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Three Short Reviews

Well, spending the day on the couch was good for me.  I really hope to get out and about tomorrow (Sat).  While laid up, I did watch quite a few movies.  Some were really good, others average, and then…well, we won’t speak much of them.  But there were 3 worth mentioning, so I will:

1)  Total Recall (The newest one).  This show took the old Arnold film and turned it on its side.  It held true to the story and the old show, but twisted it and turned it some so that even the old watchers would be surprised a bit.  No spoiler, but enjoy it when he tries to go through the police checkpoint for a flight.  It was heavy action and a bit of romance here and there.  If you haven’t seen it, do.   Maybe watch the original first, just to compare.

2)  The Amazing Spiderman.  This latest and greatest twist takes a lot from the comics, but also pushes some of it aside and gives, what I feel, is a much more realistic look at what would happen if…

3)  The Raven.  This great thriller features John Cuzack (for once without his sister) as the famous Edgar Allan Poe as he tries to help the police catch a serial killer.  Fascinating look and feel to the movie and John does a great job of building that love-hate characterization of Poe that we are all used to.

Do yourself a favor and watch at least one of them soon.




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