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It isn’t that often that onlybadchi gives a post that makes you really think and consider things (she is hilarious and beautiful, but I digress). So when her post spoke of a discussion on monogamy, I figured I was going to be treated to a laughable folly on the subject. The humor is there, count on it, but her points on both sides will make you think and wonder. My take: I want exclusivity in a relationship with someone who wants the same and where we want and love each other. Can that be found? Don’t know, but I intend to keep looking…

Originally posted on only bad chi:

The elephant in every relationship: monogamy. When are you going to be “official”? Are you “dating” or just “seeing each other” or merely “hooking up”? WTF do those things even mean? How do you refer to each other when making introductions? “Mom, this is Jack, the… guy I’m occasionally having mediocre sex with?” Or, “Everyone, this is Sarah–I think she’s my girlfriend but that hasn’t been explicitly stated yet so I’m not really sure. I know that I would like her to be, but I don’t know her feelings on the subject.”

To be, or not to be, monogamous–that is the question. It seems like American society and culture overwhelmingly promote monogamy when it comes to marriage, but anything short of that, it’s a free for all. There is no given–just because you’re going on dates with someone, or having sex with them, does not make them your monogamous partner…

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The danger of radical healthcare


I have always had problems with socialized medicine. I have not read all of Obamacare rules and such. I am beginning to think we all should read them and study them and proclaim harder against them.

Originally posted on aghostdancer:

History is set to repeat itself.

When you hear about Eugenics visions of Hitler pop quickest to mind. Few know it was started right here in America. Funded by the Carnegie Institution and Rockefeller Foundation, researchers at major universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Princeton explored various methods of forced segregation, sterilization, and extermination of entire bloodlines. The plan was Eugenics and it involves weeding out the weak and/or undesirable.

Pres. Woodrow Wilson, segregationist, racist, and eugenics advocate, spent years at Princeton University and was president of the University from 1902 – 1910. So what has present-day Princeton University have to do with the archaic and barbaric practice of eugenics?

Liberal Democrat Princeton Professor says: “We can and should use Obama Care known as the Patient Protections Act to kill infants born with disabilities which would be costly to society.”

Let that sink in for a moment. The average deaf…

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Getting Away from the Narcissist…

Great article.  These help me understand many parts of my life and the lives of those around me whom I care for.



Highs and Lows…

I realize my last post was about my being “something Great!”.  I also realize how pumped up I normally am.  It  just goes to show you we are all human.

I had a kinda meltdown today.  Nothing drastic, nothing even serious – but still significant to me.  I was taking a shower and had just come off the season 3 finale of “Orange is the New Black” (excellent!).  While in the shower I began to get a fairly uncommon (of recent), but very familiar feeling called “worry” and “stress” hitting me.  I began to have some stomach problems, the water in the shower was a cross between invigorating and irritating and I found myself beginning to get that old “clinched” feeling in  my hands, stomach, and (excuse, please) bowels.

Now, I am (as I said) used to this feeling.  It is what brought me to the bring of exhaustion, brought about such anxiety I had to be decently medicated, made me depressed, and was the basis for my stroke.  Yes, I am familiar with stress and worry.

This time, however, I was able to think it through.  I didn’t spaz out and collapse into tears and all.  What I did was to think about what is bothering me.  All of it:

1)  Dad’s in the nursing home.

2)  Dad may not be with us a whole lot longer.

3)  Mom’s a nervous wreck over Dad.

4)  Sis is not sleeping due to 1-3 above and school starting in a few weeks.

5)  My car is in the shop.

6)  I had a stroke.

7)  I can no longer work and bring in a significant amount of money.

8)  I just had my hip replaced.

9)  I am not dating (not sure if that’s really good or bad).

10)  I don’t sleep well anymore.

11)  My roof has a hole in it and needs to be repaired, but it is raining nearly every day.

12)  Anything else I haven’t thought of so I can have 12 items.

So, a decent list.  I decided God is still in control.  Everything will work out in the end.  And, I needed to do something – So, voila! I am writing to my most wonderful set of friends out here in Blogland.  You are all always so great.  When you have problems, you write about them and you nearly always have great positive things to say when others are down.  It would be great if my top 30 blogging friends lived with me in one city, so we could chat and meet and talk and all…(come on, I know you have, at least, thought about it.).  Not gonna happen, but still…

Look!  Already, just writing to you has brought me mostly out of my funk (I said, “Mostly”).  I am more positive now and will go back to doing what I do and being thankful I have such a great set of people out there.  I would do names, but it honestly has become long enough of a list I would miss at least one person and I don’t want to do that.

So, if you consider me a friend, know I consider you one as well and you have helped out a friend today!



(PS – I can always use MORE FRIENDS!!!)

I am…Something Great!

No, I am not a megalomaniac, nor an egotist, and I am not crazy (well, that one may be up for debate).  It has been a simple revelation.  I saw a YouTube video this morning that was all about connectedness.  Then I watched one by Emma Watson when she spoke to the UN about gender equality.  Before that, my son and I watched “In and Out” (fabulous movie, btw).  All of those things and more helped me come to this conclusion.

You see, I am Great…I am something Great…mostly because I am part of something Great!  That Great thing is life and the world and the universe.  Everything God has made and woven together for us.  I am a part of that.  So, that makes me Great.

When I get down (and it happens), I can look at the facts of all the times I should have died – my stroke, almost falling over the edge of the Grand Canyon, tripping and hanging over the ledge of an eight-story building, and others – and didn’t.  That tells me (because luck and coincidence just don’t cut it) I am around for a reason. It’s not that God isn’t finished with me; it’s that I still have things to do.  I am around because I am needed.  I may not know where or when or even why, but that doesn’t matter.  I am needed and I will help.  We are all connected.

And, since we are all connected, let me tell you the other great news:  YOU are something Great, too!!!

That’s right – you.  I am, you are, they are, we all are – the universe (God) needs us to help each other and to bring about change.  You may not feel important.  In fact, you may feel as if you are a drain on the world and not worth the time – BUT – that’s simply not true!  You are important, you count, you have value…there are dozens of ways to say it, but the bottom line is that you are important.

If you still don’t feel that way, then change!  Yep, simply decide you are important and begin thinking of yourself that way.  Each time you feel those doubts, remember – you are Great!

Take something and put it around your wrist – use it to remind you that you are great.

This post, as usual, took off a bit from what I originally tried to say, however, I always allow for it to happen.  That’s life and this post may be my importance to someone who really needs to read all this.

Contact me via email if you want to talk in detail or privately; otherwise, let’s see the comments!!!





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