U R Looking, but R U Cing?

I am not trying to “cheat” on my blog by posting links and not writing.  It’s simply that something catches my eye, holds my attention, and I feel the need to share it.

And this is the best way to share (this and Facebook) that I know.

So, if you deciphered the title into “You are looking, but are you Seeing?”, then you should watch this.  If you couldn’t decipher it, then you Need to watch it. (about 13 min).



Almost Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong

Watch the Ted Video!!!

Renee Writes Here

My ex-husband asked me how when we suffer a relapse we are welcomed back into AA with open arms. I turned the question around on him and asked, why wouldn’t I go back to a place that would welcome me back even if I did falter? God knows my family wouldn’t do that. In most cases all they feel for me is anger. In the rooms I’m welcomed back because I’m just as broken as the person sitting next to me.

We are all just one drink or drug away from relapse and ultimately death. That’s what this disease wants to do, it wants to kill me. It wants to scream in my ear all of the bad things I’ve done to make me so covered in guilt and shame that I pour myself into a bottle and die.

A normal person doesn’t think this way. A normal person doesn’t…

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Christmas is Coming!

Well, the season is here!  I know; I know…it’s the 21st when it’s official.  But, it’s the 1st at 3:23AM and I am getting ready to settle down.  I took a picture tonight, the first night shot with my new (older) phone.  It’s an HTC1 and I really like it.  Took awhile to figure out how to get the pics off it and on my pc for here, but it’s done.

Anyway, Christmas is one of my very favorite times of the year and Middletown, small that it is, has its own way of showing we are getting ready for Santa…




I know, it’s not a lot.  The streets have lights and all, but this just caught my eye when I was driving home about 9:15pm or so.  I will figure out how to take better shots, but for no flash, I thought this was a decent night shot.  Anyway, this all takes me back to my young days (man, those were a long time ago).  People are happier.  I enjoy going to the stores in town more.

Some of us, don’t care, however:


See?  I don’t think she appreciates Christmas at all.

Happy beginning of the season,


ME, Me, Everywhere!

I did today what most people do at some point in time:  I did a search on Google for “Scott Vannatter” (sans the “”).

It returned with 26,800 finds.  Rather than write a post that would stretch on for the length of a small novel, I wandered through the first 15 pages and pulled anything that truly had to do with me, and not the other bunch sharing my name or last name.  Amusing?  Yes, and I thought I would share with you just a bit.

  1.  My LinkedIn profile
  2. My Facebook profile  – I am the 2nd one, the one with hat and dark glasses ( actual page )
  3. White pages – From Middletown and just found out my 2nd wife remarried, Interesting.
  4. My Amazon Kindle Collection 
  5. My Twitter Account
  6. My Kevin Bufton Books (1 story in each) on Goodreads
  7. My Google+ page 
  8. A Scam reporting page (I am down a bit on the list)
  9. A Page about My Father’s Death 
  10. Page from School where I taught
  11. My Cousin – a page
  12. A comment I made on Grace for Retts, a post I have followed for years.  Worth a look! Home page
  13. My UK Amazon Kindle Page
  14. A brief listing about my son – decided not to give link for his own privacy
  15. A Digitized copy of my MA diploma program (not sure why the names and things are crossed out, but I am in the very top section!)

There you have the Internet of Me!  Not really exciting, but does show how much info is collected on someone over the years. There could be, I suppose, a few more in the remaining 26K+ entries I didn’t try, however, it is doubtful as relevance goes down as the list continues.

How about Googling yourself?  Have you ever Googled someone else?  Dating someone? Spouse? Children? Neighbor?

Just nosey, that’s all.  This was, basically, to help you understand that you really do need to keep your private info private.  I try hard not to give out anything that I would care if anyone found out about it.





Language abuse…historic bloopers, part 1

via Language abuse…historic bloopers, part 1


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