A Very Short Post

Just wanted to share that WordPress let me know that I signed up with them 6 years ago!

It doesn’t seem that long, but in that time,  I have made many new friends on this site.  I have shared a lot of my life, good and bad on here; I have become a published author while blogging; and I have done over 900 posts.

I think this is a great time to celebrate.  Who knew that interrupting my teaching career by having a near-death stroke would have brought all this about?  Wow!  Positives flowing out of negatives!  I am so looking forward to the future.

Here’s to the future and to all of you!

Let me know in the comments what you wish to celebrate from the last 6 years.



An “Honest” Company from an Honest Woman

I have never really (not really) thought I was nuts.  I have always been able to think outside the box.  Sometimes, I thought so outside it that people thought I was in another box completely.  But, I knew what I was thinking and how it was pertinent.  Was I always right?  No, not in the least; however, when I first picked Jessica Alba as my number 1 favorite actress and person for so many years, I was often thought to be nuts.  It came out when I was teaching the special needs children in 6th-12th grades and they didn’t think I was nuts.  In fact, they cheered me (well, the boys did).  I was willing to say something that was a bit personal and let them know about it.  They love that stuff.  It gives them drive and helps them to work for me.  And, it was the truth.

I have followed Jessica Alba since she was playing in “Dark Angel”.  I thought she was gorgeous (I was right) and I thought she was more than just that beautiful face and stunning body (I was right there, too).

Now, so many years later, married and with a child (just one, I think), Jessica has become CEO of The Honest Company.  She founded it because she had a vision based on the fact that children were getting blasted by too many unhealthy things in food and clothing and such.  She created this company and, if I am reading correctly, they have increased sales about 600% or more in a little over a year.  As of 2014 the company sales was $1.7 Billion dollars.  Now, I would call that successful and smart.  And, she is dealing with the dumber sex, men (that’s an opinion of mine that is held by many people).  Not all men, mind you, but I think so many have these preconceived notions about women and about life and even about other men that just makes them downright idiotic.  You keep your own ideas.  In fact, feel free to express yourself in the comments below.

What I know is that I still think Jessica Alba is one of the (if not the) most beautiful women in the world, sexy as heck, and sweet as honey.  I read somewhere that she often was thought of as the motherly type for bringing hot soup to sick people on the set, or other items like that.  That really endeared her to me.  I don’t know the guy she is married to, but he is a lucky fellow.

Read a very good condensation of the article here -> Lone Wolf

Wiki is here:  Jessica Alba and The Honest Company

As always, you people are special to me.  I truly want to hear what you think.



Do I Hear Bells?

This has been a long, long week.  I don’t sleep well on a normal basis.  This week, being the teenaged person that I am, I stayed up too late on a couple of nights and stay extra late with Dad (probably those same nights).  I still had my normal MWF routine with Mom, so sleep was rather rough until Friday night (or, more precisely, Saturday morning).  I hit the bed around 4:30am, read until 5:15, then passed out around 5:30.  From there it was sleep off/on until about 1pm.  I got up and took my sugar reading.  Seeing the 164 show up (130 is the upper border), I took my other meds and lay back down.  I slept heavily and woke up around 7:00pm.  I promptly got up, took my sugar, which read 110 this time, and decided to eat.  I kept the carbs down more and decided to have Raisin Bran.  In getting ready, I knocked a glass to the floor, covering the kitchen in shards.

Now, came the deal:  I am diabetic.  Cleaning the kitchen floor is much more difficult when you MUST make certain EVERY shard of glass, a potential foot-loss problem, is cleaned up.  I swept the floor twice, then mopped it twice with the Swiffer cleaner.  That and wearing Clogs for the day has, so far, kept me glass-stabbed free.

I tell you all that to tell you why I am writing about today at 8:47pm when the idea came at 1pm.  I looked out the bathroom window this morning to see … SNOW!  This was not the expected day-ruining downfall I expected.  This was very light, big flakes, and softly falling white stuff.  You know, the stuff Christmas morning is made of.  So, I share with you 2 pictures I took out said bathroom window and tell you people who live in 50-110 degrees all year that you don’t know what you are missing.  Yeah, it could be 5-6 feet of packed nastiness, but this almost makes all that worth it.  Add to it the fact that I can walk this winter and can dig myself out in much less time than last year, as well as simply move around in it better, and you have a pretty darn good winter expectation coming up.  Doesn’t hurt that the NWS says we should have less snow and higher temps here all winter (well into January, anyway).

I know we don’t ski here and I know we don’t spend weeks digging out.  Those two extremes put us in the middle of the snow mess/beauty.  Enjoy the pics:

IMG_3701 IMG_3702I know, you can’t see the falling stuff, but it was falling, light, white, and fluffy.  Still, even with the dingy day (overcast), it looks nice to me and brought back all kinds of memories – like hearing the Christmas bells at church or on the TV or radio.



Looking Life in the Eye and Really Seeing It…

Read this post to get where I got my thoughts… 4Am Writer: Life Without a Mom

Okay, now…I visit Dad in the nursing home 5 nights a week from about 8:15pm-12:30am or so, whenever he falls asleep or I have to leave…because 3 days a week I take Mom to see Dad at dialysis.  We go to see him at 10am, then eat at Cracker Barrel, then do some errands, see Dad leave dialysis about 3pm, then back to the nursing home.  Mom goes in for awhile and I go home, nap, eat, then go to see Dad.

Interesting life from the person who didn’t much care for his Dad until lately.  It isn’t that I didn’t like him; I just didn’t see him much and we didn’t talk much.  As it is, we don’t talk much now.  Dad enjoys watching sports and I sit there, looking at the TV sometimes, commenting or listening to him, and I watch the tablet – poker, Facebook, CBS, NBC, whatever…

He seems to like just having me sit there.  I am told that nearly every night, about 15 minutes after I leave him sound asleep, he calls for the night person, to get him something or other.  I think he is just lonely then and wants to see someone else.

I visit Dad and I sit there and we just know each other is in the room.  Tonight, however (Saturday),  there was no ballgame on, no real sports at all, so, … we talked for awhile.

We still don’t have much to say.  A lot of it is Dad retelling me jokes and stories for the millionth time.  But, he doesn’t remember that he has told me, and, frankly, it does me good to hear them again.  Cause someday, someday maybe soon, he won’t be around to tell them and I will have to remember them.  I should write them down, but I won’t.  I don’t do things like that often.  I will just have to hope I remember them enough to pass them on.

Realizing that, someday, his life will be a sketchy memory because Mom, Sis, and I will be gone, is a bit unsettling.  I am not ready to go.  Ever since the stroke in ’10 I don’t really fear death, but I am not in a hurry to see it either.  I have a lot I want to do.  Some of it is just beginning to materialize and I am sorry for that.  I kinda wish I had started on some things earlier, but I guess we are all that way, too.

Well, Kate Johnston, author of 4amwriter, look what your post inspired.  Thanks…I need to say all of this.  I will need to say more, I imagine.  Life is always asking us to do things – this one will be eternally on the net soon…



To Vegan or not to Vegan…

As many of you know, I have been vegan since July of 2014.  For those that have difficulties knowing what that means, I do not eat meat, nor take in dairy.  That means no hamburgers, no cheese, no eggs, no milk, no ice cream, no regular chocolate.  I did this because I read a good book that discussed research stating nearly all people in the study who stuck to a vegan diet (and they were diabetic) had their blood sugar, their cholesterol, and their blood pressure go down, as well as their weight.  For many they stopped being diabetic about 6-9 months into the program.

My blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol has, indeed, gone down.  My weight has dropped a bit.  The problem was that, after 17 months of the diet (and being very careful for the first 8 months), I am not satisfied that, the program has been worth it.  My feelings are if I would eat reasonably and exercise I would see as much, if not more, positive results.

I do not feel this means it doesn’t work; it just doesn’t work well enough for me.

So, after some deliberation, I have altered the diet for me.  I will still restrict myself to more leaner meats.  I will still mostly avoid regular chocolate.  I will still cut down on cheese.  I will still, of course, watch my sugar, test my glucose, and blood pressure, as well as take all my meds.

However, I believe my life will be more fruitful  and enjoyable) if I do this in moderation, exercise in moderation (try 20-30 minutes of light-moderate exercise 3x a week), and try to keep more active in general by doing a lot of versatile things.

I no longer love food; I enjoy food, but it no longer rules me.  That came out of this diet.  I proved to myself and others I could do this for over 1 year.  There’s nothing wrong with the diet.  If you watch your protein and vary your foods, it is very healthy.  I may go back on it again if I start feeling sluggish or gaining weight that can’t be explained by muscle.

I just wanted to keep all of you up to date on me, one of my favorite subjects.

I am making some social changes in my life; perhaps, more on that another time.

In the meantime, let me simply wish you all well, eat healthy, enjoy life, and smile – a lot…



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