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iMAGEine this!

Because I had already written my “Friday Fictioneers” story of the week, I didn’t add this one in.  But, I realized here was my chance to use my favorite scene in almost all of moviedom and I had to take it.  I hope the Goddess of Flash Fiction can forgive me.

PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg

Jill and Sam skipped down the path, ignoring the “Do Not Pass” sign standing on sticks.

Around the bend was a rocky bridge between the mountains.  It was foggy there.

As they crossed, a group came into view.  The tallest, a bearded man in a flowing robe stepped forward and slammed a walking stick into the ground.

“You Shall NOT Pass!” he yelled, lightning flicking from the stick.

“Sam!  Why are you red and have a tail,” Jill nearly screamed.

“Don’t know.  Also, can’t figure out why I wanna take a swing at the old geezer!”

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Here’s Your Sign

Friday Fictioneers Entry for the Week.

copyright – Bjorn Rudberg

Jonathon walked slowly up the pass.  He came to a bend and saw the sign.

“Why would I put my hand out like that?”  He smiled and kept walking.

Upon coming round the bend, he saw the old man with the shotgun pointing at his head.

His hand went up, exactly like the sign.

The gun blast echoed around the mountains.

The old codger spit green onto the dirt path and grumbled mightily.

“Dern feriners cant foller signs even wit a drawin.”

He sighed, rolled the body off the mountain and sat back on the gold waiting for his brother.

Word Count:  100 words



This was my first official one of the week.  If you want to see my favorite (written too late) –> Here

Leprechauns, pots of gold and other crazy mad beliefs

Yes, those exact ideas have (and are) costing me dearly. Listen well, friends…

Pam Grout

“It’s not what you don’t know that kills you, it’s what you know for sure that just ain’t true.”
–Mark Twain
If you’re a parent, your kids have undoubtedly accused you of T.M.I. It stands for “too much information.”

In ACIM Lesson 76 (I am under no laws but Gods), we learn that not only have we have picked up T.M.I, but that most of it is T.M.F.I. (too much false information).

In this lesson, we examine the strange and twisted laws to which we are bound. The Course calls it insanity to believe we must obey the “laws” of medicine, of economics, of health. To think we would starve without stacks of green paper strips and piles of metal discs is the height of madness.

These ridiculous laws play a big role in how we experience life. They’re like the kitchen junk drawer that’s filled with a…

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Bad Timing

I thought this was a wonderful refreshing breath.

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shopping centre © A Mixed Bag 2013

There are always a few cars left overnight in any parking garage. Some had battery trouble and couldn’t be towed before the end of business while others belonged to people who’d have one too many at a local pub. It was a Sunday morning and the gates were shut and locked so no entry and no exit.

Smith (not her real name) let herself out of the boot of a gray Audi and took the service stairs up to street level. Her victim Medina came into his shop Sunday mornings ostensibly to catch up on paperwork, but in reality he was her competition. There was only room for one assassin in southern England.

Smith looked at her antique analog watch. He should be in the back of his shop by now getting ready for his next assignment. Wait. The shop is dark. He locks the…

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Money is everywhere

Pam is simply a wonderful person whose beliefs come from others who understand that life always works out and that nothing is limited, except by our beliefs.

Pam Grout

“Happiness comes from many sources, but none of these sources involve car or purse upgrades.”—Mr. Money Mustacheabundance

Last November, at an executive women’s retreat in Orlando, I met a brilliant CPA named Christi. I feel compelled to mention that I wasn’t at this weekend retreat because I’m an executive woman. I work in my pajamas. I was there because I was invited to give a two-hour presentation which, you’ll be happy to hear, I didn’t give in my PJ’s.

But this story isn’t about me.

It’s about Christi who is brilliant, not just because she helps clients with taxes and financial planning and all that other left-brain rigamarole, but because she helps them really understand money. Not in the way most of us understand money, but in the way money really is.

She considers it her duty to make sure they know that money is energy and that those numbers…

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