A New Blogger Comes to Town…

Just a short message this time.  My sister was recently diagnosed with cancer, treatable, but cancer.  Her story begins a new blog…check here:  Frolicking Among the Foliage

Leave her a comment.  Heck, follow her!  Thanks.



Dating and Meeting and All Those Things… (link to reblog)

I absolutely adore August McLaughlin.  I have read and/or listened to so many of here posts since she was first writing almost to now when she hosts a Video / Audio Bog about empowering women in sexuality.  I make comments sometimes, but, she just keeps me interested in the subject.

Take a listen:

August Talks about Dating



Spring is Here, Once Again…

Yep, spring is here and it brings the good and the bad, but mostly the good.  Here are some pics I took yesterday (Tues):


The wind was very bad for awhile (40-60mph) and it really did a number on my plastic drain pipes.


One tulip that keeps coming up year after year.


Not sure what this is?


As I said, the wind kept tearing things apart.  This was the big branch from a previously windy day.


Before time and the wind, this was a useable bird house.


A group of yellow tulips that comes up in the back yard.


The old homestead.  I have been there over 10 years, I believe.


My car will have been mine for 16 years in September.  Has about 156,000 miles on it.  Going Strong!


Close-up of red tulip at side of house by porch.


Same here, but yellow tulip.


This is my gas meter.  It squeaks anytime the gas is being used.  Weird, but I can’t get anyone to worry about it.


A stroke adaption.  These solar-powered lights (small) burn all night to help me see when entering the driveway after dark.

IMG_3755Finally, this old tree has been here forever.  It was struck by lightning many years ago.

I do enjoy spring, almost as much as fall.  I hope your renewal time of the year is going great!




As Ricky says, ” ‘Splain this to me.” Okay, I will try…

My daughter is probably a bit upset with me.  I can’t be sure unless she comes right out and says it (and I am not stupid enough to just ask!).  So, we will keep it at probably.  Why?

Well, it’s not because I missed her birthday or stepped on her feet, or wrecked her car with mine, or even hit her garage door with something I was carrying.

She is probably mad because…I am voting for Trump.  Yup!  Are you mad now, too?  Well, at least, let me explain.

I tried this in another post >HERE< and thought I did a good job, but not many people commented so maybe they just skipped it.  This is my thing:

  1.  There are no other good Republican candidates.  They are all, basically, with the Establishment.  Those are the grass roots Republican Party people who run the governmental part of the Republicans.  I don’t trust them.  I doubt you should either.
  2. There are no good Democratic candidates.  Hillary may be indicted (and should be, if only to prove she is innocent) and Bernie Sanders is a Socialist (We don’t need that any more than to be like the Muslim government).
  3. He is being, for the most part, truthful.  Yeah, he has told some pretty obvious fibs, but he says it directly and out front.  I have criticized Cruz because he doesn’t and I will stick to that.  He talks in circles.  Heck, even Kelly said it right to him, “Will you answer the question I have asked you?”
  4. I believe he will truly try to do most of what he says he will do.  The government may not agree and may vote his ideas down, but his vetoes will be a good bargaining power, which is what he says – bargain.
  5. I don’t think this country will change much at all with anyone in there but him.  The way we are heading, this is toward certain death.
  6. He is a people’s person.  He is more down to earth.  You may not like some of his stances (I don’t), but I haven’t liked the stances of several of our last presidents…they still functioned.
  7. It’s time for the common man, instead of the big politician, to be in charge.  See what happens.
  8. I really doubt that other countries would do much messing with us when Trump has the football.  I don’t think he would throw it unless he had to, but he would throw it.

Now, I feel better; don’t you?  Don’t throw things, it’s rude and someone could get hurt.

Okay, all take a deep breath and repeat after me:

Dear God.  You are in charge.  Put the person we need the most in the President’s position.




What a Week!

This has been a bad week.  I don’t just mean the “I fell and skinned my knee” week; I mean the “I think the bombs have been launched!” week.

My sister just found out she has cancer, curable, yes, but there’s that “you need 5 weeks of chemo/radiation, then we operate” type of cancer. Just in case anyone is keeping track, I don’t capitalize “cancer” because I refuse to give it that kind of attention anytime I think of it.

Also, my Dad fell at the nursing home.  And within 10 minutes of that my Mom was helping Sis and she fell asleep and hit her face on the hardwood floor.  Dad just got reprimanded by a nurse and me; Mom spent about 4-5 hours in the ER.

Now, let’s top that off with me getting some type of stomach bug that had me in so much pain, I finally threw up (I hate throwing up) just to see if that would ease the pain – it did.  Thank everything it was only about a 24 hour thing – probably something I ate.

Anyway, that has been my family’s week – fun, huh?

I told you that because it’s also been a pensive time.  Yeah, I have put many hours into living through a post-apocalyptic world in “Fallout 3” (which I finally modded and fixed so it does run), but I also have done a lot of thinking about people, how mean they can be, and how vulnerable we are.

So, in just a short statement I just wanted to acknowledge that, in all this political upheaval and mess,  and with everyone screaming at everyone else about freedom:  I want to formally say that I support the rights for the LBGT community and the BDSM community as a whole.  I think that too many of us have taken our views and values and pushed it upon the media to the point that many groups, like these two, have been under a lot of unnecessary pressure to conform.

You have a right to be yourself, whatever that may be.  As long as you are not breaking laws or harming someone else (without consent), I really don’t see the problem.  Short and sweet – that’s it.



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