A Last Stand

It is 1:43A and I have been watching the government workings since about 2pm. I have tried to imagine how I would feel if I came to work on a morning, expecting debates, speeches, and voting; and, instead, watching as I had to hide and vacate my workplace, feel threatened, then return to a “normal” day at work at nearly 8pm.

I have been listening as objections are made and countered and then voted on. I have watched and listened as we went from violence, then order, then to the House and Senate debating, especially, the voting validity for Pennsylvania. The more I listened the more I thought. What I couldn’t give was the fact that some of the arguments on the objection side made sense, made good sense. But what I did see was from the House was a sense of arguments and anger and other things I really didn’t hope to see. But there was voting and I will support that, even when some objections were about the voting process itself.

I support our governmental processes, even where I haven’t seen the voting outcome yet.

What I don’t support is the violence and the attack on the Capitol Building. I thank our police and secret service personnel and any other responders who helped gain and maintain order. I feel sorry for the loss of one woman’s life and hope our country will regain and keep its democracy.


Scott L Vannatter

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  • Sarah Potter Writes  On January 10, 2021 at 12:34 pm

    From my side of the Pond, it seems that violence erupted due to one oversized toddler throwing his toys out the pram as he’s a bad loser. As for me understanding your electoral system in the US — it seems so complicated that I can imagine some of your own citizens don’t understand it themselves 😉 I’ve always believed in conciliation and peace. Lol, you should have seen me in the 60s with flowers painted on my face and my strings of lovebeads!


  • RO  On January 7, 2021 at 7:22 am

    True – violence is never the the way to resolve anything. Hugs, RO


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