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dank memes

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2 Things to Make You Smile

I don’t get to smile often enough to suit me.  I love life and I love learning, but smiling comes from the heart.  So yesterday and today have been special.

First, yesterday, Mom and I went to Cracker Barrel to eat.  After a wonderful meal, Mom wanted to shop in the store for a few minutes.  I decided to sit outside in the 70+ degree weather.  While reading my Kindle, I looked up to see 2 young ladies with a child.  A third young lady, who worked at CB, came out to see them.  Then a young man arrived.  I knew him as a cashier at CB.  The other worker ran to him and jumped in his arms, hugging him.  When she stood again, he knelt and proposed.  How cool is that?

Today, I learned that Beverly Cleary turned 103.  Read the article if you want, but please watch the video.  It is precious.

Beverly Cleary turns 103 

Hope you are smiling, too.




*This article was online at one of the local paper sites.  I was going to summarize it, but it’s just too….well, I don’t know…the word “stupid” comes to mind, but especially at Christmas!  Read for yourself. I wouldn’t want to “spoil” it.

MUNCIE, Ind. – 2018 will go down as a turbulent year for members of a Muncie family and the law enforcement officers who were sent to disturbances at their home.

On May 15, Jacob Russell Shields, then 25, was arrested on allegations he had thrown a door – earlier torn from its hinges – at his twin brother, beaten him with a broom and repeatedly bit him.

Jacob Shields is set to stand trial, on a related charge of domestic battery, in Delaware Circuit Court 1 on March 4.

A little more than two months after that, the reported victim in the May incident, Justin Everett Shields, was arrested after being accused of attacking Jacob with a samurai sword, then holding the bleeding, nude victim against his will in a bathroom.

Four related charges stemming from the July incident – domestic battery with a deadly weapon, criminal confinement, attempted strangulation and interference with the reporting of a crime – are pending against Justin Shields in Delaware Circuit Court 1.

The Shields observed their 26th birthdays on Nov. 8.

On the morning of Dec. 19, city police were sent to an apartment in the 1500 block of West Jackson Street no less than three times in a little more than two hours.

At 7:36 a.m., 911 dispatchers were told Jacob Shields was back. He was gone, however, when officers arrived.

A third call reporting trouble with Jacob Shields was placed at 8:48 a.m. This time, police found the target of the complaint outside the apartment in a vehicle.

Polices aid Shields at first refused to get out of the vehicle, then began screaming and kicking when taken into custody, spitting at authorities and kicking one officer during the struggle.

Justin Shields, at the scene, told authorities “all of the problems today started because their mom drank Jacob’s pop.”

Delivered to the Delaware County jail, Jacob Shields alleged kicked one corrections officer and tried to kiss another, according to an affidavit.

Shields remained in the jail Wednesday under a $12,500 bond. He was charged Friday in Delaware Circuit Court 2 with battery against a public safety official, resisting law enforcement, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

A member of the Shields family called The Star Press last week and said she was desperately trying to find ways to help Jacob Shields cope with emotional problems.

She also claimed when authorities are called to the family’s disputes, “they find ways to provoke (Jacob’s anger).”

Douglas Walker is a news reporter at The Star Press. Contact him at 765-213-5851

I didn’t write the above.  It was cut and pasted from the Star Press site.



Got His Goat: A Grave Story


Hey, Norima!  How you doin’?

“I’m fine, James. but I thought you took that job at the cemetery to make extra money?”

“I did.  It’s to mow the grass around the graves by 4pm every Saturday.”

“It’s 2:30 now.  Are you done already?”

“No, but farmer Nickols sold me his goat.  I tied it to a tree at the cemetery and it’s had nearly 4 hours to roam and eat the grass.”

“James!  It’s sheep that eat all that grass.  Goats eat tin cans and such.”

James began a heavy run toward the cemetery.  He shouted over his shoulder,

“Fired! First Day!”

*100 words

*I remember this prompt and the direction I took it in.  Thought it was time for a non-violent change!





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