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Scott Takes a Trip

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Last week, my sister and I took some time and went on a small vacation to the top of our state.  We visited the city of Fort Wayne.  Never heard of it?  Well, it’s not the largest city in the state.  In fact,  it has a population of a little over 250 thousand and is the county seat (Allen County).  It lies near the Ohio/Michigan corner of Indiana.  It is the 76th largest city in the US and second only to Indianapolis in the state of Indiana.  If you want more, here’s the link > HERE <

While we were there, we visited:

1)  The Fort Wayne Zoo

2) The Botanical Conservatory

3) The final day’s fireworks of the Three Rivers Festival (Sat in #2)

4)  Listened to about 4 hours to two great outdoor live bands (Also in #2)

5)  Visited a Sunken park

6)  Drove through a second park

7)  Ate out at several places (difficult because I am now vegan)

8) Went shopping a bit and met a wonderful person to talk to

9)  Had a pleasant drive up and back with my Sister.

We haven’t taken a trip together since high school.  I think we did quite well (no bloodshed, no bruises).

I walked more than I have in a long time.  Still, we had to rent a wheelchair and Sis pushed me around most of the zoo.  At other places, I had her go on ahead and enjoy the view and take some pics while I rested.  I made great use of my telephoto lens to sit and still get far pics.  All in all, I think we both had fun, got away for a bit, and saw some new things.

I will take a moment here to recommend “Extended Stay America” suites for comfortable rooms with great service for a decent price.

Below are the best of the pics I took during the trip.  Enjoy!  What are you doing this summer?  What have you already done?



Stop the World – or at least slow it down!

Yesterday, I drove to Indianapolis (about 53 miles) to go to a specialist and talk about receiving an injection in my hip (fluoroscope guided) that would both reduce the inflammation and lubricate the joint for about 2-3 months (closer to 2 from experience).

Regardless, I wanted to go by myself and assert my independence a bit!

The doctor had been moved to a new office in a new building, so after receiving a letter that told of the change and then receiving a letter that stated that the change might not have been for me, and then receiving a confirmation call that the appointment was going as scheduled, I decided to call on the morning of the visit and make sure.

This became more difficult than I thought it should have as, when I called the old place and found that I really did need to go to the other place, they gave me a number that differed from the one I had listed for the other place.

My thought was that this would be fine now; all I had to do was get the address and go there. So, when she gave me the address, I plugged it into my GPS and got my stuff together, and then left. The GPS guided me through a mess and onto the proper street and … into a dirt parking lot! (read: Article on GPS errors)

I checked twice, looked at everything, and realized that the GPS had taken me about 12 blocks from the entered address! I lived in Indianapolis for quite some time and managed to find the office. I am glad that I arrived 40 minutes early as it took me nearly 25 to reach the building from the lost spot.

When I arrived, I took a moment and put my current location into the GPS and it matched up correctly, so next trip should be fine. I parked in the garage and walked to the building. Once inside, I was told that I had to walk almost to the other end of the building for the elevators and, when I got off the elevators, I had to go back to end up almost directly overhead from where I entered the building!

Even buildings may need signs like this!

Finally, arriving at the proper area, I was going to sit down; however, the woman behind the desk asked for my info and it turned out that, when they changed offices, all my information was misplaced. The receptionist and I spent about 15 minutes correcting that. She ended up giving me 5-6 pages of questions and fill-ins to do. Then I went back to see the doctor. That went well.

At the conclusion of the visit, I stayed about 30-40 extra filling out the forms I had been given. It seems the old place is still where the procedure is done, so I will end up going back there for the injection with a followup from my doctor at the new building.

Like one of those sales commercials, I get to say,

“But wait! There’s more!”

Machines may, indeed, be taking over!

When I left, walked to the other side of the building, took the elevator, then walked all the way back, the parking garage was different from the usual one I had been in.

These had no attendant, so when you were done, you were to insert your ticket into a machine that would tell you how much you owed, take your money or credit, and give you an exit ticket to put into the machine with the exit arm in the garage. Well, of course, my ticket would not scan. I tried it three times, then allowed a lady to go ahead of me. Hers worked first time. I tried mine again.

She suggested I press the “help” button which I did. A voice from the void started talking. It was a real person. He listened to me explain, then asked me to put my ticket in again. I did and the machine’s voice once again told me it could not scan my ticket. The help voice asked me to put my ticket into the machine next to this one (the credit only machine).

I did so and the machine scanned it right away and asked for payment. As I had a $5 bill in my hand and the machine only took credit, I had to mess with all my stuff (cane, etc…) while I dug out my debit card. I told the lady that someone was going to have this happen and drive “through” that exit arm someday. She nodded and, probably, hoped it wasn’t me.

I left and headed home. I used the GPS and it took me a different route that turned out to be faster. It was a little before 2pm so I stopped and picked up some lunch in a drive-through. I drove back across the street to the movie theater, ate in the car, and walked (in the rain) into the theater (16 movies) to see what was on.

I decided that, whatever was just starting, was what I was going to see. It turned out that “Alex Cross” was beginning in about 1 minute. I got my ticket and went in to watch the movie. It is an excellent movie, good thriller (PG-13). I was extremely happy with the result. Morgan Freeman, who played the lead in the last film, died recently. He is one of my favorite actors, but this new person was excellent.

When the movie was done, I got in my car, turned on the GPS (a habit, even if I don’t follow it for places I know), and headed home…right into Friday rush hour traffic on the Interstate!

I had already planned to get off the Interstate early because there was lane restriction construction at a certain point. What happened was that, as soon as I cleared the rush hour 2 mile spot, the right lane became closed due to a police car on the right side facing us. I got past this, heading to the point I was going to get off to “avoid” the traffic, only to find that about 1/3 of the traffic had decided to do the same thing.

Yeah, I know, it’s a winter picture – but, at least it’s Indianapolis and traffic!

This resulted in several clogged areas in places not designed for high level traffic. I took some other back roads, and ended up traveling about 26 miles in 58 minutes (a little less than 30 miles an hour). I got home, relaxed, and the rest of the evening went fairly well.

I wrote this after reading about Zoe’s trip to Hell.

I hope this helps her understand that I do know how she feels!

How about you?

Any recent trips to the Netherworld? (Yesterday, my post was a poem about a war with Hell)



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