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When Sleep and Dreams Affect RL

I have prided myself on always trying hard to keep, at least, my computer info safe.  I try to never allow my private info to be infringed upon by online people.  I share info with people on Facebook, dating sites, and such, but have always kept my secret identity info just that…a secret.

A few days ago, I was asleep and dreaming. In that dream I was calling for help against some unknown force.  I just know I felt rather helpless.  When I shook awake, I was still a bit caught up in the dreamworld.  I had been awoken by the phone ringing.  I picked it up and began talking, still not quite in rl.  The person on the other line said, “I want to help you,” feeding right into the dream.  I said I wanted help and so, I answered a series of questions…without having even gotten the name or company of who was on the other end.   What were these questions, you ask? Glad you asked.

Are you on Social Security?  Medicare?

Are you in any pain?  Are you interested in getting that pain to stop?

Verify your address.  Deliveries to front door or back door?

Verify the last 4 digits of your Medicare number.  1st two.

What is your birth date? 

I remember saying, “Man, I don’t usually give that out on the phone.  Oh well, heck, here it is…”

And just like that, I shared 1/2 the info needed to take over my identity.

I hung up and just put my hands on my eyes and said, “Shit!” I got pale and dizzy.  Then I decided I needed to do something. So, I called Medicare, I called that Attorney General of Indiana, and I called the FBI.

I ended up getting the same basic story. If they wanted my birthday, but didn’t seem concerned about my Social Security number and talked Medicare, then they were, very likely, going to send me several packages and charge me thousands of dollars because Medicare would not cover them.  I was told to return unopened any strange packages I receive.  By law, then, they could not charge me or Medicare and I would avoid almost all the pain associated with this type of fraud.  I got lucky.  God watches over me always.

Guarding your private info is difficult, especially when asleep.  However, here are a few important guidelines:

  1.  Medicare and Social Security and most other places like banks and such, will NOT ask for that kind of info over the phone.  NEVER give your account numbers, birth date, and/or Social Security or Medicare number to anyone unless YOU have contacted them.
  2. Never click on the links in an email that says you can change your password or connect to the site.  That site can go anywhere.
  3. Ignore those emails that say your accounts have been frozen, your credit cards have been compromised, or your critical info has been leaked.  Those proper places will NOT contact you this way or even on the phone.  They will tell you to look up their sites and call them or email them.  Links can go anywhere.
  4. Don’t even listen to phone messages or calls telling you to call back.
  5. If you don’t have caller ID and pick up a call and no one is on it, just hang up.  The caller may just be trying to find out when you ARE home to recall or, perhaps, to visit when you are NOT home (ie. robbery).
  6. Get a GOOD virus protection program (I love Norton 365, myself, and it comes free with Comcast as your provider).  Then USE it!
  7. Set up good passwords (general rules are don’t reuse a password, change them, at least, every few months, and make them random and 12-15 characters each). That all may sound like a big pain in the butt, however, so is losing your bank account or your identity.  So, is having all kinds of stuff delivered to you that you did not order.

Just a general warning to everyone. I care for you all and want you safe from these online creeps and fakes.




Change comes along Everywhere!

Earlier today I read  Susie’s post on Changes.  It was filled with her changes and what they may mean down the road.  Read it and see.  It, certainly, helped to focus me.

I also just read my blog-friend, Jules’, post about her changing her entire life.  Good for her!!! Read it here –> Jules and changes

These two posts have made me realize how much changing I have done and will be doing.

For example, about 2 1/2 years ago, I lost my father.  Last month, I lost my Sister. Life has been rough, but has been teaching me.  I am now more susceptible to learning (I am listening).

I have had plans all my life and have, until recently, been planning ahead to a future that never occurs (at least, as I plan it!).  I spent most of my life learning, working, raising a family – going through deaths, births, job changes, divorces, moving, replanning, changing careers, a stroke, and a plethora of other things.  I have survived it all; in fact, in many ways I have thrived.  I am still learning to manage my symptoms of Diabetes.  My attitude and life direction have changed.  I  put God and “The Law of Attraction” (Pam Grout, “E Squared”) at the center of it all.  That has changed everything completely.

Now, I look at how “everything works out in the end”, “it is all perfect” and, when I do, life amazes me.

If you wish please ask any questions here and/or look at my new FB page ->God, Quantum Physics, and The LoA 

I hope your day is blessed, but whether we like it or not, each day is perfect just as it is. (and, no, this is not a “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” story).



Life is perfect, but sometimes, it Sucks

Last Thursday my Sister, Darci, died from cancer.  It had been a couple years of battle, since just before Dad passed 2 years ago last July.  Mom, at 83, has had a rough time taking care of both of them, I had my stroke almost 9 years ago, now – finding out that the funeral for Sis will come on a high of 0 Degrees with significant windchill has made it even rougher.  Topping it off, I fell yesterday, hit my right brow, took 19 stitches, I look like Frankenstein, and today it hurts like … well…it hurts.

I don’t write all of the above for pity or condolences, rather I write the above to perform some catharsis and come to grips with it all.

This is not a bitching post or hateful one or even a particularly sad one.  I write this because all of you out there (and the numbers keep growing) are my friends, people I share my life with and turn to when things get rough.

Well, I am turning.  I know and believe with all my heart that life is perfect, that it all works out in the end, even if we don’t see it.  Yep, I am one of those…

But even so, sometimes, life just sucks – this week is one of those weeks, topping off a no-so-great month and past couple of months.

So, call this what you will,  I had to share it with you all.  Thanks for being there.



Christmas Eve 2018

I am not here to take away from  your celebrations.

I am sitting here at my computer, our big celebration over, and thinking that I like the quiet going on right now.  It’s about 3 hours to midnight on Christmas Eve, 3 hours until the bell tolls and Christmas begins.  Those 24 hours are not the only magical ones in the year, but I watch a lot of people who think so.  Their attitudes get better; they smile more; they are more giving; and, they seem to see many others in a better light.

What more could you ask out of one day?

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!


*Grace, a special Holiday care note out to you, Sweet Girl.pexels-photo-280204

U R Looking, but R U Cing?

I am not trying to “cheat” on my blog by posting links and not writing.  It’s simply that something catches my eye, holds my attention, and I feel the need to share it.

And this is the best way to share (this and Facebook) that I know.

So, if you deciphered the title into “You are looking, but are you Seeing?”, then you should watch this.  If you couldn’t decipher it, then you Need to watch it. (about 13 min).



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