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Being Stuck (at Home) – Part 2

A few weeks ago (xxxxxxxxxx) I posted a list of 20 movies and short descriptions that I thought might be of interest to all of us stuck at home due to Covid-19 and its variants. That seems to still be the case now (or, probably, should be), so I decided that a part 2 would be in good taste. So here is another list of movies that I have found to be very interesting lately. Do note that subtitles were high on my list lately. If you don’t like them, well, I am sorry, however, they give the story more by my hearing the native languages.

  1. Rugal – Not certain about the rating – not for kids – subtitled from Japanese. This is a one-season series about a man who is found with the his murdered wife and he has been blinded and can’t identify the killers. He then joins a group of crime fighters who have artificial replacements for body parts which give them some special abilities. Story has been interesting so far. I have watched 2 full episodes. I like the premise and it shows more emotion than most Japanese shows I have watch.
  2. Vivo – A “G”-rated show (Disney?) about an intelligent animal how has to get from Cuba to Florida. Cute and well worth watching, I thought.
  3. Bad Guys: Vile City – Another subtitled Japanese crime series. This one is about a very corrupt government by Criminals (Gang). The Inspector decides to allow the head policeman to hire anyone to help him. The policemen hires people nearly as bad as the criminals, but who help not hurt. Again, not finished, but has been very good up to now. Probably not for children either.
  4. Control Z – This has been really good. I believe it is in Polish – subtitled. It is a 3-season series about a high school in which someone is letting the public know about the private matters (secrets) of students and staff. The heroine is a sherlock-type girl, not really liked (at first), and how she deduces and helps to solve the problems (or crimes at many times). Not for children.
  5. The Witcher – Not subtitled! Named after the video game, this, so far, one-series show, I couldn’t wait to have come to Netflix. I have watched it 3 times and enjoyed it each and every time. Slightly funny, provocative, and thrilling, this series has the current Superman star (James Cavell) playing the “White Wolf” Witcher, a mutated man (intentionally) who has a rough exterior, superior strength and endurance, some spell-casting, and no fear at all. He travels around the lands (basically living for many years in perfect health) for hire killing demons and monsters. The plot has been great (really needs a second season) and intertwines all over. The only problem I had the first time through was keeping track as the show changes from present to past and back somewhat frequently. Some nudity, a lot of blood and violence, and the f-word gets thrown around a lot.
  6. I am not checking the first installment of this blog type, but “LA’s Finest” has a second season. This police-detective show, a series resembling the “Bad Boys” movies, stars Jessica Alba, so you know I was gonna watch! Great show, not as much violence and almost none of the language, it is every bit as good as the movies it was drawn from. A lot of fun banter and action.
  7. How to Get Away with Murder – This one has 5 seasons. I have watched 3 and a half so far. I loved the premise and the 1st season. Around 15-20 episodes a season, the show is about a college class of law students who take a class by the best Defense Attorney in the business. The star students all get together to study and work hard to get a good grade. Of course, the unthinkable happens and they are now tied together by a secret which they and their professor go down the rabbit hole to conceal. Not for children, but good. I am slowed by this 4th season as it has dragged a bit more and gotten really dark. I will keep on to see what happens though.
  8. Gray’s Anatomy (17 seasons) – I never got into this when it was actually on TV, but because my daughter really liked it – I started it. And it is a really good medical show with great and bad people and I am learning a lot about Intern ER life and medicine.
  9. Altered Carbon – 2 seasons of a show that made my head hurt at times, it is one of the best SF series I have seen in a long time. The rough, bloody show is about a time when people have their brains copied to storage units and when the body dies, they get a replacement unit. It is another show with a hidden agenda. Just remember that just because a person looks like someone on the outside doesn’t mean that’s who’s brain is inside.
  10. The Darkest Hour – Another Sci-fi show about an invasion (yeah, one of those). But it takes place overseas and is about a few tourists who get involved from the onset of an invasion by unseen creatures who vaporize people. Interesting and intense and a bit scary. Good show.
  11. Blood Red Sky – Vampires, R-rated movie. This has an interesting twist. About a vampire mother and her normal son who are traveling to America to see a doctor who is said to have a cure. While on the plane, hijackers take over the ship and threaten the passengers…

There have been many more, but I will stop here for now. I hope there is a 3rd installment, though they can fix the virus and let us back out any time – I will still watch shows on Netflix.



Don’t Pass It On!

Oh, Wow! I didn’t really think of this. I was reading a Snopes article and it talked about how trolls get their kicks.

What it amounted to was that they don’t care whether it’s good publicity or bad; they simply want their statements repeated. I realized that I was doing a lot of contributing to the problem by “sharing” the statement or meme or whatever across the medias.

It made sense when I read it. “This is horrible!” and “This is great!” will both get looked at and passed on.

Keeping this short, I paraphrased above. The article is good and well worth reading:



Looking Back, Looking Forward…

I think a lot about never having any blogger notifications appear on my blog. If I didn’t see people outside every day I would imagine that a solid event, catastrophic in nature, had wiped the planet. Then I got to checking my stats. Is it really true that I haven’t published a post since January 2021? Hard to imagine, so I keep looking. Yep, very few views, only a couple of posts, and the year’s stats are nearly zero.

Why does that matter? Well, if I am only doing average of 4 posts a year, why should anyone else be expected to? I still find it hard to believe that no one I followed by the end of 2020 has written a single post. However, it seems that they have either done that or have moved to another platform. I got a few likes, so there are those out there. Let’s go with that. I have about 8 people I know did exist during January 2021.

So, to you all, “Hi!” It’s been quite a year. It comes out that it will, most likely, continue to be quite a year and on into the next year. I do think now that we will as a world survive, at least, for the next 10-15 years. I have read too much of global warming and all the other environmental problems to think we will have it easy after the next 5-10 years.

I hope all are doing well. Consider this a campfire post: we are all sitting around t nice fire in the evening and introducing ourselves, again. How are you? What’s your world like? Are you done blogging? Has blogging changed for you? Yeah, me asking all those questions again. But…I miss all your voices.



A Last Stand

It is 1:43A and I have been watching the government workings since about 2pm. I have tried to imagine how I would feel if I came to work on a morning, expecting debates, speeches, and voting; and, instead, watching as I had to hide and vacate my workplace, feel threatened, then return to a “normal” day at work at nearly 8pm.

I have been listening as objections are made and countered and then voted on. I have watched and listened as we went from violence, then order, then to the House and Senate debating, especially, the voting validity for Pennsylvania. The more I listened the more I thought. What I couldn’t give was the fact that some of the arguments on the objection side made sense, made good sense. But what I did see was from the House was a sense of arguments and anger and other things I really didn’t hope to see. But there was voting and I will support that, even when some objections were about the voting process itself.

I support our governmental processes, even where I haven’t seen the voting outcome yet.

What I don’t support is the violence and the attack on the Capitol Building. I thank our police and secret service personnel and any other responders who helped gain and maintain order. I feel sorry for the loss of one woman’s life and hope our country will regain and keep its democracy.


Scott L Vannatter

How We are Starting Out (IMO)

First a strange joke I heard (you may have to read it several times). I went to the store and bought a fresh brand cherry and a microphone – badda bing badda boom (say it out loud).

Joking aside – This year is ending the way I am afraid 2021 will start – poorly.

Had another bad sleep night last night, so I woke up and rolled over to pick up my Kindle. I like starting the day with either my Kindle or getting on the PC and looking at a lot of the same thing. I was doing fairly well until I got to Facebook (I am hearing a lot of that, lately). It was okay for awhile, then I hit a long trending page about the election. I need to clarify.

  1. I don’t hate Republicans.
  2. I don’t believe everything I read or hear; I ask questions and try to check things out.
  3. I am not one-sided on much of anything.
  4. I believe all things work together for the best in the end.
  5. I believe in most of our country

The page was written by a Republican to Republicans. They didn’t smear Biden; however, they trashed our news media and all Democrats as well as most of this country.

I repeat number 1 – I don’t hate Republicans.

But, I do have to make some statements I know will, most likely, be taken poorly. I may get unfriended on FB (That’s okay, I can live with it).

What I didn’t like is the over-generalization made by this particular person and those who commented about all Democrats ignoring the reality of the situation. It bothered me they lumped all of us (“us” being anyone who was not a Trump voter) into a large group and telling me what characteristics we “all” have.

What got me most was the more I read the more I felt they were the ones here who were not paying attention. They were doing the generalization by saying we all felt the same way.

This group was in the mode of how wrong we were; how much we will see; and how the election is not over; and how horrible our news media and government had become that they could perpetuate all the lying and not see the (their) truth.

If this sounds like a bit of a rant, it should. I am ranting, but trying very hard to keep it at a level pace. Everyone has a perfect right to believe as they do (given they don’t see violence as the only way out). Everyone has a perfect right to vote as they see fit. I really don’t care how you voted. There are many times, however, when it is very obvious.

I have tried listening to the news and reading articles from both sides. What I have found so far is the vast majority of people writing articles or making solid statements the election is not over and “you” will see are not paying much attention to what is going on in this country.

Mr. Trump you lost. Sorry for you, but you did. What happens now to you is up to you and what you have done in the past. What you will be remembered for as President will be in all the books and talked about for a while, then on to the next thing.

Mr. Biden you won. It was a pretty clear win after the dust died down and that makes me happy. Yes, I wanted for you to win and am not afraid or uncertain of that. I feel 4 more years like the last 4 and we might never have gotten to vote again. This was implied several times from places. I also worried about war coming because of instability in our government.

Let’s see:

  1. A pandemic (still ignored and unaccepted by many) was allowed to go on until March 1st when it was too late to comfortably get out of danger.
  2. Many world friends now are having to decide to be friends again and I don’t blame them.
  3. Many new friends will, most likely, not like us any long and I am rather pleased with that.
  4. I doubt these next 4 years will be so thoroughly full of “Fake News” and “I will see to it that…” and then not.
  5. There will, probably not have to be an actual committee to keep track of how many times our leader misspoke (I won’t say lied, but I lean that way). It was well over 5,000 times by their accounting.
  6. There were fights and violence which, probably, could have been avoided.
  7. States being “visited” by government employees in combat gear or “hidden” will be lessened.

That’s enough, but not all. So, no, I didn’t care for the way our country was led the last 4 years.

And, as is customary, when that happens someone else takes over.

What I have had the most trouble connecting the dots on are the many Republican leaders or big names who ended up, actively, stating their disapproval of the current leadership or agreeing with the way the election turned out. I won’t speculate on why this happened, I simply state it because it is so.

You are welcome to leave comments below. I, seldom, delete a comment; usually only if it is just so horrible that I don’t want it in print under my name. However, do, at least, think this through – if you just tell me how I don’t read the real news or listen to the right people or just don’t know what I am talking about, then you are just perpetuating and proving my statements.

I really do love you all. Namaste,


Beauty lies within yourself

The only impossible journey in life is you never begin!! ~Tanvir Kaur

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