token I thank God for that stroke.  It slowed my life down; it caused me to reevaluate nearly everything.  My life is totally different now.  I don’t rush through things; I take my time.  I walk slowly; I bend slowly; if I don’t, I know I will fall; I will get hurt.  My stroke changed the way I act and the way I think.  I enjoy it more now.

I am more thankful for my family, for my friends, my life, and my blog.  It truly is a wonderful life.

I know this post seems to be all over the place.  But it’s not, at least, inside my head.  In my head it is all about love, friendship and love.  This is the time of year in which love becomes very important, very central to what’s going on in life.  What I wish for you all is that you slow down and take the time to see how much can pass you by if you let it.  I am in a different mood tonight, but, perhaps, that is for the best.  I feel this is important to share for someone, so i will.  Whoever you are, know that I care and that I want the best for you.



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