What is the Reason for Posts?

I was just looking at my view history.  It is pretty poor.  Around 15 was my top number of daily views for the last week.  It was normally around 3.  I see people out there with hundreds, even thousands of views, and the same number for followers.  I know people who earn money on their posts.  Then I look at my pitiful attempt at a blog and my smile dwindles.

But, today, I got a comment from WordPress thanking me for 7 years of blogging.  I stop and think of that!!!  7, that’s SEVEN, years I have been writing  for WordPress.  One of those years was, at least, one post per day.  So, now, I am asking myself why do we post?  Why do I post?  Why should we post at all?  As usual, the answers seem to be all over the board.

Some post for glory.  Some post to make a point.  Some post to create conversations.  Some post to make friends.  And, I am sure there are many other reasons for people to post.  The answer seems to be “It doesn’t matter why.”

I think this is a basic truth, but it all depends on how you read it.  It does matter why you post, but only to you.  You want friends, glory, to prove a point, to talk?  Why not?  Why shouldn’t you post for those reasons?

Today, I began writing this post only because I got the 7 year notice and checked my stats.  I had this idea and ran with it.  You all are great!  You comment; you view; you accept; and you let me know what you are thinking of what I posted.  That seems to me to be the best reason for posting:  to put an idea out there and see who thinks what about it.

Yeah, not very well-written, nor very original.  Still, putting an idea out there to see what people think.  That’s not bad.  I think it allows all the other reasons to exist and still be a valid point.

So, write a post; publish an article; heck, write a book.  But, do it for you, whatever your reason, it is important to you and that makes all the difference.  Have I told you anything new here?  I don’t know…You tell me…

I want to hear your comments.  Not for views, not for space, not for glory…I just want to know!



I Feel Another Loss…

As many of you know, I lost my Dad in July.  It hurt, still hurts, and I do that thing of thinking of calling or of going to the nursing home to see him, then remember.

However, in early November, there was another loss.  I didn’t know or I would have been at the funeral.  I won’t go into a name, but he was one of my students.  Apparently, he was on a couch and three guys came in the back and one of them shot him and another person.  I was told almost 600 people came to the funeral or visitation.

I am just a bit in shock.  I used to talk with this student a lot.  We got to be, well, friends.  I did that with many of my students and they remember that.  So do I.  He loved playing his guitar and skateboarding.  I won’t say he loved school, but he did enjoy being in my class most of the time.  We listened to music a lot and I would preach at him about doing something with his life here at school and beyond and he would laugh and just keep on doing his thing.

I had told him we would meet at Pizza Hut some day for lunch and catch up.  He never could quite seem to make it.  He got mad that he missed it one time  I told him not to worry, we would do it again.  Now, that’s gone.  He probably doesn’t mind now, but I do.

Hey, your friends, your students, your teachers, your family, your church members, and a lot of other groups of people or individuals…say hi, tell them how you feel, … you just…never…know.

Gonna miss you, Guy!



One sick puppy . . . and she needs your help

I think it is a good cause.

Robin Coyle

Hello blogging friends! I jump-started my blogging routine a couple of months ago and then, what do you know, it fizzled. The reason? Who knows!? I’m sure you have all experienced the same thing.

However, I am moved to do a blog post today because this precious 4-month-old puppy needs your help. Help from all of us. Let me explain . . .

Our daughter Paige is a crazy dog lover. Not a lover of crazy dogs, but is nutty over dogs. Actually, we all are. But, back to Paige being a dog nut . . . ever since she met an English Cream Golden Retriever several years ago, she has longed to have one of these gorgeous dogs in her life.

That dream came true in September when this little nugget came into her life.


Look at all that puppy-goodness!

Needless to say, I was head-over-heels in love as well.

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You Knew It – This Post Trumps the Others…

You knew it had to be coming.  The election ends; I have said so much about Trump (and against Hillary).  There had to be a post.  Well, here it is in all its glory.

(Not) – I had a very long night last night.  I ate out, followed the election. I played on my tablet at the restaurant, followed the election.  I worked out, followed the election.  I made chili (veg), followed the election.  In short, I followed the election.  That’s not really like me.  This has been the first election, really, in as long as I can remember where I was really into the election itself.  I looked at maps, read articles, listed to newscasts, and followed on my tablet.

I noticed the trend before they really started talking about it too much:  Hillary winning the big cities, but Trump covering the rest of the states.  I didn’t realize what a defeat it was, how surprising it was, until it was over.  Then people were like…shell shocked.  I head to some of my social sites and people are scared and worried and don’t know what to do.  I was kinda dumbfounded.  It has taken till now for me to really get ahold of what has happened.

IT WAS A GREAT UPSET!!! Both to the Democrats and to the polls.  The polls, I guess, had never been this wrong.

So, yes, it is over and my person, Mr. Trump, won.  Now, what happens, America?  Everyone is asking that.

I listened to Mr. Trumps acceptance speech after Hillary called him.  He had changed; he has matured; I think we will be okay.  He was not quite the power monger or the anti-Christ people had pegged him as.  He spoke of peace, moving forward, healing our country, and caring for the people.

I listened to Hillary’s consolatory (right word?) speech.  She, basically, said the same thing.  She tried hard to pull the people together, to have Republicans and Democrats work together, all people work together to help our nation and its peoples.  Good speech, good timing. I think it will help a lot.

I believe we are now entering something very new, brand new:  we have a Republican President, House, and Senate.  Never before, well in a very long time, have we had such a chance to pull together and work hard to get something very positive done.  We have the opportunity to rebuild, restructure, and unite our country.

Yes, the stocks are down; people are scared; however, I think Mr. Trump truly wants to do what he kept saying he wanted to do:  unite and rebuild, help our country become great once again.

I certainly want that.

It is my hope that we will all do just that and that he will provide us the leadership that lends itself toward those precious goals.

I am not boasting; I am not bragging; I am not saying, “I told you so.”

What I am saying is, “Let’s not blow this.  Let’s all work together hard and see how great we can become.”

U-S-A!    U-S-A!    U-S-A!    U-S-A!    U-S-A!    U-S-A!

Let’s make America “Great Again”.



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