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Best Stories of the Week…August 30th

Law of attraction at work!


A 10 year-old boy at school was celebrating his birthday allowed to invite two boys to join him for lunch. He chose his best friend and another kid his mom didn’t know. When she asked, who he was and why did he ask him, her son said, “Because no one talks to him.”

At a 12 Step meeting, an elderly woman came in with her Cocker Spaniel. The guard at the church’s front desk told her dogs aren’t allowed. When she said, he was a Service Dog and had just forgotten his vest, he said, without it, he was just another dog.

His boss appeared and after hearing the story allowed the lady in with her beloved pup. He then went on his way…in his wheelchair.

I was coming home from Whole Foods proud of myself only taking one bag that, crossing the avenue broke, my pears and and oranges…

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Pride in Someone I don’t Know

I read some of the articles from “Upworthy” on the Internet.  I don’t read all of them as I feel it may be a little too “left” for me.  However, more often than not it strikes at the center of what’s going on.

Recently, one article caught my eye: Girl does not join United Methodist Church

The reason, if you didn’t read the article, that the girl did not join the church was because the United Methodist Church decided that the denomination would not tolerate homosexuality.  It wasn’t because she is a lesbian (the article did not specify, but I think she isn’t); the reason was simply because the denomination, as a whole, is going this direction.

The article garnered my attention because I used to go to the United Methodist Church.  I left the church years ago because I decided that it did not reflect how I feel about God, the Universe, and people in general.  I have never removed my membership, however, simply because I didn’t think of it.  Perhaps, now would be a good time to do so.  I will consider that.  I am proud of this young lady.  I went to the church for a long time while feeling that there were simply things that almost all churches taught and believed in (not even simply Christian churches) that went against the way I was firmly believing in.  After my father passed in 2016, I began to think more strongly on this and left the church completely.  I know my mother wishes I would come back.  I, lovingly, refuse.  When my sister passed in Jan 2019, I felt so comfortable knowing what I now believed and what that meant for her, that I knew I was heading in the right direction.

I am not writing this post as an excuse to promote my beliefs; my beliefs don’t require that.  I am not going to list my beliefs; my beliefs don’t require that, either.  I am simply pointing out an article that will interest many and cause others to dislike me or dislike me more.  I don’t care; my beliefs also don’t require me to get any of you to like me.  I have chosen to believe this way and will continue to do so.

I support LBGTSQ and whatever other letters get added as time goes on.  I have many friends who are in all those areas and a few others, I think.  I am straight.  I am not proud of that fact; it just is.  I try hard not to look down on those who look down on those with other lifestyles.  None are “better”; none are “worse”; they just “are.

I would plead with my friends, people I have worked with, people I know, and all others who cannot see their way clear to view all people as equal to open their minds to that possibility and to read, listen, talk, and work hard to understand the issue.  I believe strongly that it is an issue that can change the world, one way or the other.

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