Seize the Fish, or the Hamburger, or the Candles – Do Something!

I love TED Talks.  This one is about 10 minutes.  Well worth watching.  Too many lessons for me to do much summarizing.  Enjoy!



Let Him Who is Perfect…

I was not going to enter this horrible race war when Paula Dean had her problems with the past.  I wasn’t going to get into the mess with all the white policemen when they started getting into trouble.  I wasn’t going to say much for or against Hulk Hogan when he got dragged (or dragged himself) in to the race war.

Then, I read this article about a woman of 4 who accidentally left her child in a carrier in the grocery cart at the store for 45 minutes when she got home, realized, and drove back.  By then police had been called and she was charged with child endangerment.

Now, I have to say something for all of these.  Ferguson may be the exception, but the rule still fits a little.

First, here’s the article:

Now here’s what I found on FaceBook:

I am not going to stand up particularly for any of these people or situations.  What I am going to do is to take a second and yell at all the people who made instant decisions to “hate” all these people, policemen, celebs, whoever.  I understand the horrible feelings if your loved one was killed and it looks like prejudice or bad judgment or even selected error.  But, people, where did all your compassion go?  Where did the treat people like yourself go?  Where did your positive feelings go?  The network has dropped Hulk Hogan because of one thing said, something he has apologized over and over for and has said where he was at the time and how low he felt.

Paula Dean has fought to climb back a little from something that, may have been said, but was brought about by a disgruntled employee who may or may not have been totally accurate.  I won’t get into the Ferguson deal.  Sorry…that one’s a bomb ready to go off…

Then, here is this mother, horrified and mortified that she made a mistake.  Sure, it could have ended up very badly.  The child could have been hit or kidnapped, or died.  Yes, it could have happened.  But, she did everything she could as quickly as she could to fix it.  And, in the end, because of people with feelings, the child is okay.  I am not saying that the parents (or, at least, Mom) should not have some sort of punishment, but, hey, in this case couldn’t we make it a minimum thing, write it up, file it, make sure she can’t make another mistake like this, but ease off…

People lately must be really scared for themselves, because they jump at the first chance to “put someone away”, “make them pay,” “show them who’s boss”.  And, it is, mostly — CRAP!

Help each other a little, smile a little, yep, you may get knocked down once in awhile for being nice, but the world in general raises up a bit with ever nice thing that happens.

I better stop and let you speak your pieces, good or not-so-good.  I don’t judge and I am not here.  I just notice and speak my piece, too.



Just Thinking with an “Open” Mind

The US Open in Tennis is one of the top tennis tournaments in the world.  So many players come to play, so many people come to watch.  I won’t belabor the point.  I was just looking and thinking because Google has the US Open as it’s main pic on the search site.  If you click on it, you can find out everything about it you probably never wanted to know.

I have never been a big fan of Serena Williams.  No good reason.  I like to watch the ladies play because they finesse a lot and they are mostly pretty.  I watch the guys because they tough it out and play hard.  Serena simply got lost in the shuffle for me.

That is, until recently.  They have been talking a lot about her ability and the fact that she has the only shot at the grand slam this year.  She has won 3 of the 4 majors to clinch it.  All she has left is the US Open.  I doubt that I will watch much of it, however, I imagine I will look at the scores and listen as they are talked about.

Here is Serena’s page and info:

I had a difficult time when I saw what all she has accomplished in about 34 years of life and 20 of playing tennis.  What is really getting me is that, at 34, she is still the number 1 seeded in the US Open.  In those 20 years, she has qualified and played in 16 US Opens, winning 6 in the women’s singles and 2 in the doubles arena.  She has won 69 titles and 723 matches in her life and, as of this writing, 48 matches this year. She is ranked number 1 this year.

She has earned around $73 million for life and over $9 million this year.

A great athlete?  Yes, I have decided that.  She is now somewhat of a role model for me.  I don’t choose those easily.

Who is your role model in tennis?  Something else?

My big life role models are  Joan ‘d Arc, Helen Keller, George Washington Carver, and Thomas Edison.

Put yours in the comments below.



Dull Home? Mix It Up!!!

Debra Kristi, on of my favs, hit a long fly ball when she began talking about how to spruce up your home on a shoe-string budget. My budget is always looking full and a small, unexpected cost can make me shake my head.  But to be able to change your house basics so easily and cheaply?  Gotta try it…




The Gift of Smoke and Grief


Really made me think. She writes wonderfully and is the first blogger I ever followed on WordPress.

Originally posted on Truth and Cake:


Smoke has been hanging over Vancouver for the past week. Wildfire haze. The first day, it looked like the sky was on fire, orange and brown, with a bright red, unnatural looking sun piercing through. Almost 200 fires have been burning throughout BC.

The worst of the smoke has cleared. But the haze is still here, lingering. The mood has shifted from bright hot summer to something like a pause. It’s not the easiest to sunbathe under a layer of smoke or go for a long run. It is easy, when things get a little weird, to want them to go back to normal, to look away from the fire. Clean it up. Move on.

I told someone the other day that I’d stayed in on Sunday to do a major clean after my recent move, finally taking a go at the boxes in the spare room. The smoke was…

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