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My Year (and still going)!

Well, here we are to almost Christmas 2016!  I am still thinking back in April how I never thought we would make it here.  The year has been eventful, and for, those who are new or need catching up, here is a fairly brief summary.

The year has been kinda tough on all of us.  Major points:

  1. My Sister has cancer.  I refuse to give it a capital “C”.  It doesn’t deserve it.  She been taking Chemo for many weeks and is over 1/2 done.  I am simply glad to have her around.  She, too, has a big following on FB and I am often amazed at just how many people care and talk to and about her.
  2.  Dad passed in July after a long year of mostly being in the Nursing Home.  He had fallen twice in the last few years and surgery was not an option because of his missing kidney and low-functioning in the one that remained.  He did not care for his diet and often (really often) refused the food to have them bring him something he was “not supposed” to have.  What do you tell an 83 year old of sound mind?  We just let him enjoy himself.  He was really missed by a lot of people.  He earned the name “Candy Man”  or “Kiss Man” because he would take Hershey Chocolate Kisses with him to pass out to the “mostly” females at restaurants and such.  The local Cracker Barrel group actually told me how much they missed him!
  3. I have been fighting my diabetes for about 7 years now.  That and my blood pressure led to my stroke in May of 2010.  This year I went through some rough times, both with Dad and Sis.  I ate off the charts, giving up nearly 2 years of wonderful blood sugar via vegan dieting.  It was actually low enough that, many mornings, I would wake up and have to eat something sweet and fast because it had dropped to under 60 (normal being 110 and normal diabetic about 120).  At present, my blood pressure is good (great) at 117/73 average.  I am now working out 2x a week at Planet Fitness (a really great place!), which fits even my tight budget.  The diabetes makes it difficult to lose weight or build muscle, so I have now declared war on it.  I have done my research online and read extensively.  I have found what I believe to be the best defense and offense for this bad situation.  My new diet/lifestyle begins with a protein shake-based cleanse followed by 2 months of strong high protein, low fat, low carb dieting.  Then, after that, I should see a dramatic drop in blood sugar and weight and an increase in muscle.  Sometime in the early spring I expect to reduce or illuminate my blood sugar drugs and testing (via Dr. of course).  It is my hope that by next Christmas I will be Diabetes free, down to a decent weight, have good muscle tone, and have, perhaps, stopped or reduced my blood pressure meds (that would stop this stupid leg swelling).  We shall see!  The diet started today about 5:30pm.  I know that cleansing over the holidays is no fun, but I want to get started!!!

I think that’s enough for a year.  I hope all are having a wonderful Holiday and may your Christmas be the most loving time and full of joy.



If it’s not one thing – Well, it is usually more things.

Long week.  Dad passed on the 25th of July.  His birthday was yesterday (Tuesday).  Sis had her cancer surgery Monday.  She is doing well, miserable, but well.  Me?  I went to the Doctor’s this morning with a stuffy head, drainage, body aches, no fever, and a bad raspy cough.

The doctor kinda looked at me and said, “Stress.”  I didn’t think about that.  I am under so little stress since my stroke and I have such a different outlook on life that I forget stress can still get to me.  So, I am sick – I am stressed.  Okay, I will get better – am getting better.

I used to play a card game called “Magic the Gathering” (ooh and aah).  Well, I played and I shared it with my students and met with a group of them after school once a week.  We had fun and they learned to play nicely together.  I collected the cards and gave them or traded them to the students as a reward for behavior or whatever.  We all enjoyed the time.   Of course, that buying of cards to sell meant buying bulk cards at a good rate.  I now do not play, so I have been trying to sell the lot of them (or most, I still want to maybe play).  Well, I found someone to buy them and we are meeting later this week.  The final sell count was just over 49,000 cards…YES, I wrote that right… over forty-nine thousand cards!  I am pleased to be selling them and I am pleased to have them out of my house.  I kept several hundred for myself, but that’s a small amount that won’t take up a lot of room.  However, getting them out and separated and counted…wow!  I am tired and still sick…But, it is done.

So, tired, sick, and somewhat happy, plus glad Sis is fine.  I guess I will call it a day.  DAY!



A Sad Start to the Day – Monday July 25, 2016

I was playing my video game, Fallout 4, around 1:30AM and my phone rang.  Sis, very sad and upset, called to tell me that Dad had passed away at the hospital.  He was there to have his heart checked following some pain.  The stress test had told them his heart was working at about 80%, pretty good.  We had visited Sunday afternoon and had all gone home.  He was talking to Mom on the phone and had to hang up because his shoulder hurt.  He began having pains in his groin.  The doctor called for a scan of the area, then left, telling them to call when the scan had completed and was ready.  Dad coded about 15 minutes later and his heart stopped.  They were unable to revive him.

Mom is hurting badly.  She misses him very much.  The nursing home tells me they will miss him as well.  He was well-liked.  He told jokes constantly, pulled little pranks, and was in the process of finishing up a book he was authoring on the computer – a western tale.  I have promised myself I will finish it, edit it, then publish it on Kindle.

I don’t know how I feel just yet.  I know that can take time.  I haven’t cried yet – that will come at some point; I know that.  We played about 15 games of chess a week.  I had noticed he was having more and more problems playing, but he still didn’t lose them all.

He was a good father.  He and I had our times throughout my life – that is pretty normal for father/son, I am told.  At the end, we loved each other and got along well.  I am happy to have visited him so much at the nursing home.

Life will be so different now; I just don’t know how it will be.

Everyone says it; I will too:   “Love your parents – you just never know…”



Life Goes On or is it the Beat Goes On?

Life does not stare or smile or yell

Life does not make Heaven or hell

I started writing the about two lines intending on creating a poem about life.  After the two initial lines, I realized there was nothing coming forth.  That’s unusual for me and means I am either tired, sick, or simply not in the mood.  I am tired and I don’t think I am in the mood.  So, I was gong to delete the lines and start a post and realized that the lines have already started a post.  I just need to finish it.

Boomie Bol wrote a wonderful post on her twins finishing kindergarten.  As I read it, I waxed just a bit melancholy.  I realized I was reliving a bit of my past, when my children, not twins, finished things…kindergarten, and now I am remembering school, college, jobs, weddings, friends, boy/girlfriends, other parts of life for them.  Time is, indeed, fleeting.  More than that, however, time works hard to remove our memories, putting distance between them and us.  Our mind helps to bridge that gap.  My mind often falls short, since my stroke.  I don’t remember a lot of things and I know, in a small way, how getting old and having Alzheimer’s might feel.  Not a pleasant thought to dwell on.

I have been a bit negligent in my writings as of late.  I have not had much of the interest, to tell the truth.  Not wanting to stop; I simply let life get in the way.  After all, it’s more important.  I have been living and learning; my life has taken some major hits and some bounds in the last couple of months.  I have made several poor decisions and some decent ones; both have changed my life.

Both are also fairly personal, so I will not go into details, at least, now.  But, suffice it to say, my life has changed and, as a result, I have changed.  I am growing – I am a bit more critical and a bit more understanding.  I have glided through many days fighting aliens and mutated beasts online.  I have done some singing and some crying.  I have plowed through dishes only to see that my cabinet is, again, filled.  My kitchen table and countertops are a mess as is my dining room table – all just from ignoring the fact that I tend to make piles when I am not consciously trying to keep up.

Dad is in the nursing home.  We play chess, about 4 games 3x week, and I win the majority.  I worry about him as I see him forget, for a moment, how the pieces move or what exactly is going on.  I have tried picturing life without him and know I will continue, but as for Mom…

Sis is, today, taking her last rad/chemo treatment for her cancer.  Surgery is in a month, followed by more chemo.  They believe they will get it all and she should be fine, but, from having a stroke, I know that it will never be quite the same.  It will be better in some ways and worse in others.  I hope for her that, like me, the positives outweigh the negatives.

I have begun (into my 2nd month) of working out at Planet Fitness.  I go 3x a week for about 30-40 minutes.  I know that I am sore, tired, and thirst a lot – but I also see that I am walking farther, faster, and lifting more easier than I did.  That will have to be my strength – knowing that when I have my hip surgery in late July that I will be home in only a couple of days instead of 3 weeks like before.  I also notice a strong toning up in my abs and stomach.  I doubt I will ever get back to that well-honed person I was at 33, but still, I know I can be better…so, I will try.

Consider yourself as caught up as you can be for now.

I am getting ready to go work out yet again, then see Dad tonight.

Now, if only some beautiful woman would call, text, or drop me an email (sigh)…always the dreamer.



That’s About It – Period

Again, I bring the lovely August McLaughlin into you lives.

This time the topic is menstruation.  That’s right.

Here is the link to her website:   August on Menstruation

If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, here’s a great video

that takes about 10 minutes:  Thinkx on Women and Menstruation



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