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Could not agree more. I make sure that I tell people when I create my Amazon list that all books and DVDS can be in “Very Good” shape, not new. I just hate highlighting and underlining. Leave that out an we are fine.



Let’s do one another a favor passing on the impulse.

Just now, for instance, I opened a box of chocolates whose presenter will remain nameless,  that looked as if they came by way of Gaza, and that’s putting it politely.

The box itself was crushed on both ends and rather than, Fine Swiss Chocolates, said… ine iss colates, which made me wonder if it was some type of French bubble bath or inflatable undies you blew up.

They came in a second box with a scarf perfect for Barbie who they may have been shopping for.

And no, we can’t blame it on the mail since it was delivered in person. I, adhering to the old Connecticut custom of opening your gifts Christmas morning didn’t, while the party was in residence.

Was it my imagination, or were they relieved?

Could have been all that wine they drank.  See, I’m…

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One sick puppy . . . and she needs your help

I think it is a good cause.

Robin Coyle

Hello blogging friends! I jump-started my blogging routine a couple of months ago and then, what do you know, it fizzled. The reason? Who knows!? I’m sure you have all experienced the same thing.

However, I am moved to do a blog post today because this precious 4-month-old puppy needs your help. Help from all of us. Let me explain . . .

Our daughter Paige is a crazy dog lover. Not a lover of crazy dogs, but is nutty over dogs. Actually, we all are. But, back to Paige being a dog nut . . . ever since she met an English Cream Golden Retriever several years ago, she has longed to have one of these gorgeous dogs in her life.

That dream came true in September when this little nugget came into her life.


Look at all that puppy-goodness!

Needless to say, I was head-over-heels in love as well.

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A Look Back at Now…

Here’s one from a time ago that still tells how I feel today.

Synchronicity and the Tire



Nominated – Take that Democrats and Republicans!

I’ve been nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award by Tonysonblogger – thanks!!!

Questions I am to answer:

1. How will you make a difference in this world?

I have already made a difference in this world.  My blog has changed a few lives and I taught special needs children for over 6 years.  They have told me how I have changed their lives.
2. What is the best thing that happened to you?

Looking back now, I can say that I truly believe “All things work out in the end; if it hasn’t worked out, it isn’t the end.”  Having said this, I would rate my stroke in May  of 2010 as the thing that has changed my life the most (I am, of course, not taking my children into consideration here, as they as the most wonderful things).  The stroke took away my balance, gave me double vision, and has mess with my fatigue level and short-term memory.  However, it has also, changed my entire personality for the better (in my opinion) and taken away my OCD (I have so much time to think now).  I can no longer work, but have become a published author and a blogger (over 900 posts in about 6 years).  I play a lot of games of “Words With Friends” on FB which has introduced me to many new friends.
3. Is it necessary to have a role model in life?

Necessary?  No.  Important?  Yes.  I have had many past people I have set in my life as role models.  Most notable were Helen Keller, George Washington Carver, and many fictional people who overcame great difficulties in life in order to help themselves and others.

4. Do you believe in aliens?

I have no good reason not to.
5. Do you believe in the need for changing the present system of education?

Yes.  As a past teacher and long-time student, I can honestly say that our low-ranking in the world for education is valid.  I think we have a lot of quality people working and performing, but in many cases their hands are tied as to helping their students in the ways they truly need it.  I think our leaders depend too much on “Studies” and don’t use some common sense, at times, to figure out what we need.  I know they want to be “backed up”, but it’s not working.
6. Is “winning” everything in life?

I believe that depends on your meaning of “winning”.  If winning is beating everyone else out, then, no.  However, if winning is living a life you are proud of and one that helps others (yourself included), then, YES!!!
7. If you were given the chance to live again, what would it be?

I have often said that I would love to go back to about 6 years old and know what I know now.  That is the main stipulation I would put on living again.  It does me little good to go back and make all those mistakes again.  Just think how much I could do if I started over, but knew this time!  And, yes, if I started all over, there would be many stocks purchased when certain companies started out!  If I am going to live again, I wish to be very rich and help others.
8. Do you believe in the Big Bang Theory, if yes, why?

As with aliens, I see no problem with the Big Bang Theory over anything else.  All of it has that essential problem of “What started the very first thing?”  However, I don’t think the answer to that question would fit in most of our heads.  I believe in God, therefore, He started this Universe.  How?  However He wished…
9. Do you believe in global warming?

I have long been a believer in global warming.  I had my students watch “An Inconvenient Truth” for many years.  I still believe in global warming.  I may or may not believe in all the evidence, but enough is there that I know it is happening.
10. How do you think life will end on this earth?

Most people say “life” but mean only “human life”.  I will discuss “life”.  It seems to me that the most reasonable two ends to all living things on Earth are 1) huge direct meteor strike or 2) a huge solar flare   Your choice.  I believe either.

My Nominees:

I will post 3 nominees of people I have just begun following in that past year.  I think I have picked on my beginning group enough.


Pinky Manoj                          

Lori Greer in Portland           

Here are my questions for the nominees: 

  1. What is “Happiness”?
  2. You are the only person left in the world.  You have food and water and medicine and shelter.  What are the 5 things u most want to find now?
  3. What would you be willing to do if it meant saving your life?
  4. You get to write a best seller on anything you wish.  What would you write about?
  5. The world is going to end in 15 minutes.  Who is the one person you would wish to spend your time with?  I know this one’s hard.
  6. What is your favorite “clean” joke?
  7. What are your favorite 3 books and why?
  8. Pretend you are single and unattached.  Who are those 3 stars or other famous persons you would love to spend a weekend with?
  9. You are to be totally without other people for the next 20 years.  What 3 different animals would you like to have with you and take care of?
  10. You can have 1 superpower.  What will it be?


Enjoy!!!  Namaste,


A Little Much?

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