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Centering Our Trust

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I have to admit that I got a bit frightened today (truth be told, I still am, just a little).  “Why” do you ask?  I spend a decent portion of my morning looking at various news clips on the Net.  Tonight, I watched TV (Fox News) with my Dad for over an hour.  I did not sleep well last night, so I am just, shall we say, a bit frazzled and worse for wear.  Still, here is some of the news over the past few days:

1)  Two trains collided in another country.

2)  Miss (one of the States) had her crown removed because, even though she was honest, they say “now” that she will be too old at the end of the year.

3)  Parts of the government want impeachment proceedings to begin against Obama.

4)  Two students had made plans for a massive school shooting.

5)  Thousands of immigrants from Mexico are flooding into the US – we aren’t sure what to do with them.

6)  A man is going to be tried for killing his own child (baby) by leaving him in a sweltering hot car for seven hours.

7)  Miley Cyrus is, apparently, losing her appeal to today’s crowd.

8)  The fight is still going on hard even after the Hobby Lobby decision on birth control coverage.

9)  Severe Storms are all over.

10)  A man was attacked by a shark.

11)  Truckers are “rolling coal” in protest.

12)  The war-like problems in both Russia and Iraq.

These are just the ones I could recall in about 10 minutes without going back and looking.  I know there are many more.  I also know bad news sells more than good news.  However, the deal is it began to seem to me we are losing control all over the globe.  The world of man seems to be falling apart and we seem to be helping it along.

Then I began to think.  I began to ask the question of where to center my trust.  This is not a plea to anyone to alter their beliefs; I simply want to tell how I deal with it all.  For the most part, I am very calm and fairly rational.  I don’t tend to worry a lot, especially since my stroke.  But I did tonight; I lost my focus on trust.

I do believe in God.  I don’t really see God in the same way that organized religions do.  For one thing, I don’t see God as judgmental.  I also don’t see man as particularly sinful – I really don’t believe in sin.  What I do believe in, though, is a God in whom I can place all my trust.  Truly, I believe God has the world “in His hands.”  He watches over us and protects us; He listens to our prayers.  I see Him as a Friend, as a Guide, and as a Center of Trust.

I forgot that tonight.  Call it tired or whatever.  I simply let my guard down and slipped a bit.  It’s back up now.  I remember all the times I have prayed and the best happened.  I remember all the times that it all “worked out” in the end.  I remembered the little beautiful things that truly make life on this old planet worth it.  Let’s try:

1)  A rainbow

2)  A cat purring

3)  The taste of a fresh piece of fruit

4)  The feeling of a first kiss

5)  Finishing a task that was worthwhile

6)  Holding hands

7)  Clean sheets

8)  The smell of toast

9)  The lifting of depression

10)  A smile

11)  A beautiful scene in a movie

12)  The smell of the forest after a rain

Try to think of those things and be depressed or sad or distrusting.  It is really hard – I am not sure it can even be truthfully done.

What are the things you can think of that lift your spirits?



Amore again…

Well, the short of it is…I received another beautiful love letter. It read as follows:

How are you today? I hope you are fine. My name is Miss Bintu Felicia . l am single looking for honest and nice person whom i can partner with . I don’t care about your color, ethnicity, Status or Sex. Upon your reply to this mail I will tell you more about myself and send you more of my picture .I am sending you this beautiful mail, with a wish for much happiness.

Warm regards,

Miss Bintu Felicia

Como você está hoje? Espero que você esteja bem. Meu nome é Miss Bintu Felicia. Estou a procura de única pessoa honesta e agradável a quem eu posso parceiro. Eu não me importo sobre sua cor, etnia, status ou sexo. Depois de sua resposta a este e-mail que eu vou lhe dizer mais sobre mim mesmo e enviar-lhe mais da minha imagem. Estou lhe enviando este e-mail bonito, com um desejo de muita felicidade.


Senhorita Bintu Felicia

Well, I have to say she, at least, sounds happy! Her email lists her as Felicia Aime from the United Kingdom. Interesting that she has a Spanish name and sends her letter to me in both English and Spanish. If she was sending it to me, wouldn’t she know enough not to say she didn’t care about my race or anything?

Then, of course, I discovered the her email was sent to “Undisclosed Recipients”. That means she has sent this out to others. Now, I am sad. She must not, just, want me.

Or, perhaps, better, she is simply sending out a backup in case I don’t respond. Yes! That must be it! All I have to do is write her and all will be well.

Now, we go back to she doesn’t trust me enough to write just me and doesn’t send a picture or a description or address. I am guessing someone else told her about me and they didn’t trust me for some reason. Maybe it was one of the other two who wrote me (I looked and couldn’t find them to link to as I have several hundred posts now). That would make sense; I didn’t answer them so they are polluting her mind against me.

“Felicia Aime” could roughly be translated as “Happy Life”. I wonder if she is happy now or thinks she would be if we met? That sounds wishy-washy. Well then, now I don’t want someone like that, so I guess I won’t answer her after all.

She has some real trust issues and I need to stay out of that. Yes, glad I am certain now.

Okay, you are all caught up in my email love life.


PS: for those of you who have never read my other “email” love letters, they started out as a joke and I have simply continued them whenever I received another one.  Just didn’t want you to have “that” opinion about me! lol


Okay, it’s going to have to be a short post tonight. I have hit a wall.

Tonight, my daughter came over, we had pizza and watched 2 movies. The second movie was called “Trust” and stars Clive Owens. I am having trouble processing the movie.

It concerns a 14 year old who meets a sexual predator on the net and ends up meeting with him. The movie is about the different relationships and dealings of the Mother, Father, and the daughter before, during, and after. It was rough material and I just am having difficulty with it.

It was very serious and something I am glad I didn’t watch alone. My daughter is the Dr. (PhD) counselor and she said it was a hard one.

I am currently reading Buckwheatsrisk’s online book about abuse and recovery. I was so able to put myself more into her shoes and feel the horribleness of what I now know she went through.

Anyway, the movie wore me out, so I can’t do a full post tonight and nothing light-hearted is going to work.

So, I will drop a clip here of the movie and just ask that your comments flow as normal. You are such good people and I always feel better after you talk.


Focusing in

This morning will be short. It is 6:50am and Mom, Sis, and I leave to help transport Dad to another hospital for this morning.He is having a port put in his jugular for dialysis.

Our prayers are that the dialysis is not necessary. Our hopes are simply that he lives.

Isn’t it interesting how your lives can become so pivotal on just one point for a period of time? All our efforts; all our cares; hopes; dreams; all become nothing for a bit when we are focused, especially on those we love.

In a sense, God has given us such a joy and such a power to be able to block out all for even a time to focus on the here and now and understand how much this physical life means to us and how we know He is truly in charge.

I think that’s it for today. Today, I didn’t want to leave you all alone out there, but I am tired and have so much to do.

Sunday Morning

It’s Sunday morning. I am going to church today. That hasn’t been my practice recently. However, I told a friend who also hasn’t been that I would sit with her if she would come.

My not coming has been a product of habit and sleep. I have gotten out of the habit, mostly, because I don’t sleep well and I don’t like going to simply sleep there. However, I will try today.

Church is not a place I feel you have to go in order to “reserve your place in Heaven”. Church is a place; church has friends for me and I, usually, take away a few words of peace or encouragement. I believe that God has all types of opportunities out there for us to be at or to interact in that will do us, at least, as much good as Church. On the other hand, going to Church is fine, especially, if you believe in what is being said and choose to have that reinforcement in your life. I guess the point here is that I think whatever a person feels they should do is fine, as long as it isn’t hurting them.

I was asked once how I could go at all and not feel like a hypocrite when I don’t agree with a lot of the services and what’s being said. The simple answer is that the service is there for many reasons. Some people truly need to hear all of what is being said; it helps them through their day. Others need the nourishment of good friends of a certain type found in church. Still others need the organization of a service to feel organized themselves.

Whatever the reason, mine is a small mixture of, at least, the first and second. I also like being there with my family, another important reason. I am comfortable enough in my own skin and secure enough in my own beliefs that I could go a lot of different places and be just fine. I went to a Unitarian church a few weeks ago and enjoyed that service quite a bit.  It allows for most all to come and worship.  God and nature are more at the center and no one had to feel left out or weird because of their particular beliefs.  I did enjoy it.

Did you know there are over 1,000 churches listed online as part of yellow pages for churches in Indianapolis? I find that number a bit incredible. This morning seems to be a bit of a wandering post for me, so bear with me and try to get something out of this, knowing that it is perfect for someone and that all things do work together.

Somewhere in this flighty talk someone is being helped by this or inspired to do or say or think something else that will help things along for them or for someone else. I have given up trying to figure it out and just accept it as it is.

Perhaps, this is the message here: trust.

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