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Global and Body Warming – 2 stories

First, on Global warming, I have liked Mr. Al Gore from the beginning of his work on global warming.  Now, he has updated his works and has a very positive note to share:

Secondly,  Body warming…ME.

A few days ago, I went to the Anderson St. Vincent Hospital to see my Heart Dr.  This was a pre-surgery check and I passed it with flying colors.  He told me I was doing wonderfully in the heart department (always nice to hear).

I decided that, since I was already, at the hospital, I would go to the testing building (Erskine Center).  I drove the 2 blocks over and sat in my car for a time.  I know I napped a bit.  I heard a noise and woke up.  Looking around, I saw nothing; then I heard something louder.  I shut off the engine to the car and steam began pouring from a corner of the hood.  I got out and, when it had stopped steaming, I opened the hood.  I went to the reservoir tank and very slowly opened the cap.  Suddenly, the cap blew from my hand and I say greenish (water and anti-freeze) mixture spout up.  I threw my hand up in front of my face and felt a terrible pain on my hand.  I stepped away from the car and raised my hand to look at it.  This, I think, allowed the hot liquid to pour down my arm.  I knew I was burned, burning.  I put my hand on top of the car roof (It was cold out).  I decided this wasn’t enough and put my hand into the snow that was left on the trunk.  I used my right hand (I am a lefty) to scoop the snow on top of my hand and wrist.  Looking back, I should have ripped my coat off and put my entire left arm into the snow.  As it was, my arm from my wrist to about 1/2 way to my elbow took the worst of the burn.  I got my chair walker out of the back seat and began heading to the ER 2 blocks away.  Within seconds I knew I couldn’t make it there and headed into the Erskine Center.

The woman at the reception desk in the test area asked me if it was raining.  I said “no” and told her what happened.  She gasped and said she would call 911.  I told her that I did not want to pay $2000 for a 2-block trip.  She said she would call security.  He arrived a few minutes later and we got into the vehicle.

When we arrived at the ER, it took me, him, and the valet to get my walker back open so I could go in.  They got me straight in and I began the wait.  I finally saw an NP (Nurse Practitioner).  I did not like the way she came across nor the way she handled the situation.  I told this to a survey person that next day.  Regardless, the regular nurse (who was excellent), used water to clean the area and put on a silver solution (good stuff), then dressed the wound.  We made an appointment next day with my new primary physician.  I was told that a burn can take 24 hours to let you know how bad it is going to be.  I was told to change the dressing that evening.

Here is what I found when I took off the bandages:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Yeah, bad…Today, 4 days later, I have changed the dressings almost 6 times.  The blisters have either ruptured or been absorbed, the burned area is larger, the color of the skin under the dead skin is very red.  I feel some pain and itching.  I am told that is good because no pain can mean nerve damage.  It is healing.  I am healing.  I go to the Wound Center in Anderson on Tuesday.  I will know more then, though I know they will “debris”(?) the wound – remove the skin and clean it thoroughly – that’s gonna hurt!

I am learning to use my right hand more and deal with pain even better.  I was already good at that, but this raised the bar.  I am still on schedule for my hip surgery soon.




End of the Year – BDSM Anyone?

Did the title shock you?  Repulse you?  Are you even reading this far?

Before going on, this post would be rated from heavy PG13 to R, so kiddies – no no….responsible adults, you may continue.

I know that there was a time in my past in which my current mores (right word?) would not have allowed me to go past the title, and I would not have had the interest to.  A shame, really.  I have found, since then, that BDSM is not like I had been told, not something evil (of course, I don’t believe in evil anymore, but you get the point), and not necessarily something to be avoided.

Since “coming out” on here > POST < I have had the freedom within myself to study and talk about BDSM without feeling worried or guilty.  The truth of the matter is that I feel freer than I have ever felt.

Other than going to some meetings and talking more, I don’t really think my life is a whole lot different than it ever was, at least, strictly because of BDSM.  Now, my spiritual change has altered my life very significantly and I am even more thankful for that.  Frankly, I think people are less accepting of my spiritual change than my affiliations with BDSM.  I find that interesting as physical pain and such could not be attributed to my spiritual change, but one could argue that BDSM leans more in that direction.

Regardless, we are ending a year today, no more 2017, and I want to have my last post of this year concern some educational practices for the masses.  So, I am offering up 2 things:  1) a short dissertation on BDSM (through wiki) and 2) the opportunity to ask me questions both publicly and privately.

  1. BDSM – just click and read – > Wiki on BDSM   If  you read the entire article (it is long), you will, perhaps, get a small understanding both of what BDSM encompasses and how easy it is to misunderstand.  “50 Shades of Gray” by PD James was not only a controversial book, but one that misrepresents BDSM.  The book only highlights the bad “Dom” – Christian and show how a woman in love can do all sorts of things, even somewhat unsafe things, to try and please her man.  Real BDSM, honest BDSM demands that both parties are informed of what can happen, what can’t happen, how to stop it, and what the risks are.  That wasn’t done in the movie nor the book.  Book 2 was better.  The true idea is for both parties to enjoy the experience as they wish to enjoy it.  Pain releases endorphins and these chemicals heighten responses and can give pleasure.  As long as safety is observed, it can be enjoyable.  I am not saying that there are not parts of BDSM that are not dangerous and unsafe.  All practices in most anything have their extremes; however, standard practices will include safety and be enjoyable for both parties.
  2. Here is  where I allow you all the opportunity to pick my brain.  You can do this either of two ways.  The first is simply to comment on this post and ask your question(s).  I will do my best to answer them, providing I don’t have to tell something not very proper on here or give out info I consider confidential.  The second way is more private.  My email is  Please just send me an email. If you really want secrecy, even from me, then open a new yahoo email (you are allowed  up to 5), call it and write me.  Either way, I will be glad to share with you.  This is part of my purpose, I think.  I am an educator and love to teach.  This allows me to continue my joy of educating.

Okay, Happy New Year!  I look forward to hearing from all of you, any of you, whatever positive you have to add or question you wish to ask.  I have been lucky enough to have good friends who share things about the lifestyle that have helped me make informed choices and are leading me into a good solid future where my life is a positive influence.

Thank you all.



My Year in Review – 2017

Each year, some of my family write a letter telling what all has happened to them all year.  My Sis liked mine this year and Mom saw no problem putting it out here.  I don’t either, so, for those of you who haven’t followed me, or don’t know much about my family, or even those who do, here is my year:

The Year in Review – 2017

by Scott L Vannatter

Well, it has been a rather long and productive/nonproductive year. We have had joys and sorrows, successes and setbacks; however, we are here and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This Christmas will be the second one w/o Dad, who passed July 25, 2016 – just a few short weeks from his birthday. Sis is dealing with it in her way. Mom is having difficulties as she tells me from time to time. Her biggest problem, I think is having to do so much alone that Dad used to do. Sis and I help, but it’s not like she had with Dad.

Darci, Sis, went through chemo and several surgeries for colo-rectal cancer in early 2017. She had to take that year off school, but is back now with her many kindergarteners and their relieved parents. It means a lot to her to be back and I am very glad she got to do so. It does take a toll on her, but she is happy to do it.

I have had a difficult year, myself. After Dad passed, I tended to eat more than normal and then lie to myself and everyone saying my blood surgar was fine. It wasn’t. By October I was having severe bouts of D and V (figure it out – both ends) for anywhere from 2-6 hours 1-2 x month. This continued all through the New Year of 2017 until July when I finally figured out (and got the Dr to agree that I had developed Gastro Paresis, a condition brought on a lot by high sugar over a prolonged period. In it, the Vegas (or Vagas, can’t remmeber) nerve which runs the stomach movements stops for a while allowing food in your stomach to remain and to spoil.

I stopped this w/o medical treatment (usually surgery) by eating 4-6 times a day and much smaller portions, along with increased liquids to help the food get out of the stomach. As of today 12/20, it has a bit over 4 months since my last episode.

My memory (more short-term, but some long-term) was affected by my stroke in 2010. Short-term still gives me fits. I have the most problems putting names to faces and remember things I just did if I don’t provide a good reason to remember them. An example: when I leave the house and lock the door, I turn the handle and hit the door with my elbow. If I can’t remember as I go to leave, I can usually still feel the elbow or, at least, remember doing that. It’s not the greatest, but not the worst thing in the world. I accept my problems and hit them head-on now.

Finally, I have attempted twice since June of 2016 to have my right hip replaced. Dad’s passing was on the day I was scheduled for surgery. Then I tried to reschedule in July after figuring out my stomach problems, but sugar (A1C was 9.2) was too high. It should be 7.0 or lower and they won’t do surgery unless it is under 8.0. It is supposed to be measured every 3 months, as it is an average of 90 days. I had them retake it in early November and it was 6.8. My surgery has been postponed by them once, so far, and my next appointment is in late Jan, so I expect the surgery for the end of January to the middle of February 2018. After 4 weeks I can drive and a couple more weeks to really be back to normal and I can put my cane away and walk, for the 1st time in 8 years painfree.

I continue posting in my blog ( ) and have done over 1,000 posts now in about 8 years. I have several hundred followers and I follow over 100 blogs myself, though I can’t read them all every time they post. I have some writing I have done for, an individual job site where you list what you will do for $5 as well as extras. I have had the privledge to write numerous times for an escape room located in Portland, Oregon. I have written a lot of dating profiles as well as a couple of stories for people. I still sell books and DVDs on Amazon for both myself and the MPL (Middletown Library).

Aaron has a new and wonderful young lady named Katy (Katie?)(Katee?) and they live in either Portland or Beaverton, can’t remember which is the now place! Aaron works in Portland with computers and communications and other items I am glad to have left behind. My computing now consists of general items (email, FB, blog,…), playing a few online games (Winning Putt) and several on Steam – Fallout 3/4, and a few more. Katy works several places and I just can’t recall them.

Aarika and her husband, Josh, live in the Carmel/Fishers area. Aarika works in Carmel as a Psychologist and Josh works in computer security. They have a new addition to their family as Rue joins Winnie. I am very proud of my two grand dogs.

Adrienne, Darci’s daughter, and her husband Lance live with their two daughters, Karlee and Kloee, in the Mooreland rural area. Adrienne teaches special education and Lance is a linesman.

It will be a fun Christmas this year. We will get to see Aaron at some point.

Thanks for reading and I hope your holidays are fantastic.


Scott L Vannatter

It Just Couldn’t Wait!

I was going to do something about myself on this post, but just couldn’t after watching this TEDtalk.

Please, give it your 15 minutes and, if I am wrong, chastise me in the comments.  I will get back to selfishly talking about me soon, I promise.




Spring Cleaning or “Cleaning Springs”

Today was the first day in awhile where I have felt good all day (It is 5:37pm and I got up at 10:30am).  I did a sleep study Monday night (perhaps another post – we will see) and had to revamp my sleeping schedule in a week from bed at 4am to bed at 9pm.  That, in itself, was a task.  Then, the night of the test, I went to the hospital, test began at 10pm and she got me up at 5:30am and said it was time to go home!  Jeez!  So, I went to breakfast (quiet at 6:20am), home, bed at 10am-2pm, then went back to bed last night at 1:30am and got up at 10:30am.  I had just finished a sleeping cycle (dream finished and woke up), which is supposed to be the best time to get up and feel good no matter how much or little sleep you have had.  I have not been very tired at all and have had 3x the normal energy I have felt in quite awhile.  So, what grand thing did I do?  I CLEANED MY KEYBOARD!!!

That may not sound like much, but it took 1 and 1/2 hours to finish!  I would advise you all to do it at least 1 time a year.  It had been 1.5 for me and it was interesting…


  1. shut down your computer completely (not to sleep – shut it down, no electricity going to keyboard!)
  2. get your alcohol (rubbing, not drinking!), q-tips (about 20-30), and a couple of gauze pads, and something thin and flat and small.  I had a throwing knife (don’t judge!), but a steel nail file would work.
  3. put some alcohol in a small container (holds < 1/4 c.).
  4. dip or pour some of the alcohol on the gauze pad and wipe all the top of the keyboard down pretty good.
  5. use the knife (or whatever) and remove (pry carefully) up the space key (this will, probably, be the dirtiest).
  6. using the knife, easy, scrape up all the hair (pet), and stuff into a small pile and then use a dipped q-tip to pull it out from the keyboard.
  7. Be careful how many keys you take out at once (you have to remember the proper order to put them back in!!!).  I would suggest 4-6 at a time and lay them in order and face down nearby.
  8. after cleaning the keys and their spaces thoroughly tip the keyboard upside down and shake or tap/shake so that the excess stuff falls out.
  9. after the alcohol dries (minute or so – blowing on it helps) replace the keys.
  10. repeat 6-9, taking out 4-6 keys, mainly the ones you use the most, until done.
  11. for a gamer, like myself, I ended up removing the following keys:  spacebar, backspace, arrow keys(4), main enter key, both shift keys, cntl and alt both sides, a,w,s,d,e,r,z (control keys for games), special window keys, tab.
  12. When done, make certain all is dry and clean mouse well (I have a roller ball mouse, so it was dirty and I clean it once a week or so).
  13. turn computer on.
  14. open up a blank word, work, or some type of writing document.
  15. type in all the letters (small and caps) as well as numbers and test all the keys you removed and the mouse.
  16. if all is working, you are done!!!! yeah – take this time to smell the keyboard – it won’t smell this clean for awhile.
  17. if all is not working – well, sorry for your luck – lol.  I have been there and done that.

That has been a lot of my day so far.  I hope to get more done, but we will see.  I managed to do odds and ends along with this task.

Have a great day!



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