Taking My Breath

A short one tonight… about 8 minutes to hear a beautiful 9 yr old voice:



Another Skip in Time

Well, I was looking at dates and saw that 9/27 was the last time I posted on WordPress.  As I thought it had only been a few days and now I see it has been a week (actually, 8 days now), I decided I had better post something.  Life has been very serious lately, so I think I will post a joke.  Now, I have told this one for years, but have no idea where it came from.  Please read and simply enjoy.  If you don’t like it, say so – nicely.  If you have one you really like, then, by all means, post it in the comments.  I would say to keep it clean, but I won’t post one if it is very graphic or x-rated.  Or, if it gets posted, it will be deleted.  Just sayin’.  Anyway…

There were these two young gentlemen and each had a horse.  They were the same age and the men could not tell them apart.  One night, the guys were pondering this when an older man overheard them and said, “Men, if you will simply cut a notch in one horse’s ear, you will be able to tell the difference easily.”

The men were amazed that they had not thought of this.  So, the next morning, one man notched his horse’s ear and the two gentlemen were very happy.

Now, as it happened, they were riding through the woods and the horse with the clean ear ran under a low branch, which cut the horse’s ear.  Now, the men found they could no longer tell the horses apart.  So, they went back to the man who said, “I understand.  So, cut off one horse’s tail.”

Again, they were amazed they had not thought of this themselves.  So, one man cut off his horse’s tail and they were happy again to be able to tell the difference between the two horses.

Again, as it happened, they were riding and jumped a fence.  The horse with the full tail caught his tail in the fence and pulled it off.  Now, once again, they could no longer tell the difference between the horses.  So, they went back to the man.

This time the man shook his head at the other two.  Sadly, he said, “I have no other good ideas.  However, there is a wise man living up on the hill at the far end of town.  If anyone could help you, he could.”

They clapped the man on the back for such a good idea and both rode to the hill, then up to the wise man’s home.  The house was very old and run-down.  They were concerned that, perhaps, the old man had died.  However, when they knocked on the door, a surly old fellow with a long, ragged beard answered and ushered them in.

They explained the situation and the old man pulled on his beard.  After a time, he said, “Simply measure the two beasts.”  And he showed them the door.

The men were beside themselves and rode home to get a measuring stick.

And that is how they found that the white horse was two inches taller than the black horse.


Enjoy your day.



Is She Right for Me? Am I Right for Her? Am I Right in the Head?

Please just click the link and read Meathole’s post about being in a relationship.


Click Click!

Well, this is not a video.  However, it is about photos and/or videos.  It’s about selfies.  You know, those sometimes-funny-sometimes-not pics we all take of ourselves doing inane or stupid stuff.  Like I really want to see a selfie of you in your cowboy outfit riding a dime store horse.  However, there are also the decent selfies.  Like taking a selfie of you with Jessica Alba, or getting ready to walk into someplace really special, like the White House.  Notice how I smartly left out all those selfies of 20 and 30 something young women in bathing suits or less?  See, that’s because I AM SMART!

Anyway, this article covers extreme selfies – that’s those one-in-a-lifetime shots because you may well DIE TAKING THEM! Yeah, those…just read please:





Revisited – Something to Do

I have no idea what happened earlier to my post’s video.  I think it got lost on FB.  This time I am using the one that was shared to my own timeline, so it is there and should stay there.  We will see.

Anyway, it is still a monumental tribute to playing all your life.  It has certainly changed mine.  It is less than 8 minutes (I checked).  Watch 1 minute and see if you don’t finish it.  Let me know…



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