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All We Need

This turned out to be rather simplistic for a poem. I would apologize for the almost child-like verse, but I was feeling very melancholy and this is what came out. -Scott

All We Need
by Scott L Vannatter

I walk down the path
The pebbles hurt my feet
But they don’t incite my wrath
Like a lot of people that I meet

My heart is often weary
Of the lives of those I see
Who are so dark and dreary
And who may look down on me

I pray for those with troubles
And whose life is in need of light
They cringe inside their bubbles
Full of fear and full of fright

The answer is here and above
They need to just reach out
Let others know they need love
They can whisper or can shout

We all aren’t so varied
We’re mostly all the same
We need sometimes to be carried
And hear someone call our name

And so I’d like to hold you
Like shoes tied up with lace
Perhaps all we need are we two
To kiss and to embrace


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