Friday Fictioneers – And Here Lives the Past – Sci-Fi Rated PG13

Rochelle brings us Friday Fictioneers with my story below the picture prompt and the rest > HERE < Enjoy!!!

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And Here Lives the Past

By Scott L Vannatter – 100 Words

To the untrained eye, the small stalks with fibrous umbrellas at the top really looked like simple mushrooms. Jordan, however, did not have untrained eyes. Her abilities as a xeno-anthropologist told her that these were alien spores…old alien sports.

She knelt down, quickly and carefully dug up all the spores, and stored them in a traveling box. She took them home and replanted them carefully under her strictest guidelines.

She painstakingly watched them grow to be almost six-feet tall before they shed their roots and stepped forward. Jordan was so happy she had been able to save her cousins’ lives.




And How Long Until It is Us?

150 million views, Very important, Very scary, watch it (10:00 Min) below (Subtitled)



10 Reasons to Probably Stop Dating the Woman You are Seeing – Rated PG13

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I just finished reading “11 Signs You Should Call It Quits with the Guy You are Dating”  by Bad Chi.  Click the title to read the post.  It’s good.  It’s funny and informative, and really true.  It got me thinking that, perhaps, I should write one about women.  Guys, whether you are dating someone or thinking about it, doesn’t matter, you have some basic guidelines you should follow.  I am talking here about dating with the intention to go long-term.  This is not an article for the “get in her pants” group.  You guys, you will get what you deserve.  You just don’t know it yet.

1)  She really really cares about your motorcycle and/or sports car. Now, I know that many of you guys have these items specifically to get this woman.  But, think about this, dating her for any good length of time, is going be based ON THIS, NOT ON YOU.  Unless you are really shallow (then you deserve her), go somewhere else.

2)  She asks what you do for a living or how much money you make within the first 15 minutes.  Again, this means she is really really concerned about wealth, not necessarily you.

3)  She knocks down more than 3 drinks at your first date.  ’nuff said.

4)  She brings up church, religion, and/or the Bible more than 5 times in the first hour you talk.  Really?  It’s fine to be religious, but a zealot like this is going to be difficult to live up to.  It goes the same if she tries to save your soul in the first hour or so.

5)  Her pictures online show her with many animals in the pictures (or she continually talks about what an animal lover she is).  Now, nothing wrong with pets.  You may even like a lot of them, too.  Just remember that if this is basically all she shows or talks about, your future may be mostly about dealing with animals, not dating her.

6)  When asked about her desires or goals she talks about world peace.  Umm, yeah.  not going there…

7)  She wants to jump in the sack right away and doesn’t seem to worry about protection.  Again, I know this seems to go contrary to what most guys seem to want, but think about this:  if she is that quick to make it and doesn’t care about protection – you are sleeping with every guy she has…

8)  She talks about your future life together after marriage – on the first couple of dates – RUN! – that is all.

9)  She discusses her 4 or more marriages with you – There might be a good reason and you may still end up dating her, but really watch this one – she could be just a person who likes to try on a marriage or one who lives on the settlements of a good divorce.

10)  She seems absolutely perfect, absolutely.  Nope, dig deep, or run.  No one is that perfect.  Yeah, I suppose it happens, but be smart and don’t wait for the “I do” to find out you really shouldn’t because she isn’t.

That’s  my initial take on it guys.  Ladies, you can read “Only Bad Chi’s” article and/or you can switch a little of what I said above to make it fit your needs.  Guys who exhibit the above traits probably aren’t so hot either.




And Now, He’s Gone! :-(

On June 6, 2012, I did a review of the life of Leonard Nimoy.  I titled it “To Someone Who is Not Yet Gone”.    Below the link is the original review.

Leonard Nimoy died Friday.  That obit is > HERE <.  This is my tribute to one I considered a very great man.

Leonard Nimoy, born March 26 (my birthday!) 1931. He is an actor, director, photographer, musician, and poet. He has played in the original “Star Trek” (1966-1969). He was nominated for 3 Emmy awards, and was Spock in seven featured films. He played in the original “Mission: Impossible” series, hosted “In Search of …” and narrated “Civilization IV”, and was on stage.

He wrote two autobiographies “I am Spock” and “I am not Spock”.

Backing up, he was born in Boston to Jewish immigrants from Soviet Union. His father was a barber and his mother was a homemaker. He started acting, neighborhood, early, but landed first role at 17. His grandfather was the one who encouraged him to be an actor (thanks, grandpa!).

He had more than 50 small parts in B movies (gotta love B movies), TV shows (Dragnet), and serials ( Republic Pictures’ Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952). He was in sci-fi thriller “Them” (I remember that) and in “Twilight Zone”, “Bonanza”, “Rawhide”, “The Outer Limits”, “Get Smart”, and a lot of others.

He and William Shatner (Captain Kirk) first played together on an episode of “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” (Those were the days!). He and DeForest Kelley (Doctor) first played together in an episode of “The Virginian”.

He did attend college and he was the one who made the famous “Live long and prosper” sign. He did direct Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986), and Three Men and a Baby, the highest grossing film of 1987, which made him a star director. He wanted to act though.

He even made it on one episode of “Saturday Night Live” (we all know that’s important!).

He even talked with Issac Asimov, who is my favorite Sci-Fi writer though he has since passed on. He also sang and spoke on several albums and even directed the Bangles video “Going Down to Liverpool” (I really like that song!).

He has been married twice, two children by the first marriage, and has stated that he was an alcoholic who did go to rehab. He tried to help William Shatner’s alcoholic wife. He also invented the famous “Vulcan Neck Pinch” as an alternative to striking a guard as Nimoy felt that would have been out of character. Shatner agreed and they talked the people into putting that in the show.

The city of Boston has November 14th as “Leonard Nimoy Day”.

You know I always have a purpose to my “musings”. Here I want to encourage you to really read the wiki link I posted at the top of the page. There is a much longer version of all I said and more in it about Leonard Nimoy. It’s not so much Mr. Spock I want to give praise to here. It is to Leonard Nimoy who, as best I see it, came from very humble beginnings and pushed himself into may different areas of life, and successfully. He had problems in both personal and relationship portions of his life; however, he pursued and did well ,overall, as a person.

I just thought that, in this world of 15 minute heroes, it might be good to see someone who spent over 60 years (more?) doing all that he could do. We need to look up to people like him for that reason. We need to see people do well, enjoy life, and still be human. I will miss him when he’s gone; I would have liked to have met him just once (probably won’t happen, but who knows?).

Five Sentence Fiction – “Forgotten” – Overlooked – Rated PG13

Lillie brings us this week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt:  Forgotten.  Mine is below; the rest are >HERE< Enjoy!



By Scott L Vannatter – February 26, 2015

She walks slowly and a bit unsteadily down the avenue, carrying all her worldly belongings with her, dropping her umbrella and being way too tired to retrieve it.

Her hopes and dreams have come with her; they are her only currency to make it in this bitter, dirty world.

A man steps from the shadows and approaches her, knowing all too well she is overly-tired and will not run away.

He gives her his oft-made speech about success and money and all she has to do is…

She, like thousands of almost nameless young girls disappear, their hopes and dreams a poor defense against the predators lurking and waiting.




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