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I Guess that Trumps Your Entry

Wiki is one of my favorite places to Google.  Sounds weird to use both those terms in the same sentence.  What I mean is that I, often, Google something, then go to the entry for Wiki listed in the Google choices.  I know a lot of it is because I trust Wiki; I donate 1-2 times a years to help keep them running. They don’t take corporate funding or political funding to help run them, so they can stay honest.  With most other sources, I feel I must check up and see if they are legit.  So, when Mom and I were discussing some facts about Mr. Donald Trump, I went to Wiki.  Why wouldn’t I?

OMG!  It is not the longest entry in Wiki by any means (I looked that up on Google. “The longest page in the English Wikipedia that is an actual article, rather than a list, is Miscegenation. It’s quite a stretch to call it an “article“, because if you print it, you’ll get 84 pages”), however, I read for nearly 2hours (I don’t read fast) and, finally, stopped when I got bored with it at 3am or so. Susannah, I am sorry, but I don’t much care for history.  In this case, I just wanted facts and, boy, did I get them!

Donald Trump in Wiki 

I will summarize just a portion of this article:

No, no, I won’t.  You read it if you want to (lol).  I will say this:  I had, already, decided that I didn’t care for the man I voted for in 2016.  I have gone on record on this site saying that I, mostly, voted for him because I didn’t want Hillary there (many agree with this, btw), and I still say that.  But, he is not the man I would willingly vote for again, so in 2020 I fully intend to vote for someone else.  I will allow that small particle to remain as to whom I end up voting for, but this is my intent.

As for the article, it stated that fact-finders and other related people/groups have listed him:

As president, Trump has frequently made false statements in public speeches and remarks.[645][646][647] The statements have been documented by fact-checkers; academics and the media have widely described the phenomenon as unprecedented in American politics.[648][649][325] This trait of his was similarly observed when he was a presidential candidate.[650][651] His falsehoods have also become a distinctive part of his political identity.[649]

Trump uttered “at least one false or misleading claim per day on 91 of his first 99 days” in office, according to The New York Times,[645] and 1,318 total in his first 263 days in office, according to the “Fact Checker” political analysis column of The Washington Post.[652] By the Post’s tally, it took Trump 601 days to reach 5,000 false or misleading statements and another 226 days to reach the 10,000 mark.[653] For the seven weeks leading up to the midterm elections, it rose to an average of thirty per day[654] from 4.9 during his first hundred days in office.[655] The Posts reported tally is 15,413 as of December 10, 2019, with the 2019 total more than double the cumulative total of 2017 and 2018.[656]

Over 15,000 as of this past December!

That was enough for me, but I was, somewhat, spellbound by the article and had to read more.  By the time I stopped, I was only marginally certain that I had made that correct choice in 2016.  I still think I would make it today as it was a product of prayer and trust (in God, not Trump).  But it made me wonder how our great country has survived these 3 years.

This is not a call to arms or a call to not vote for Republicans or even Trump should he run or if he can run…it is just an article bringing something I found fascinating to your attention.



Remake the Internet – A Good Thing for Everyone!

If anything needs to go viral this year, it is the buildup and last 1/2 of this talk!!!

End of the Year – BDSM Anyone?

Did the title shock you?  Repulse you?  Are you even reading this far?

Before going on, this post would be rated from heavy PG13 to R, so kiddies – no no….responsible adults, you may continue.

I know that there was a time in my past in which my current mores (right word?) would not have allowed me to go past the title, and I would not have had the interest to.  A shame, really.  I have found, since then, that BDSM is not like I had been told, not something evil (of course, I don’t believe in evil anymore, but you get the point), and not necessarily something to be avoided.

Since “coming out” on here > POST < I have had the freedom within myself to study and talk about BDSM without feeling worried or guilty.  The truth of the matter is that I feel freer than I have ever felt.

Other than going to some meetings and talking more, I don’t really think my life is a whole lot different than it ever was, at least, strictly because of BDSM.  Now, my spiritual change has altered my life very significantly and I am even more thankful for that.  Frankly, I think people are less accepting of my spiritual change than my affiliations with BDSM.  I find that interesting as physical pain and such could not be attributed to my spiritual change, but one could argue that BDSM leans more in that direction.

Regardless, we are ending a year today, no more 2017, and I want to have my last post of this year concern some educational practices for the masses.  So, I am offering up 2 things:  1) a short dissertation on BDSM (through wiki) and 2) the opportunity to ask me questions both publicly and privately.

  1. BDSM – just click and read – > Wiki on BDSM   If  you read the entire article (it is long), you will, perhaps, get a small understanding both of what BDSM encompasses and how easy it is to misunderstand.  “50 Shades of Gray” by PD James was not only a controversial book, but one that misrepresents BDSM.  The book only highlights the bad “Dom” – Christian and show how a woman in love can do all sorts of things, even somewhat unsafe things, to try and please her man.  Real BDSM, honest BDSM demands that both parties are informed of what can happen, what can’t happen, how to stop it, and what the risks are.  That wasn’t done in the movie nor the book.  Book 2 was better.  The true idea is for both parties to enjoy the experience as they wish to enjoy it.  Pain releases endorphins and these chemicals heighten responses and can give pleasure.  As long as safety is observed, it can be enjoyable.  I am not saying that there are not parts of BDSM that are not dangerous and unsafe.  All practices in most anything have their extremes; however, standard practices will include safety and be enjoyable for both parties.
  2. Here is  where I allow you all the opportunity to pick my brain.  You can do this either of two ways.  The first is simply to comment on this post and ask your question(s).  I will do my best to answer them, providing I don’t have to tell something not very proper on here or give out info I consider confidential.  The second way is more private.  My email is bookman23@comcast.net.  Please just send me an email. If you really want secrecy, even from me, then open a new yahoo email (you are allowed  up to 5), call it junkmail@yahoo.com and write me.  Either way, I will be glad to share with you.  This is part of my purpose, I think.  I am an educator and love to teach.  This allows me to continue my joy of educating.

Okay, Happy New Year!  I look forward to hearing from all of you, any of you, whatever positive you have to add or question you wish to ask.  I have been lucky enough to have good friends who share things about the lifestyle that have helped me make informed choices and are leading me into a good solid future where my life is a positive influence.

Thank you all.



Wiki – My First Contribution

A Troll from the game “Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion”

Okay, yesterday, I talked about Wiki – “The Know-It-Alls“.  I discussed how great it was that they are huge, free, and open-sourced – edited by volunteers.

Today, I took the next big step and enrolled as a wiki member and made my first update to a page.

Membership was easy.  I tried to edit the page outright and it asked me to join.

In the beginning, I was merely looking up the word “trolling” to see exactly what an Internet troller was.  From there, I saw the references to the creature and there was a section entitled games.  I noticed that my favorite game “Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” was not listed.  So, that was my first official change to the page.  Listed below is all the pertinent info.  It was really cool!

Troll -> Troll (Internet)   Notice the words “see Troll (disambiguation)”  This is where I went next.

The section I changed was under the sub-heading of “Games”.  It looked as follows:


I decided to add my line at the end.  I just copy/paste the first line of “Troll…”, altered it to fit Oblivion, and had to fix the link so it went to the right place.  Here we are now:


See my line at the end?  I can say I was scared to death to hit “save”.  I didn’t think I would be, but I was.  Guess I was afraid that the cyber police would come or that I would shut down the site, but they have it fixed pretty good for that stuff.

It wasn’t anything special or big, but the process made me realize that I am now part of the thousands who, not only look at wiki every day, but I am now one of those who tries to help make it better.  Take a full look at the page I made a change to:

Wiki:  Trolls (disambiguation)

The interesting thing is, as usual, I decided that wasn’t enough.  I saw a broken link in the Literature section for the Shannara link.  I looked that up in wiki, copied the link, and applied it to the page.  After several tries, I managed to get the link to work.  It still needed some cosmetic fixes, but I am having trouble with that.  Worse, I copied the wrong version (I guess) and lost all the changes I made for Oblivion!  I redid that and, now, it looks right (except for the cosmetic change).

I will update once more:  I decided that the cosmetic changes were my concern (after all, I started this), so I began working on this again.  After a high learning-curve session or two, I finally figured out the simplicity of this situation (thanks, in part, to working on WP) and managed to make the page look excellent and all links going where they should (at least, the two I worked on).  What began as a simple exercise and smiling task turned into a several hour project that will be, fortunately, easier in the future.

Welcome to the world of computer web page editing.



The Know-it-alls

I opened my email today (after a nap, because I have been in neck pain and grouchy), shortly after 2:30pm, and saw an email for a film clip.  Normally, I pass most clips from emails because:

1)  I don’t know if it’s really from that person I know,

2)  I don’t care to watch whatever it is that might be the last thing I see on my computer,

3)  Buying Viagra cheaper is not really something I live for,

4)  I don’t really want to know how to grow, (never mind)…

But, this one sounded interesting, so I typed the link (copy/paste) into Google’s search engine and, lo and behold, it came up with the link pointing to YouTube, which I do trust.  So, here is the clip, about Wikipedia:

Just for fun, I typed “wiki” into Wiki and it came up with 503 million finds!  That doesn’t look as impressive as 503,000,000.  There.  Then, being the wild thing that I am, I typed “wiki” into Google.  Result?

About 1,240,000,000 results!!! That’s billion people.

I found it very interesting that something so large and so well-known and well-used is done by volunteers and is open-sourced.  I have not, personally, edited or created any definitions on wiki, but may look into that.  Could be fun!  I have donated a little over the last two years.  Hence, the email I received.

I will make one quick plug:  Think about donating $5 a year to wiki.  I use it enough for that and, even if I didn’t, I could!  It is at my fingertips all the time, all of it!

Hope you enjoyed this brief excursion into the world of wiki.



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