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A Scary Thought

I decided, today, to watch a decent (perspective) Halloween movie.

I chose “The Final”. It is a fairly old story about withdrawn, shy students who are picked on until they snap and take revenge. “Carrie” was about this as have been a lot of movies both before and since.

“The Final” began right off with showing you how these students are picked on constantly.

They truly don’t deserve the treatment. Their plan makes sense, but as with all evil intents, it just doesn’t end up quite the way they intended. I am not going to spoil it for those who decide to watch it. Suffice it to say that it was difficult to watch, but the gore level was not as high as it easily could have been.

It was more terrifying to let your imaginations do a lot of the work. Now, it was not bloodless, nor was it gore-less; but it grabbed you more in your mind and emotions than anything else.

The reason I am writing this is that I was picked on a lot growing up. I had a student who would grab my ear on the bus and pull it. He did this quite often. That ear has more hearing damage than my other one. I was cussed at and called names by a lot of the “other” students; you know who they are. I hope you weren’t from that group in school.

I was quiet, for the most part, and just wanted to be left alone and enjoy the friends I had. I was bullied, but only to a point. What grabbed me about this movie was the planning and extent these students went to because of the way they were treated in school. I saw students treated poorly in school when I was teaching; I stopped a lot of instances with bullies; however, I couldn’t be there all the time and I know it happened when I wasn’t around.

With all the national concern, the state concern, and the individual concern about bullying, my question is why does it still go on? So, I am asking you to speak up.

Why do you think bullying still goes on despite legal consequences?

Why do people treat other people this way?

In the movie, the bully asked the victim if he knew why he treated him this way; he didn’t. The answer, according to the bully was, “because you can’t stop me.”

The victim needs to stand up for him/herself, but it is up to us as adults to help the children, both the bully and the victim, to change and become better people, full of love and care and healthy self-esteem. Just an opinion.


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