A Look at Transgenders

I was watching a clip about a young, 4 year old, male who decided she is a girl.  For her it was such a natural choice and it would be difficult to argue with her.  Especially since her parents are 100% behind her.  The father is worried for her as life may be more difficult, but he still stands behind her.

I listen to all the talk and the arguments about how children should be “who God made them to be” or “they aren’t old enough to make that sort of choice.”  Really?  Are we always going to try and bring everyone to our “side” by stating that “God wants it so”?  My own idea of God has been that He (She? It? Other?) is perfectly okay with whoever we choose to be and however we choose to express that.  You can imagine the problems I receive with that from others.  I generally respond with “that’s your choice” or “that’s not how I believe”. I don’t care for arguing, especially about religion.  I feel very comfortable and strong in my own faith; I don’t need the faith of others.

But back to the topic.  As far as being old enough to choose,  in a sense, with a strong enough expression, 3- 5 may be the best age for expression of that type.  They are not yet conditioned to believe they have no choice in the matter.  And, a lot of the ridicule may well be gone by the time they are in high school.  Acceptance comes early when it is expressed early, in my opinion.

It doesn’t work for everyone, but think of this:  if you were born one sex and “knew in your heart and brain that you did not feel comfortable with that born-choice, what would you do?  Would you acquiesce and remain your birth gender and be miserable or try for a change?  If that seems too easy for you, pick something you love and ask what would happen if some seriously tried to take it away.  What if the law was on their side?

I have had the honor and privilege to have 1 transgender m-to-f  people in my life directly.  She is sweet and wonderful.  I have spoken to 2 others.  They were pleasant and nice, if a bit nervous and scared of society.  The one is a friend; we talk when we get the chance.  I like her.  She is unwavering in her decision and comes across strong in that area. I am very happy to know her and to call her friend.

I have a lot of friends who society labels as “Different”.  I am certain that society, some of it, labels me as “Different”. I am comfortable in my shell.  I am becoming more comfortable as time goes on and I learn more.

Transgenders are p-e-o-p-l-e.  They have feelings and have lives.  If you don’t like the idea then simply don’t become friends.  Try to stay away.  But the ridiculous fear and stigma should not exist.  I am happy that so much of this last teenage generation is putting aside all of these biases and bringing bigger portions of the world together.

There may be some hope for us yet.  Biggots, racists, and all other people who are biased should simply step down and let the new world order take over, at least, as far as this is all concerned.  We have a lot on our plate in order to survive another 100 years.  Let’s take this one item, a big one, off and deal with the rest.




I do Cry…Really!

It has been awhile.  The stroke took some of my emotions away, I believe.  I am not quite as sensitive, at least, overtly.  However, beautiful things can bring me to tears.

Specifically, here, I want to show you a young woman whose voice brought me to tears.  I really didn’t know it until I felt the tear drop from my cheek, but there it is.

I am not afraid to cry.  I think it takes strength in some situations to cry.  I have watched tear-jerker movies and not been moved, only to tear up at a sensational point in an action movie.  But music, music does it best.  I get really sensitive on shows like “America’s Got Talent”, “Britain’s Got Talent”, “Netherlands”, or “The Voice” – shows like that where people who may have come from nothing reach out and touch us for a brief second.  When the audience and judges get it, so often I do too, in tears.  Never a river, people, usually just a single tear, but it tells me something got to me and I let it – I enjoy the emotion.

So here we are…listen for 4-5 minutes as Laura, 14, spellbinds us:

Laura Sings



Live Life and Love It!

I just looked and it has been over 3 weeks since my last post.  That’s a far cry from the every single day for a year I started with.  It is certainly not what has gotten me nearly a thousand posts.  However, it does mean I am still writing and can continue.  So, here goes:

I have been quite busy in the last couple of months.  Helping Dad adjust to the nursing home, helping Mom adjust to not having Dad around, helping Sis as she goes through her cancer treatments, and changing myself into someone I really care about.  That last I am accomplishing by working out 2-3 times per week, getting my right hip replaced at the end of July, attending get-togethers all over the state in my social group, and being on social media, here, and seeing friends around town and such when I can.

That makes the fact that my house is a mess and I procrastinate there seem less important, but it bothers me and I need to fix it.   I just finished reading Blessed With a Star on the Forehead’s new post  and loved it.  She and I are very good virtual friends and I am smitten with her.  I have told her this and we are better friends for it.  We will, most likely, never meet, but I can hope.  But her post deals with her items she feels poorly about and wavers on and what she is trying to do about them.  I enjoyed it and I am kinda doing the same.  I am living more for myself lately and I think that is good for someone who has always lived for someone else.  It is nice to help people and do good deeds, however, at some point, I think you need to help yourself and stop being in last place with your concerns and efforts.  Like my friend, I, too, would like someone special in my life.  I have, finally, developed a sound description of said person and her personality.  Now to look and find.  I notice that happens more and more when my confidence rises and I act more assertively.  Makes sense to me; I just need to keep doing it.  Life is full of opportunities.  My friend has this quote in her post:

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

A great quote from a great leader.  Something to remember as I move through life.  I do see opportunities everywhere.  I do have to deal with people (some close to me) who are the opposite and try to pull things down with doubts and difficulties; I am certain all of you do; some of you may even be those who pull down.

My advice:  Live!  Enjoy life!  Be careful, watch for problems, but  See those opportunities and seize them!

When you are very old and looking back on life, see a life lived and spent goodly, wisely, and with fun and gusto!!!




Life Goes On or is it the Beat Goes On?

Life does not stare or smile or yell

Life does not make Heaven or hell

I started writing the about two lines intending on creating a poem about life.  After the two initial lines, I realized there was nothing coming forth.  That’s unusual for me and means I am either tired, sick, or simply not in the mood.  I am tired and I don’t think I am in the mood.  So, I was gong to delete the lines and start a post and realized that the lines have already started a post.  I just need to finish it.

Boomie Bol wrote a wonderful post on her twins finishing kindergarten.  As I read it, I waxed just a bit melancholy.  I realized I was reliving a bit of my past, when my children, not twins, finished things…kindergarten, and now I am remembering school, college, jobs, weddings, friends, boy/girlfriends, other parts of life for them.  Time is, indeed, fleeting.  More than that, however, time works hard to remove our memories, putting distance between them and us.  Our mind helps to bridge that gap.  My mind often falls short, since my stroke.  I don’t remember a lot of things and I know, in a small way, how getting old and having Alzheimer’s might feel.  Not a pleasant thought to dwell on.

I have been a bit negligent in my writings as of late.  I have not had much of the interest, to tell the truth.  Not wanting to stop; I simply let life get in the way.  After all, it’s more important.  I have been living and learning; my life has taken some major hits and some bounds in the last couple of months.  I have made several poor decisions and some decent ones; both have changed my life.

Both are also fairly personal, so I will not go into details, at least, now.  But, suffice it to say, my life has changed and, as a result, I have changed.  I am growing – I am a bit more critical and a bit more understanding.  I have glided through many days fighting aliens and mutated beasts online.  I have done some singing and some crying.  I have plowed through dishes only to see that my cabinet is, again, filled.  My kitchen table and countertops are a mess as is my dining room table – all just from ignoring the fact that I tend to make piles when I am not consciously trying to keep up.

Dad is in the nursing home.  We play chess, about 4 games 3x week, and I win the majority.  I worry about him as I see him forget, for a moment, how the pieces move or what exactly is going on.  I have tried picturing life without him and know I will continue, but as for Mom…

Sis is, today, taking her last rad/chemo treatment for her cancer.  Surgery is in a month, followed by more chemo.  They believe they will get it all and she should be fine, but, from having a stroke, I know that it will never be quite the same.  It will be better in some ways and worse in others.  I hope for her that, like me, the positives outweigh the negatives.

I have begun (into my 2nd month) of working out at Planet Fitness.  I go 3x a week for about 30-40 minutes.  I know that I am sore, tired, and thirst a lot – but I also see that I am walking farther, faster, and lifting more easier than I did.  That will have to be my strength – knowing that when I have my hip surgery in late July that I will be home in only a couple of days instead of 3 weeks like before.  I also notice a strong toning up in my abs and stomach.  I doubt I will ever get back to that well-honed person I was at 33, but still, I know I can be better…so, I will try.

Consider yourself as caught up as you can be for now.

I am getting ready to go work out yet again, then see Dad tonight.

Now, if only some beautiful woman would call, text, or drop me an email (sigh)…always the dreamer.



That’s About It – Period

Again, I bring the lovely August McLaughlin into you lives.

This time the topic is menstruation.  That’s right.

Here is the link to her website:   August on Menstruation

If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, here’s a great video

that takes about 10 minutes:  Thinkx on Women and Menstruation



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