FSF- Five Sentence Fiction – Marriage – “To Have and to Hold” PG13

Lillie is getting married tomorrow (today?).  Congrats.  The word for this week’s contributions is “Marriage“.  How fitting.

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“To Have and to Hold”

By Scott L Vannatter – October 25, 2014

It was an arranged marriage and Chelsey did not like Hubert one bit.

He was going to be her husband only because her family owed him so much money which he promised to forgive after the ceremony.

This did not, of course, happen and her poor father was going to have to work himself to death in the mine just to keep out of legal problems and from losing his house and family; her mother was sickly and Chelsey was an only child.

On their wedding night, Chelsey, with a smile, told him she would give him what he deserved.

How unfortunate she should be a widow after one night because of a loose rug at the top of the stairs?




Civil Forfeiture – Really? (Language)

I was watching Upworthy today.  It’s a collection of video clips that are usually playing into all the appropriate high notice problems going on.  Subjects such as Racism, Transgenderism, Terrorist Attacks, Sexual Equality are a few of the topics.  So, when I saw one that dealt with “Civil Forfeiture” all I could think was…”What?”.  Well, the clip is just over 16 minutes and I now consider it some of the best time I have ever spent online.  I dare you to watch all 16 minutes of it and decide for yourself.  OMG!

There you have it!  I looked up the term for my home state of Indiana and … (drum roll)…in spite of how much fun we all (me included) often make of Indiana being behind the times and all of that, my state’s CF funds do NOT go to law enforcement.  They get just enough to cover what was spent and then the rest goes into the state’s general fund or the educational fund.  We won’t talk here about what I think of our educational system or the funding (although all of the CF monies must go to the general fund!).  Here’s the line from Google:

Indiana has some of the better civil forfeiture laws in the country, at least with regard to the profit incentive.  Unfortunately, to forfeit your property, the government only needs to show that it was more likely than not that your property was related to a crime and thus is forfeitable—the legal standard of preponderance of the evidence, lower than the beyond a reasonable doubt standard required for a criminal conviction.  But law enforcement in Indiana does not receive any of the funds gained through civil forfeiture, which keeps the focus of law enforcement on preventing crime rather than raising funds.  After deducting law enforcement costs for the prosecution of civil forfeitures, all forfeiture revenue is sent either to the general fund of the state or the state’s education fund.  Indiana does participate in equitable sharing with the federal government, averaging more than $2.6 million per year in the 2000s.






Friday Fictioneers – Picture of the Present – Apocalyptic Fiction – PG13

Rochelle - Friday Fictioneers – Mine below – rest > HERE < You get the idea…now, enjoy!

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Picture of the Present

By Scott L Vannatter – 100 words

Perry stopped to look at the long table of pictures set up in front of the scene. The first showed the lake in all its glory spread to the winds, the picturesque nature all around. The scenes then progressed, showing the lake as a few homes went up, then a dock, pier, buildings, a small town, big town, now a city, on and on, until now.

Perry picked up his satchel, took out his brush and paints, and began. It was so difficult to paint the current scene, so much had happened since the last war, not enough brown paint…




Saturday Night – Thoughts of Skyrim and Zombies

What do the video game of Skyrim and zombies have in common?  Well, forgetting about draugr in the game who are undead guardians of treasures in the crypts, actually, very little. The biggest commonality are that they are two of the things I am sitting here thinking about on a Saturday evening at home.

I am thinking of Skyrim because  playing it on my new computer is awesome.  And, I am at level 43.  Now, if you play the game, 43 means something to you.  Level 43 is over the 1/2 mark to 81.  81 used to be the highest level you could reach in the game.  It has been fixed not so that you can choose to keep leveling with some good and bad things to it.  Regardless, 43 is a huge number because it takes longer (usually) to get through to each new level, so, for instance, it is relatively quick to go from 2 to 3 or 4 to 5.  It takes quite awhile to get to 43.  I would guess I have been playing this particular game for around the 200 hour mark.  A long time to spend in a game.  I learn when I play.  I learn patience, memory, new strategies, and always I find new areas or new people or quests.  It is new territory for me.  I cannot even guess how long it will actually take me to get to level 50, let alone 60, 70, and 81.  Below are a couple of screenshots just so you can see how detailed the new computer makes things.  I wish I had some old ones, so I could put them side by side – and then, I did.


Old one above; new one below.


I believe you can click and perhaps enlarge again each one.  If you can, you should be able to see the differences.  If not, then just take my word for it.  If nothing else, I get better quality, faster speed, virtually no pauses, and loading the different areas is 2-3 times faster.  I do know that I can see distant things in the game that I could never see before.

Regardless, that is what I have been thinking about as far as Skyrim is concerned.  Great game – a lot of fun.

Zombies, on the other hand, ( I wouldn’t want them on either hand, really) are on my mind because I watched “The Walking Dead” Season 5 premier Thursday night (great!) and my daughter and I watched “World War Z” tonight (1st time for her, 3rd or 4th for me).  Those are two totally different depictions of zombies and both are handled differently.  In all honesty, I don’t think Rick and his TWD gang would be able to handle the WWZ baddies.  They are too numerous, too unpredictable, and too dang fast!  However, TWD has memorable and great characters in it that I want to see over a long time.  WWZ is a movie (a book, sure, but still…) and goes more for action and suspense over character building.  Again, two different aspects.  Both are great in their own way.

Why did I write about these two things tonight?  Just feeling a little like letting all of you into my head a bit.  Scared, yet?  I think you should be!!!

- Do you have any thoughts on different shows and/or movies and/or books that deal with the same subject but in totally different ways?  I would like to hear about them. Hint, hint – comments!




Five Sentence Fiction – Falling – “Free Falling” PG13

Lillie gives us Five Sentence Fiction – Mine is after the prompt and the rest are > HERE < Enjoy!!!

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“Free Falling”

By Scott L Vannatter – October 17, 2014

It had been a horrible drop from the lookout spot and Gerand had screamed when he tripped on that small stone by the railing.

Now, it seemed, something else was amiss, as he had been falling for several minutes and had not yet hit the ground.

He thought that his poor heart would not last to the end, but that did not seem to be the case as he continued to tumble, first end-over-end  then, learning how to straighten, feet first for hours.

Now, it had been days and he was actually becoming quite bored with the entire manner and wished to all who might listen (and those who wouldn’t) that he would strike and be done with the entire mess.

Cheryl watched as her husband lay in the coma for the second week and was happy that, at least, he was unaware of what the short fall had done to him.




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