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Saturday Night – Thoughts of Skyrim and Zombies

What do the video game of Skyrim and zombies have in common?  Well, forgetting about draugr in the game who are undead guardians of treasures in the crypts, actually, very little. The biggest commonality are that they are two of the things I am sitting here thinking about on a Saturday evening at home.

I am thinking of Skyrim because  playing it on my new computer is awesome.  And, I am at level 43.  Now, if you play the game, 43 means something to you.  Level 43 is over the 1/2 mark to 81.  81 used to be the highest level you could reach in the game.  It has been fixed not so that you can choose to keep leveling with some good and bad things to it.  Regardless, 43 is a huge number because it takes longer (usually) to get through to each new level, so, for instance, it is relatively quick to go from 2 to 3 or 4 to 5.  It takes quite awhile to get to 43.  I would guess I have been playing this particular game for around the 200 hour mark.  A long time to spend in a game.  I learn when I play.  I learn patience, memory, new strategies, and always I find new areas or new people or quests.  It is new territory for me.  I cannot even guess how long it will actually take me to get to level 50, let alone 60, 70, and 81.  Below are a couple of screenshots just so you can see how detailed the new computer makes things.  I wish I had some old ones, so I could put them side by side – and then, I did.


Old one above; new one below.


I believe you can click and perhaps enlarge again each one.  If you can, you should be able to see the differences.  If not, then just take my word for it.  If nothing else, I get better quality, faster speed, virtually no pauses, and loading the different areas is 2-3 times faster.  I do know that I can see distant things in the game that I could never see before.

Regardless, that is what I have been thinking about as far as Skyrim is concerned.  Great game – a lot of fun.

Zombies, on the other hand, ( I wouldn’t want them on either hand, really) are on my mind because I watched “The Walking Dead” Season 5 premier Thursday night (great!) and my daughter and I watched “World War Z” tonight (1st time for her, 3rd or 4th for me).  Those are two totally different depictions of zombies and both are handled differently.  In all honesty, I don’t think Rick and his TWD gang would be able to handle the WWZ baddies.  They are too numerous, too unpredictable, and too dang fast!  However, TWD has memorable and great characters in it that I want to see over a long time.  WWZ is a movie (a book, sure, but still…) and goes more for action and suspense over character building.  Again, two different aspects.  Both are great in their own way.

Why did I write about these two things tonight?  Just feeling a little like letting all of you into my head a bit.  Scared, yet?  I think you should be!!!

– Do you have any thoughts on different shows and/or movies and/or books that deal with the same subject but in totally different ways?  I would like to hear about them. Hint, hint – comments!




Revisiting “Limitless”

My last FSF (Five Sentence Fiction) for Lillie McFerrin was on the topic “limitless”.  The story was, of course, fiction, and it concerned itself with someone who was able to render a huge miracle because he was able to focus 100% of his mind.  My understanding is that we use about 10% of our mind most of the time, and for a lot of that time we don’t focus 100% anyway.  And, look what we accomplish: everything in this world that was made by man started out as a thought.  Thinking does, indeed, lead to creation.

I have done a lot of study and a lot of reading on this subject, the subject of the mind, of intention and its power, and of creation.  It is my full and total belief that we create our world by thinking about it.  Quantum physics is piecing all this together and a lot of science is coming around, too.  It has now been proven that a subatomic particle (electron) can be in multiple places at once.

I would postulate (as have others) that each of us has the power within our brains to bring thoughts into reality, and we do so constantly.

“The Magic of Believing”

“E-squared” by Pam Grotto

are just two of the books that deal in this wondrous topic.  I have just begun to open up the doors of possibility and I will keep you informed as things change for me, too.  The first book deals with it from a time several decades ago.  Pam’s book is more current and contains exercises that help you to achieve this intention power.  Here is part of my journal:

The Experiments

Experiment 1

At 9:48PM on Friday July 12, 2013, I began the 48 hour experiment to prove that God-Force exists.  I began by making the condition that, within 48 hours, the GF would create something wonderful for me.  It had to be something that was not coincidental.  There was no specification as to what, but that I would know.

On Saturday July 13, 2013 at 12:00noon, I began my book-signing at the MPL.  I had been told to bring 10 copies of my book, “The Dead Sea,” as that is normally a good selling amount.  I also had 1 copy each of the other 3 anthologies I was in, so I brought and displayed them with the hopes of taking a couple of orders.  I was assured that I might not have anyone show up and that I might not sell any copies.

When the book-signing was over at 2:30, two things had happened.  First, Barb drove up unexpectedly from Indy to purchase a book and talk with me.  I had worried about her and hoped we could still be friends.  I hadn’t heard from her in many weeks.  All went well.  The second thing was that I sold 23 books at a profit!  11 came from family which still meant I sold 12 to non-family members!  That is, I was told by the library personnel, HUGE, and could be considered a miracle.

Experiment 2

 Around Midnight on Saturday July 13, 2013, I began the second 48 hour experiment to prove that God-Force exists.  This one had two 24-hour portions.  In the first, I made the condition that I would see an extraordinary amount of green cars.  I passed three car lots and did not see one; however, I did see 11 before getting on I69 at Anderson and 4 more by 96th Street, all before Saturday night was done.

The second 24-hour portion was to intend that I would see a yellow butterfly by Sunday night.  This one worried me more as I have seen orange Monarchs (a couple since winter) but no yellow ones.  I went with Autumn to see “Despicable Me2”.  Near the end of the movie, the characters are singing a song in French and, well, one very yellow butterfly was on the screen and appeared several times in the rest of the film.  All of this was still before Saturday was even up.

Experiment 3

Experiment three was to choose something relatively small, but miraculous and intend for it in 48 hours.  I requested to have $200.  I was on vacation at the time in Portland, Oregon to visit my son.  I had been given a little money to help with food and such.  I spent like I do now, conservatively.  When the 48 hours was up, I looked in my wallet.  I had about $162.  I thought this strange, but simply accepted it as the answer.  However, I was still interested by the differing amount from the $200 I had asked for.  After a long sleep to catch up, I sat down to do bills.  I found that I had over-budgeted for two bills: about $34 and $4.  This made $38 which, when added to the $162 was $200!

Experiment 4

 While still on vacation, I met a woman who told me of a miraculous product for healing the mind and body.  I did my research, but was still a bit conflicted.  For experiment 4, I simply asked that I know for certain if this product would help me.

I have moved on since then and have the product now in my home and started it today.

How do you feel about the power of the mind?  Have you read much about it?  What do you base your thoughts on?



Keeping You Posted

I have been trying to decide what to write on tonight.  I have been tired and a little out of ideas – I imagine you could tell by the last few I wrote anyway – but wanted to keep the process up.  I have been resting since last week’s illness and have fallen way behind in my post readings.  I read 25 of them today and, as they were from multiple bloggers, I got an insight into a lot of different minds.  It made me realize that what I should do is to write about the ones that stuck in my head.  Now, understand, I get the list from email and delete the email notification after I read the post, so I can’t easily take you back to those posts.  I will give you the person (blog) and you can go peek if you want.

1)  Rich – I read two of Rich’s today.  The first was part 13 of his road to ruin (his story of his teaching life) and the other was his version of this week’s horoscope (which was hilarious).

2)  Buckwheatsrisk – I also read two of her posts today.  She is having difficulty with her mom and her sister because of the abuse they all suffered from her narcissistic, sociopath father.  She has escaped, but it has cost her dearly because she has had to leave her family behind.  It has been a necessity, but rough on her.  I am proud of her, by the way.

3)  Boomie Bol – I read several of Boomie’s today.  She writes poetry and is, usually, short with it.  That’s mostly because she has 3(?) children who don’t allow her enough time to be long.

4)  I Think in Comics – Vy (pronounced “vee”) is a wonderful young woman who is majoring in Biology in college and loves to create comics.  I love her “Minus One” comic section.  Today, a fairly shy guy was trying to cook a meal for a girl he likes.  He was so nervous and I can identify with all that.

5) Joe C Combs 2nd –  Is a history author and buff and the only person, basically, that has made me enjoy reading a bit of history.  Today, he talked about sunsets and the moon, which was a little different for him.  Way to widen your horizons, Joe!

6)  R. L. King – Is a fine poet.  She writes constantly and turns out verse that, often, leaves me a bit speechless (quite a task for anyone).  Today, I set my record with her, I read 7 of her posts.  She posted a multi-post poem entitled “Villanelle”.  Each followed a slightly different rhyming pattern, but it all focused on the same topic and read smoothly from one to the next. My favorite was part II.  She wrote a multi-post “Sonnet”, too, but I haven’t read them all yet.

7)  The Adventures of Danda and YaYa – or LazyLauraMaisey is one of the more humor-filled blogs I read.  Today, she talked on “Pathways” and, though not necessarily humorous, the pics were great and thought-provoking.

8)  Hope-the Happy Hugger – It is this young woman who held the key for my post today.  I read several of hers, all good, but she wrote one entitled “No, I’m not Doing It Today” in which she said, in her post, that she wasn’t going to follow the photo prompt even though her OCD tendencies wanted her to.  Not only did I admire that, but it started the thought processes that led me to deciding to do a post on all the other posts.  Thanks, Dear.

9)  Alien Hippy – She will tell you she suffers with a mental handicap (or, at least, society calls it that), but she is such a wonderful person and I felt so sorry for her as I read her post for today.  She seems to be in a quandary as to what to do with a world that seems intent on telling her what to do without listening to her side.

10) Indira – Is a wonderful woman from India.  I found her blog by reading her daughter’s blog, which I still follow today.  She does quite a few photos from prompts and is quite a photographer.  We enjoy wonderful short conversations in the form of comments.

11)  JmMcDowell – An archeologist and writer of sci-fi novels, she is great.  I have read one of her novels and loved it.  She also writes stories divided by posts (currently, Megan Bode is thrilling us).  She has taught me a lot and, probably, doesn’t know it.  Today, she talked about the intercession that her characters had to help her with a problem.  Great idea – wow!

12)  Everyday Asperger’s – I can’t say enough about Sam.  She is one of those people who I just love dearly and admire greatly.  Though not the first blog I ever followed, hers was close.  We have been blog friends for nearly a year now and I am proud of that.  She has Asperger’s Syndrome and talks so openly about it that doctors would do well to read her posts and learn instead of reading those professional journals on the subject.

Okay, could I have left someone out?  Yes.  I am sorry if I did.  Are there others who I follow?  Oh my…I follow 129 blogs.  I don’t mind it anymore.  I decided that, if I don’t like it, I could simply quit reading all of them.  But, I learn so much and interact with so many people that I can’t imagine leaving any of them behind.

So to all of you who I follow and did not mention today…love you bunches!

If you are interested, I have a page entitled “Intriguing Posts I have Found”.  This page has links to some, well, intriguing posts!  Give it a look and tell me what you think.

How about you?  Besides your own post, who are your favs!?  Here is a chance to list them in the comments section and give them a plug!



What They Can Know

I was relearning how to get my messages in Facebook last night and today. It seems that I have had quite a few, actually, since July, and have not read them well. So, I took the time last night and today to catch up and answer a lot of them.

People were very patient with me. They picked right back up from almost 5 months ago and answered when I replied. Too bad work was never that way.

Anyway, while I was looking, I did some clicking and copy and paste on some things. I found a conversation I had with someone back in early May and read through it. It brought back memories.

Then, I copied/pasted that conversation forward. I had, when done, 205 pages of conversation with that one person! Now, it was spread out with the names and pictures included, but it also had words, times, and dates of all the conversations I have had with that person back through May and I didn’t see how far back I could to. I went to April 26th and my computer slowed way down and started having problems; however, Facebook was still showing that it was going back, so at least 6 months.

Do you realize that means FB has every conversation held between every person for at least 6 months back?

Wow! Now, let’s think about this. That’s Facebook. Let’s add to that all phone calls (places, times, dates, persons) back for however long. Then, you have emails (which may be kept a long, long time), bills, postal, and court records. Oh, yes, I forgot doctor records, hospitals, lawyers, school, and colleges, as well as work places.

I am sure there are more, but I will make my point. Today’s computers are fast and much cheaper than before. Storage space is ridiculously cheap. Companies can keep pretty much all the information they want for next to nothing in cost.

What this can mean (does mean) is that we are an open book to anyone with the time, money , and permissions to look us over. We are on cameras constantly at stop lights, in security in buildings, camera phones, and cameras. When you add to that how difficult it truly is to totally erase something from a hard drive or other computer component, you have a picture of each of us that is out there waiting to be put together.

Think about what people could know if they had access to all of this information on one computer and could rearrange it and search it. What would friends, relatives, co-workers and spouses know about and, perhaps, misunderstand if they could see it all?

It is a little scary when you think that our government is not that far away from keeping, tracking, and sorting all of the info on all of us. I like my private life. It is not terribly exciting, but it is mine and I am the only one that knows everything about it. I am not sure how I would feel if I knew that someone, anyone might be able to find out it all with a push of a few buttons.

Oh, did I mention blog information? 🙂

What do you think?

Tell me your thoughts on this issue of privacy. Tell me quick before I can read it on the nightly news!


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