Very Intriguing Posts I have Found – last edited 6/22/2015

This is a page of special posts I have found.  New ones are added at the END.
Browse and enjoy.  Glance at one; read it full; you may find a new kindred soul that you have to follow.
Please, if you find a broken link, drop me a comment.

1) The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas

2) True Romance Stinks – PFPT

3)  Grace has Rett’s – there is help

4) 10 Reasons Being a Guy Sucks

5) 10 traits about Asperger’s (really well done) by Sam

6) Positive Affirmations (Making a List)

7) Coffee, Talk, and a Walk  – Adrianna

8) The Screaming World  – Sam

9) Fifty Shades of Laptop – PFPT (as close to porn as we need to get here)

10) The Wealth Attitude  – Mollie Player

11) So You Want to Start a Blog – Truth and Cake -> Part Two here <–

12) Imagine there is a War – Story of working through shame and depression

13) To: Fat Girl – A wonderful letter we all need to read

14)  Your ABCs – A wonderful 100 word story

15) Holy Water – – Sam

16) Cats-and-dogs-and-penis-envy – Sam

17) Were supposed to be stronger and know better– a very sad story on abuse

18) Love Torn – a beautiful poem by Lady Day

19) Does Dirt have Calories? – August McLaughlin

20) The New Day –  by Sam

21) The Stuff that ain’t Working – by Sam

22) Body Image Boosters – August McLaughlin

23) Grammar Lesson #4 (language and situations) – Rich

24) An Excellent Treatise on How to Succeed in Writing by Joe C Combs 2nd

25) Mommy, Daddy, Baby – Language and more! by Rich

26)  Your 20s and 30s – by Rian

27) Best Definition of Transference – by Kristin

28) Anger definitions – Zoe

29) A Voyage on an Uncharted Sea – Bert

30 Men and Violence Against Women – News with Nipples

31 The Big Flood in Colorado – Susie Lindau

32. Loving without Sex – Elephant Journal

33. Lying Broken on the Floor – Elephant Journal

34. Halloween – Good Explanation –  Harvesting Hectate

35.  You want work you love? Show up.   Truth and Cake



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