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Threads and Chaos

I started to begin this blog by apologizing for doing yet “just another reblog.”  Then I realized that it is because this author stated my feelings at least as well as I would have and I enjoyed it – why not you?

Also, after the short story I posted earlier this week about Vegas, I needed to pull myself back together a little and, perhaps, even make a bit of amends, so here is another Pam Grout post:

Threads and Chaos




Where have all the People Gone?

A week or two ago, maybe a bit longer, I posted my coming out to BDSM: > HERE < .

I spent quite a bit of time beforehand worrying, contemplating, tossing ideas, and talking-to-self before writing and hitting that “publish” button.  Now, from 9-7 to 10-1, I have received a few views and far few comments.  Also, all the comments have been good.  I just keep asking myself: Scott, you published this on WordPress, which showed it on FB, Twitters, LinkedIn, and Google.  You have referred to it numerous times and still…?

Now, today, on FB, I saw a friend whom I haven’t visited in quite awhile.  I remembered I have messaged her a few times since Sept 7 and never heard back.  It finally began to sink in.  People who know me are embarrassed, uncertain, scared, nervous, angry (choose whichever you think applies, maybe all), or something else and simply are not speaking to me or being very general as if it never happened.

Your imagination, you say?  Perhaps, but it begins to make sense then.  I have well over 569 friends on FB, 734 connections on LinkedIn, who knows on Twitter / Google…That’s over 1300 people (I know, some overlap) who have, at least, seen the title.  I didn’t expect all of them to be happy (so far, all of you on WP have been, Thanks- you are the best).  I really didn’t.  I expected some unfriending to occur on FB and a few snide comments (or paragraphs) from a few on FB and Twitter.  But, none of that, seems…weird.  I should be happy, but it just seems too strange to just go “oh, the world is a different place and everyone is okay…”  Right?

Anyway, just a short rant.  Let’s go back to saving animals and filming babies.




A “Bare” Icon

Yesterday, 27th, an Icon died.  I don’t know if any other WP posts are about him; I just felt it needed to be done.

Hugh Hefner died at 91 years old- the man who “began the sexual revolution” (more his words than mine).  A man who almost everyone in the US and most places throughout the world had, at least, heard of.  If you went up to someone and said, “Plato”, you might get someone who says “philosopher” or even “The Republic”; if you went up to someone and said, “Einstein”, you might get an “E=MC(squared)” or a “theory of relativity”.  You might get those or you might get any of a dozen related answers.  However, if you went up to someone and said, “Hugh Hefner”, you would, very likely, get a resounding “Playboy”!  This is how the man was known.  He was not always seen in a positive light; he was not always talked about pleasantly; however, he did carry a certain amount of importance in who he was and how he lived his life.

I do not judge people; I will not judge Hugh Hefner.  I will merely say that, for this author, I have had a off/on type of relationship with him.  His magazines have given me  pleasure, pain, embarrassment, and a lot of guilt.  But, when I look around at where we are today as opposed to where we were when I was a teen, I have to salute him.  He was not my savior, but neither was he the cause of all my suffering.  I either did that to myself or let others do it for me.

My upbringing was mostly like a great part of early 60’s Indiana: conservative and rigid.  Sex was not talked about.  What this meant was that I learned about sex from books (restricted also) and people around me.  I remember being quite young and believing that kissing caused babies.  I didn’t kiss my grandmother for quite awhile.

I remember being told that french kissing caused pregnancy.  It wasn’t until long after I broke up with that particular girlfriend that I learned the man had meant “could lead to sex and pregnancy”.

I started out going into the Methodist church via college ministerial training.  That lasted less than 2 years.  I became disillusioned with the church and much less so with Mr. Hefner.

Marriage also pulled me away from the pages of P. Though it was, probably, more my upbringing and the terrible guilt I always carried around that did that – mostly.

Now, at 59 – holding my breath for the arrival of 6 decades on this dear Earth  – I have accepted Hugh Hefner as, drum roll, just a man.  He created a brilliant magazine concept at a crucial time in history and the rest has just followed along.  Yes, I see him as just a man, but he is an important man for what he did and, if nothing else, deserves this small amount of remembrance from me to my followers.

The article I first read is here > Hugh and Playboy



Friday Fictioneers – Let’s Try Again…

Oh, it has been a long time since I allowed myself the time to come here and free write.  It has been a busy…um…several years.  Things have happened.  I have been working on a book, scifi, and stopped more times than I have started, I think.  I have been through illnesses and worked them out.  I have proclaimed myself as a member of BDSM in a post on WordPress >here< and lived through that, also.  I have 2 great nieces, now aged…I believe 3,4 or 4,5 lol

Best news is that I set my scifi book aside and my daughter and I are collaborating on a book, nonfiction, about our lives and beliefs.  i am excited!  So is she!  It will be awhile, but I know it will be worthwhile.

I have grown as a person using the Law of Attraction, even begun a study group on Pam Grout’s work.  Here is a sample >here<

Enough of that, below is a long-time-coming of my input to this site.

He looked down at his feet. He focused on the strings and saw a myriad of tentacles sailing out into the world, connecting him to everywhere. Mentally, he tugged on a strand; feeling the ripples carry out into the universe, making others take notice or simply change paths. He had altered 32 individuals with this motion, tipping them in the proper direction. He realized his tug then had resulted in those 32 affecting 397 others positively. Following, he saw 2,694 from that connection and then 14,238. He stopped looking, returned to his shoes. He bent down, tying the other string.




If I Were a Rich Man…

I began watching “Touch” Season 1 on Netflix a couple of days ago. A wonderful show about an autistic boy who, with his father’s (Keiffer Sutherland) help, solves a lot of the world’s hurt through seeing patterns of numbers in everything.

The episode (at least, one of the) had a sub-plot about a blogger who went to Paris, hoping to meet a guy after being dumped,and ending up meeting the guy by coming back to the US.  I would say it was a spoiler, but, by now, I begin to expect these things and saw it coming.  However, it was beautifully done and it almost teared me up.  I do tear up, btw, it just takes a bit more.  You know, like watching those 1st auditions on BGT/AGT of the great singers like Grace Vanderwaal (teared up again), but it still affected me.  Then I read a post from athingirl and it is about a girl and a boy finding love and there you have it, I am now lost in a track of thought in which I, though the mysterious twists and turns of an altered reality, find that special someone with whom I “click” wonderfully and, perhaps, forever.

I need to reel it in a bit and realize, even though I truly believe we create our own realities, I may not be prepared to find that special someone just yet.  I may need time or experience or new shoes for her to “see” me or for us to be where we need to be when we need to be.  It could come through one of the dating sites I am on (Since I “came out” about my involvement in BDSM on here several posts ago >here< I have changed my profiles accordingly), through the BDSM website I use, from this block,or simply, just stepping outside to get my mail (why not?).

I know I talk about this quite a bit on here, that matter of finding someone special.  Know it is not constantly on my mind, but doing it, saying it here allows me to speak freely and get some good advice back (so far, no trolls).

So, just letting you in on some of my thoughts.  Thanks for listening and know I am both sane and, basically, unworried as the LoA will win out in the end.



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