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Here’s Your Sign

Friday Fictioneers Entry for the Week.

copyright – Bjorn Rudberg

Jonathon walked slowly up the pass.  He came to a bend and saw the sign.

“Why would I put my hand out like that?”  He smiled and kept walking.

Upon coming round the bend, he saw the old man with the shotgun pointing at his head.

His hand went up, exactly like the sign.

The gun blast echoed around the mountains.

The old codger spit green onto the dirt path and grumbled mightily.

“Dern feriners cant foller signs even wit a drawin.”

He sighed, rolled the body off the mountain and sat back on the gold waiting for his brother.

Word Count:  100 words



This was my first official one of the week.  If you want to see my favorite (written too late) –> Here

Friday Fictioneers – By the Light of the Silvery Moon

This week’s photo prompt comes to us from Ted Strutz.

He stood on the deck knowing, dreading, and loving all at the same time.  He removed his shirt.  The biggest problem, he knew, would be the water.  He didn’t like the water, especially, now.  The all too familiar tingle and fever started.  He felt the sweat rise on his brow.  Below he heard the dancing and gaiety centering on the bride and groom, his neighbors and friends.

9:41pm he could not longer think.  It happened quickly.  The growl escaped his throat and he smelled the air, the night, and the blood.  He headed downstairs and screaming started.


100 words – Namaste,  Scott

Severed Head or Bare Butt

I have read about this issue and thought about it and have gone through it myself.  I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

Television time, movie time, renting time, whatever…I dealt with kids, students, etc…all talking about it.  Why can they watch something like “Nightmare on Elm Street 1” but people flip out with something in which, at some point in the show a person’s bare butt appears?  What is this big problem with sex and not a problem with violence?

Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed it.  The thought was reintroduced to me when I was reading a post by Lady or not —> post is here <— *note – this particular blog is a little more adult than mine (or most of yours).  Just letting you know before you pop over there and get surprised.  I enjoy the post immensely and she is a wonderful person, but…or butt…

Anyway, the whole thing raised its head again and I decided I would put the most talented and smart group of people I know (that’s you guys) on duty to help explain why it is that we as a society condone violence more than sex.

I do not want to go on record as saying kids should see either of them early in life.  It’s not that; it is that I have just noticed that all things point to sex as having been labeled as worse than violence in nearly all things to be viewed or talked about.

I am not being hippocritical; I did kinda the same thing when my children were little.  My son and I watched violent shows quite a bit.  Not the violence that is on today, but things considered violent back then.  I did it too.  Why?  It seems so dumb to me now.   It doesn’t make sense if it’s to keep them from having sex young.  If that is true, then we don’t care if they kill or beat someone to death?  If it’s that we can explain the violence easier, that’s just a pity.

I am thinking that we are more comfortable with violence than sex.  That’s a shame.  I think it would be better for our world, in general, if we introduced the idea to children a bit earlier and did it in a positive fashion.  Not to practice it, just to understand it better.  We should open the subject up for questions and educate ourselves so that we understand all of it better.  I have had some adults say some things to me about sex that made me do kind of a double take.  I remember thinking, “How can you possibly believe that?”

This is one of those posts that I could continue discussing all day and still not cover it, so, instead, I would like for you all to do that.  I will give you a couple of ways.

First, give me your opinions on the basic question concerning sex vs violence.

Second, if you would like, ask a question, posit something here in the comments to get us going on it.  If it really takes off I will do another post on that area so we can center in.  But, at least, let’s talk.  You all do that really well, as do I.

Let’s hear it!!!



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