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Today is What?! Well, I’ll Be…

Yup, I am told that today is Valentine’s Day.  Actually, I was told that by a nurse at the home Dad is in.  She told me it was 12:01 and so was Valentine’s Day.

This has been a week full of trepidation.  Going from dropping my pills on the kitchen floor 3 days in a row to tossing my backpack into the car only to see/hear that the top was unzipped and things went flying (was about 4 Degrees F and the car had not been warmed up, too).

So, you will have to forgive me if I approach the mating day with little enthusiasm.  It doesn’t help that, like always, the vast majority of my inquiries into possible dates (otherwise known as “Dating Sites”) have produced the usual “unread, deleted”.  I get a lot of visitors to my sites, but no catches.

All for the best I tell myself.  God watches out for me and I have no idea how many psychos I may have missed through the good ol’ Unread, delete button.

Still, it would have been nice to have eaten a nice meal, watched a nice film, and, perhaps, had a nice kiss goodnight.

That always reminds me of my psych prof at college who told us very matter-of-factly:  Prostitution is indeed legal in the United States.  It is called dating.  Where else could you spend $50 on flowers, $80 on a meal, and $30 on a movie and hope for a “good night” kiss.  In these other countries, you spend $100 and have a sure thing.

  • Not a direct quote, but the idea was the same –

I suppose a bit of my problem comes from not really knowing what I truly want.  Really don’t think I want to get remarried, but not ruling it out.  Have always leaned toward a younger woman, but married ones my age (hmm, and two divorces…perhaps…well, I will dwell on that idea later!).  Anyway, when I am undecided, I probably send out undecided waves to others.  Lol – that sounded kinda lame, even just reading it back over!

The point to this rambling! … don’t really have one.  Just thought that since I am just staying home saving money on Valentine’s Day, I would spout off about it…

Have a wonderful day.  If you ARE with someone you really care for, treat him/her well.  And make sure he/she is doing the same to you – you all deserve the best.

Namaste,  Love,


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