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From the Bunker…

First, do understand that, except for the obvious (masks on the few times I go outside, not eating at Cracker Barrel, shopping for groceries w/o Mom) my life is mostly the same.  I was a kinda “stay at home” person.  I have my online friends, my buddies in my games of scrabble and Friends with words, and now 1 on Deluxe Scrabble.  So I am still social and even more so with all of you out there reading and commenting.  I have a great deal of friends.

But still “From the Bunker” does pull up the correct emotions.  I see very few people and even fewer friends.  But, my latest trip out:

I went to Walmart for my Insulin and decided that, vow or no vow, I would buy some things there.  I still know they are not as nice as Meijer’s people, but I did need groceries and they did have them.  Not exactly certain why Walmart has groceries while other stores don’t.  I would guess it is because they can buy so much stock at one time, as big as they are.  Regardless, I called in my RX order, went and picked it up, then headed to the grocery section.  Now, I was in there less than an hour. I don’t know what I expected to see, but what I did see was a bit scary.

There were, perhaps 50-80 customers plus employees, so 100 maybe.  Now, I was the only one I saw wearing gloves or a mask.  I do stand corrected as I saw one masked woman coming in as I left.  But the employees had not gloves either nor masks.  I still never heard one cough.  However, as I was coming into the store, the door flies open and 5 little children come running out of the store followed by BOTH parents.  Now, I know there could be reasons, but I kept wondering why 1 didn’t stay home so the other parent would shop and not put the children in danger.

There were no big incidents and I got all the things I wanted in the quantities I wanted.  This leads me to “try” and shop some at Walmart again.  See here for the other reasons I left.

There are very few people actually on the road at a given moment.  Many are parked and shopping, the rest are home.  The teens were the ones I saw hanging together and shopping much closer than 6 feet.  However, in a supermarket, did you ever try to pass someone in the aisle AND remain 6 feet apart?  Really, now.

I did see one stock clerk stumble, drop a bunch of empty boxes, then stumble again trying to pick them up.  As I got nearer to him I said, “You know, that two of the symptoms, loss of coordination and inability to carry much weight.”  He looked up and said, “Really?”  I replied, “Oh, not the coronavirus.  It means you are overworked and very tired.”  He smiled. “yes,” he said.

It’s the smile I wanted.  Yes, Susannah, smile, keep smiling, AND get others to smile, if for just a second.  Susannah.



Going Through Withdrawal!

Okay, since my horrendous visit to Walmart, I have been having difficulty. Remember, I was there a LOT!  So, it’s been difficult to stay away.  I would still be willing to buy at Walmart, com (I don’t have to deal with people and get free shipping on orders over $35 or $50 can’t remember which), however, I don’t do that often anyway.

So, this was my 2nd trip to Meijer’s yesterday (I survived!).  I found most everything easily and, since I wasn’t angry, I had a decent time.  The checkout person was very nice and I talked to the woman at customer service for about 15 minutes about Walmart (lol).  She is going to try and read the above-linked post.  We shared ideas.  Hers was that she stays out of Walmart so as to not go to prison (to each their own!).  I don’t think that needs much more in the detail dept.  We laughed and I left Meijer’s feeling pretty good (and, it wasn’t RAINING!!!).

So, just goes to prove a leopard can change it’s spots, a horse can be a different color, and whatever other cliché you want to drop in there that fits.  I am going through withdrawal, but have the proper injections (Meijer visits).

Have a great day.



Closing One Door…

So, I made a simple decision to go to Walmart for groceries after supper with my friend.  We finished up and I headed toward the store shortly before 8pm.  I enjoy going in the evening and it was not bad weather.  It had rained earlier and was warm and nice for Groundhog’s Day.

I spent my usual 50min to a bit over an hour gathering my $87 of groceries that I hoped would do for a couple of weeks.  When I got to the line, there was no one there, just the clerk.  She turned out to be pretty matter-of-fact with little or no sense of humor (no fun there).  I finished putting the bags in the cart.  Two women came up in line after me and began putting their items on the belt.  I slid my card through and … nothing.  I tried again.  The clerk looked at me, kinda bored and like I was, perhaps, a bit dumb, and said, “It’s a chip card.  You have to use the reader.”

She was right, but I had not had to use the reader before.  I stuck the card in the reader and pulled it out.

“Transaction cancelled,”  The machine blared back.

“You have to leave the card in the reader,”  Miss bored-and-staring said.

I complied.  We tried the transaction again.

“Do you want money back?”  I clicked cancel like I always did to switch to credit.

“Transaction cancelled,” the stupid computer replied.

“It cancelled on me,” I told Miss bored.

“We will try again.”  Good…

“Transaction cancelled.”  I was growing a bit impatient…so were the two ladies.

The bored clerk decided SHE had to come to my rescue and walked around the counter to me.

We sat the card back up and “Do you want money back?”

“Last time I clicked ‘Cancel’ to go to credit and it cancelled.”  I looked at Miss B

She stared at me and clicked “Cancel”.

“Transaction cancelled.”  Well, at least I felt a bit justified.

“You will have to use it as a debit.”

“I have never used it as a debit before.  I just did this last week.”  She reset it once more.  The ladies were impatiently being patient.

This time I clicked “Yes,” but did not enter any amount.  It just reset the screen and stared at me.

What could I do but press “Cancel?”

“Transaction cancelled.”  Even I was growing impatient.

“You will have to use it as a debit and enter your pin.”

“I don’t even know my pin!” I said with exasperation.  Miss B looked at me as if I was a dummy.

“You will have to call a supervisor up. I have never had to do this before.”  Miss B shrugged.

The supervisor was very early 20s.  I felt like I was back in school teaching.

I explained and she sighed.

“We just switched the machines over last week to the readers.  If the bank set the card up as debit you will have to enter your pin.”

At least, now, I understood why.  “I don’t know my pin.”

“I am sorry.”  She looked at me as if I could pull that pin number out of the air.

“Well, here are your groceries.  I can’t pay for them.  You will have to put them back.  I will be calling corporate and I won’t be back here again.”  I was tired and done with the attitudes.

“Sure.  Sorry.”  Said the youngster.  Miss B just looked at me.

I walked out and drove over to Meijer’s.  It was 8:48pm.  I grabbed a cart and went straight to the checkout.

The woman was nice, not still in diapers, and listened as I explained.  She didn’t even cringe when I said the “W” word.

“We haven’t set up our readers yet, so you will be fine.”

“What about after you do?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, I will know my pin by then and I am still not going back to that other place now.”

She smiled a knowing smile.

I collected, basically, the same groceries and went through the checkout.  Other than the fact that is was about 8-10% more, there was no incidence and my experience there was fine.

However, when I went to the car, it was raining so hard, I stopped and just laughed.  I blamed Walmart for each and every drop that pounded me and my plastic bags as I loaded them into the car and drove home wet as a, well, wet dog.

At home, it was still raining so hard, I decided to wait it out.  I sat in my car from around 10pm-11:30pm and played on my tablet.  It stopped raining around 11, but I continued playing, too tired to get out of the car.

When I did, it was nice weather again.  I unloaded the car, put the groceries away, and changed out of the wet clothes.

I have always stood by Walmart because of prices and variety.  I am done with them.  I buy many things online now and Meijer’s will do for the rest.



Say “NO” to $15 Minimum Wage!

Source: Flickr Licensed for reuse. Click pic for page.

Okay, I said I would be sparse, but had a few minutes and something showed its ugly head and I had to speak.

Do remember 2 things:  This is an opinion, my opinion.  We all have one.  This is my space to write about mine.

Secondly, I would love to hear your opinions.  But, if it’s nasty, or otherwise troll-like, then I will delete it.  You don’t have to agree, but be nice(r). If everyone agreed with me, then this would not need printing, so I know it will be opposed by many.  Just take the time to read it first!

I have to say this one more time. I just finished reading another article saying why minimum wage should be raised to $15/hr. Now, don’t hate me, but I disagree. Here’s why:
If you raise MW to $15/hr, then they make about $31,000 per year. I understand that the companies would not have to raise their stuffs very much, however, they would raise it some. That, for one, makes my money worth less in buying power.

Secondly. and more importantly, you are gonna raise MW up about $7/hr, but a beginning teacher in IN starts at under $30K/yr. So what you are telling me is that a MW employee flipping burgers should be making more than a 4-yr licensed teacher? Or any of a dozen other professions that take years to go to college.

My disability won’t go up $7/hr. Ok, so should we raise them all up $7/hr? Now, you have defeated your purpose because NOW ALL the stores will have to raise their prices because all the other businesses have to raise theirs.

This doesn’t work. I am not sure what the answer is, other than MW was NEVER intended to provide the same living standard as professional occupations. What you will get is nearly EVERYONE dropping out of college to go for MW jobs that pay so much. Now, we have a shortage in the other areas and recession gets worse, companies close, and all those new MW jobs (and a lot of old ones) will be gone. Doesn’t solve the problem for more than a very short time.

I am all for people making more money.  Legally and ethically is usually all I ask.  But, when something would so obviously hurt others and the economy and not really solve the problem (I know you think making more would, but we need to look at other options), I have to say something.

Again, I know this will not win me kudos with many people, but the arguments make sense.  I have looked and looked at them.  This will be a bad thing if it goes national.

Repost this if you think it has merit.




It was a Dark and Balmy Night

Okay, dark, but not so balmy pic!

It is Sunday evening (8/4).  Actually, it is now Monday morning, but I wanted to write this post before I forgot all that happened.  Today was an interesting day. My friend, Autumn,  and I usually go to the movies and eat out and talk.  The times are fun and we like them.  She couldn’t go yesterday and I had promised to go to a MeetUp for Euchre at 6pm in a nearby area.  I invited her to go and she was all for it.

I told her I would meet her at our usual movie place.  It wasn’t very far from where we were going and we could ride together.  Read that as we would both get there and not spend all evening trying to figure out how I gave the wrong directions.  See, I was relying on my GPS.  It had gotten me there twice in the dark, but this was light and we were coming in from a different direction.

Anyway, I left at 4:50 to meet her at 5:30.  I got on the interstate and was nearly run off the road by a truck deal hauling 3 new campers.  Traffic was bad but he passed me and I was doing 70mph and he was in a truck/trailer.  He goes by and I continue on.  The guy behind me is very unhappy that I am doing the speed limit.  He doesn’t even seem to care that there are cars in front of me in both lanes.

Suddenly, the car in front of me brakes.  I stop, the guy behind stops with some anger.  Traffic on the Interstate is now averaging about 3-5mph and I am 9.5 miles away.  That’s almost 3 hours at that rate!  I figure the idiot in the trailer wrecked.  However, we pass him a few minutes later as he is in the other lane.  I am certain he was pleased at his progress just as was the guy behind me who is now, of course, in front of me because he shot around me 30 seconds before we all got stopped.  I did get a small “serves you right” in my head at the time.

Now, that we are stopped, I let Autumn know I am stopped, am late, and will get off at the next intersection (nearly 2 miles away).  This takes about 20 minutes.  The car in front of me has decided to weave back and forth between the lane and the emergency lane.  At about 1.5 miles away from the exit, he shoots down the emergency lane (illegal, of course).  The car in front of him did the same, but only about 1/2 mile back.  I turned off this exit only to find that the direction I needed to head in has traffic backed up about 1/4 mile.  I go the other way.  I drive about 1-2 miles, then turn my GPS back on.  It tells me to head to St Rd 37 and tells me I am on 141st Street.

I get to 37 and turn South and stop at the first strip mall.  Here I call Autumn and we decide she will meet me there as traffic her way is good and we will be closer to where we are heading.   After she hangs up, I change my GPS to head to our destination.  The arrow shows us about 3 blocks from there!

We go to the Euchre group at the bowling alley bar and there is 1 person!  She says she is the only 1 coming except for us.  I am thinking that we need to leave (I had a lot of thoughts right then, actually), but Laurie, the woman, calls her other friend in the group who comes over and the 4 of us play a few games and talk for awhile.  It was fun.

Autumn and I leave about 9:20 and decide we both need to eat.  We drive to an IHOP, have a wonderful meal, talk awhile, and I get back to my car just about 11:15pm.  Autumn heads home and I do the same.

Ours isn’t pink…how very…um…strange.

I have some problems seeing well in the dark, but nothing big as the night was clear and traffic wasn’t bad.  I decide to stop at WalMart for some groceries before going home, so I don’t have to go back out on Monday.  I get out and this woman tells me she couldn’t get in the doors.  I go up and there are 3 guys doing some construction work; gee!  Think she could have mentioned that!  I get one guy’s attention to see if the other doors (way at the other end) are open.  He opens the door and lets me in.  I thank him, get halfway down the first isle and realize two things:  First, I will have to leave out the other doors and walk back to my car.  Second, I don’t have a cart – they are at the other end of the store or in the construction zone.

The store is being remodeled and there are carts full of paper, boxes, and items everywhere.  Normally, I find empty carts in my way, but not tonight.  I finally find one and ask the ladies who seem to be working if I can take it.  They said it wasn’t theirs, so I grab it and put the few things I had collected inside.  Then I realize these women had on the store colors but are shoppers!  The guy behind me is the one who is using this cart!  I apologize to him and he, being very good, tells me to keep it and he will get another.  I thank him.

I get my items and walk to the other end of the store where the one line is open.  They are redoing the registers at my normal end of the store, making most of them self-checkouts.  Those, of course, are closed for the night.  I wait my turn, then walk outside, and head to my car.

It was, indeed, a dark and balmy night!



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