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I have now been with Amazon for 10 years, started out buying, now buy and sell both for me and for our local library.

Amazon has, recently, decided they needed to update their security.  So, beginning last month, 11/1/2017,  when I try to log into either account, I have to wait for a phone call and enter a security code.  All well and good.

I have to say that the response time is excellent.  I seldom have to wait more than a few moments for the initial phone call to come through.  I enter the code and am logged in.  This part has been accomplished with little or no problems.  Yeah!

Now, when I log in, it is to my buyer’s account.  I understand that and prefer it..  I click on “account” and click on “seller account” to switch.  This has, regrettably added another trip to the phone for another security code to get into the seller account of the account I am already logged into.  I see this as redundant, but understandable.  For me, it only takes a few seconds – who cares?

All and good – in a perfect world.  However, in this world, when the computer accepts my switch to the buyer account and gives me the screen for the code – often it is a screen asking me which way I wish the code sent – phone, cell phone, test…still ok, just a bit troublesome.

Following this, there is, very often, no place to type in the code and/or the code does not get sent.  This then requires me to keep reclicking on the screen and/or start over with the entire login process.  Okay, this is getting a bit ridiculous.

Now, this process has required me to do the entire process over on one occasion – two times.  This has meant logging in 3 times.

To make matters worse, this is for just one account.  I run two accounts and have to go through this for both of them, often.

So, it still being only a few minutes and I have never NOT been able to get into my account, I have not worried.

Today, I decided to put in a trouble report just so someone would take a look at it as this is about the 4-6 week (counting practice) that this has been going on.  I logged in, went to “contact us” and logged a suggestion/complaint.

I received an answer back in email about 10-20 minutes later.  Pretty quick.  The email was from the help desk consultant or whatever they choose to title that person as and  said that (paraprase) “my understanding is that you wish to be reinstated as a seller and have …” .  It went on to tell me that their records show I had been inactive for some time and that often credit card info was asked to be reentered to get the account going.  Then I was given instructions on how to do this.

This all came under the heading of  – problem: secondary login trouble – nothing said about needing to be reinstated.  In fact, nothing in my entire report to them even hinted of this issue.  I responded back on their grading/question response sheet with 1s and 2s for all the questions and a comment declaring that the help person did not ever read my problem report.

Now, all that being said – I love Amazon.  I am not blaming them for this particularly.  I run into this sort of thing a lot from different people. Normally, I simply stop buying from the company.  But I am not going to stop buying/selling on Amazon. I enjoy both and love helping our library raise money for new books.  My anger is simply that this has been the most blatant experience of “we don’t really have time to bother with you, so here is a kinda answer to your problem, maybe.”

My understanding is that many US companies are using oversea personnel to handle phone and write-in problems because it is cheaper to pay them and, often, their day hours are out night ones. I don’t mind this, UNLESS, I cannot understand the person on the other end of the phone or they can’t obviously read my English email to help me with my problem.

This is not a race issue.  This is simply an issue with companies wasting money trying to save it.  This amounts to the same thing as I was told once when the method of building security in a place I was went from 2 detailed walk-thrus a shifton 2nd/3rd to a quick spot check every hour (from 4 checks to 16 per night)  Hitting the Detex stamp clocks became the way insurance companies decided how good your security was.  And having a guard walk the rounds 8 times instead of thoroughly checking 2x was much better on insurance rates.  The company would actually save enough that the occasional robbery would not be such a long with all they would save on insurance.

Okay, this has gone and digressed.  I will stop here.  Just irked me that it happened and that all my “suggestion” work is doubtfully doing to accomplish anything.  – maybe I am just tired-




It Just Couldn’t Wait!

I was going to do something about myself on this post, but just couldn’t after watching this TEDtalk.

Please, give it your 15 minutes and, if I am wrong, chastise me in the comments.  I will get back to selfishly talking about me soon, I promise.




A Long Week…

This has been a heck of a week, a really long one.  You know, one of those where you say “Looonnnnngggg…”.  It had its humorous moments, but none I saw at the time, of course! 🙂

I woke up Thursday to a cold reception.  I sleep in shorts and a T, usually, so in Winter it is not unusual for me to be a bit on the chilly side.  I keep the thermostat at around 64F.  Most people find that downright cold.  All I can usually think is how good it would be to live somewhere in which 64 was the low and 75 was the high…(singing) “In Camelot”.  I don’t care for the really hot days of June-August.  88-95+F is just not something I care for.  My saying has always been “you can always put more on, but you can’t always take more off.”  Not entirely true as I watched a radio personality don a record number (actually) of T-shirts and when the layers got big enough he was having trouble breathing so they had to stop.

Anyway, I sat down with breakfast and my computer and began my normal day.  The furnace man (okay, Heating & Cooling Tech) had been in on Tuesday to check for winterization and had found that a part of my secondary heating unit (the catalytic converter of the furnace) was in bad shape and needed to be replaced.  This was something Carrier had expected as they had found the part was not lasting as long as it should and were replacing it free and paying a portion of the labor involved, too.  Danged nice of them.  So, the tech had pulled the part and said he would be back the first of the week to replace it.  He assured me all would be fine till then and left.

So, I knew it was a bit too cold in the house, so I went to check the thermostat.  It was set on 64F and it was 54F in the house!  Problem solved!  I got on the phone and called the tech office.  He would be in later that day to check it out! The tech arrived and, after a bit, came to tell me that it was not going to work without the part and they would have to emergency order it and repair it tomorrow!  Tomorrow!?  I asked my wonderful Alexa what the weather was for tonight.  She told me it would be down to 22F with a high of about 45F the next day!  Okay, I love my house and I don’t want to leave my house.  So, telling Mom I would be fine and then getting prepared for a rather cold night in my home.

I had a small space heater by the computer, so no problems there.  I wore a sweatshirt.  I did go out to eat with a friend and stayed in the warm restaurant until a bit late.  I got home and played on the computer and then, finally, decided to go to bed.  Before playing on the computer, I had gone into the bedroom and checked it out.  I found a brand new space heater, still in the box, that I had purchased on sale a number of years before.  I opened it, read about it, and was pleased that it had a thermostat, timer, and energy saver on it.  I did not like leaving something on all night, but knew I would have to so I was even happier to find that it had a tip-proof safety control.  I accidentally tipped it about 1/4 inch and it shut off immediately.  Good unit!

I put it up on top of my dresser on top of a rather old and heavy DVD recorder.  The multi-plug extension cord was heavy duty rated at over 1800W, which is what the heating unit called for.  I checked behind the dresser and found the plug was 1/2 out and covered in the webs of spiders past as well as dust bunnies.  I needed to move it out and clean first.   This was the beginning of hell day.

I pushed on the dresser which did not budge.  I swung it out from the wall and, eventually, one sore hip and back later, I had it moved enough from the wall.  I had survived, however, the old glass lamp I had not taken from the top of the dresser did not.  It lay in pieces at this middle-aged diabetic’s socked feet.  I managed to clean it up, cutting only my finger and back to the task at hand.

I unplugged the extension cord and thoroughly cleaned the plug, cord, outlet and surrounding wall with an old t-shirt.  I replaced the plug and found I could not move the dresser back into its proper place now; it would not move.  I resorted to taking most everything from the top of the dresser, took out all 4 drawers (they were heavy!), and then moved the dresser back.  I replaced the drawers and the top belongings, and then tested the heater.  It worked like a charm.  I was in business.  I set it for 66F, which meant it shut off at 68F and turned on at 64F.

I went to bed later, sat the alarm and then the heater timer for 8 hours and went to bed.  To say I didn’t sleep well that night would be an understatement.  I slept, but just not hard and not long.  I woke up tired and grouchy.  I had the appointment scheduled for 2pm and had to cancel my PT appt for my surgery work on my hip.  We had rescheduled it for Friday at 1.  I had called my Mom and she was coming at 12 noon to house sit until I got back. At about 3pm, I got back home, sore and very tired and grouchy.  Mom told me he was still working and left.  He finished about 4pm, we settled up, and I decided I had had it for the day!  I stayed home and went to bed at a reasonable hour (well, for me, anyway).  Saturday was a new day and I did so much better!

Now, I am realizing those days are the ones you remember.  They must be part of the good life.  Just the parts you really don’t want to repeat!  Have you had any similar tales lately to fill your memoirs with?



Spring Cleaning or “Cleaning Springs”

Today was the first day in awhile where I have felt good all day (It is 5:37pm and I got up at 10:30am).  I did a sleep study Monday night (perhaps another post – we will see) and had to revamp my sleeping schedule in a week from bed at 4am to bed at 9pm.  That, in itself, was a task.  Then, the night of the test, I went to the hospital, test began at 10pm and she got me up at 5:30am and said it was time to go home!  Jeez!  So, I went to breakfast (quiet at 6:20am), home, bed at 10am-2pm, then went back to bed last night at 1:30am and got up at 10:30am.  I had just finished a sleeping cycle (dream finished and woke up), which is supposed to be the best time to get up and feel good no matter how much or little sleep you have had.  I have not been very tired at all and have had 3x the normal energy I have felt in quite awhile.  So, what grand thing did I do?  I CLEANED MY KEYBOARD!!!

That may not sound like much, but it took 1 and 1/2 hours to finish!  I would advise you all to do it at least 1 time a year.  It had been 1.5 for me and it was interesting…


  1. shut down your computer completely (not to sleep – shut it down, no electricity going to keyboard!)
  2. get your alcohol (rubbing, not drinking!), q-tips (about 20-30), and a couple of gauze pads, and something thin and flat and small.  I had a throwing knife (don’t judge!), but a steel nail file would work.
  3. put some alcohol in a small container (holds < 1/4 c.).
  4. dip or pour some of the alcohol on the gauze pad and wipe all the top of the keyboard down pretty good.
  5. use the knife (or whatever) and remove (pry carefully) up the space key (this will, probably, be the dirtiest).
  6. using the knife, easy, scrape up all the hair (pet), and stuff into a small pile and then use a dipped q-tip to pull it out from the keyboard.
  7. Be careful how many keys you take out at once (you have to remember the proper order to put them back in!!!).  I would suggest 4-6 at a time and lay them in order and face down nearby.
  8. after cleaning the keys and their spaces thoroughly tip the keyboard upside down and shake or tap/shake so that the excess stuff falls out.
  9. after the alcohol dries (minute or so – blowing on it helps) replace the keys.
  10. repeat 6-9, taking out 4-6 keys, mainly the ones you use the most, until done.
  11. for a gamer, like myself, I ended up removing the following keys:  spacebar, backspace, arrow keys(4), main enter key, both shift keys, cntl and alt both sides, a,w,s,d,e,r,z (control keys for games), special window keys, tab.
  12. When done, make certain all is dry and clean mouse well (I have a roller ball mouse, so it was dirty and I clean it once a week or so).
  13. turn computer on.
  14. open up a blank word, work, or some type of writing document.
  15. type in all the letters (small and caps) as well as numbers and test all the keys you removed and the mouse.
  16. if all is working, you are done!!!! yeah – take this time to smell the keyboard – it won’t smell this clean for awhile.
  17. if all is not working – well, sorry for your luck – lol.  I have been there and done that.

That has been a lot of my day so far.  I hope to get more done, but we will see.  I managed to do odds and ends along with this task.

Have a great day!



Threads and Chaos

I started to begin this blog by apologizing for doing yet “just another reblog.”  Then I realized that it is because this author stated my feelings at least as well as I would have and I enjoyed it – why not you?

Also, after the short story I posted earlier this week about Vegas, I needed to pull myself back together a little and, perhaps, even make a bit of amends, so here is another Pam Grout post:

Threads and Chaos



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