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Opps! I forgot…So, now, a word from our sponsor – me!

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A bit of a change here, today, I would normally being issuing an entry into Flash Friday.  However, I, um…forgot until after the deadline passed.  This has been somewhat normal for me since my stroke in May of 2010; I forget lots of things.  I was just going to skip the night and pick back up on Tuesday, but I felt that was unfair to anyone used to seeing my entry on Fridays.  So, here I am, kind of apologizing and kind of just letting you know what’s going on.

What I will do is take this open moment to let you know what is going on in my life now.  Things change all the time for everyone, me included.  Right now I:

1)       Am still helping our public library by selling on Amazon.

2)       Am still selling a little on Amazon myself.

3)      Still writing.  Just finished “Keeping Watch” (about 13,400 word short story)

4)      Trying to get back to a Spring schedule and out of this miserable winter one.

5)      Taking care of my car, which just topped $600 in repairs this month.

6)      Trying (and failing) to keep up in my reading of other blogs.  There are so many interesting stories and yet I don’t get many read.

7)      Have begun creating crossword puzzles and submitting them.  Just finished doing so last night.

8)      Reading some comic books I bought on E-bay a couple of years ago.  Fun!

9)      Playing  “Fallout 3” again, but one notch harder in difficulty.

10)   Enjoying lunch/dinner and a movie with a good friend on the weekends.

11)   Visiting another good friend about 1 ½ hours away once a month.

12)    Eating out once a week with a third good friend.

13)   Trying to keep my blog moving.

14)   Also, trying my hand at a new type of writing.  I am not sharing it right now, but it is intriguing to me.

15)   In general, trying to define myself anew since the stroke.  I think differently, act differently, and feel differently.

Now, you are mostly caught up in my life.  It is a busy one and I don’t have a job!

How do you all do it?

Seriously, question of the post:  How do you balance all the things going on in your life?



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