“Accidents” Part 3 – Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed the first two parts of the story.  Here are the links if you missed them:

Part One     Part Two

This was, of course, written for a blog and not a short story.  I think I would have changed it to be longer and more detailed if I was submitting it.  I will let you help me decide on that.  So, here is the conclusion:


“Accidents” Part 3

The apparatus did make some noise, but it was fairly quiet.  Tommy watched as the machine warmed up, run by the small battery, then the soft whirs and clicks followed by the yellow light beaming down on him.  He thought he might be getting a bit tired; the light seemed larger and farther away.  He blinked and realized that it was not the light getting larger; he was getting smaller!  The light was shrinking him.  He noticed that his clothes no longer fit.   His mind worked quickly.  He did two things at once.  First, the realization came that the ray was only shrinking living things.  Second, he was still shrinking!  He leaped out of the light and tried to turn it off.  He was too short now and had to climb on a chair first.

Once the big emergency was over and he had stopped shrinking, he took stock of things.  He had been about five foot ten inches before.  He got a measuring tape from his workbench and found he was now four foot three inches.  He had shrunk nineteen inches in about ten seconds.   He walked over to his bathroom scale and stepped on.  He had only lost a couple of pounds.  Apparently, the ray was only shrinking the space between the atoms in his body and not the atoms themselves.  That made sense.

Tommy took some pictures of himself for proof, and then put a box on the chair, climbed up, and started back to work.  He had successfully shrunk himself, now he needed to reverse the process.  This could still be a great achievement!

He had Sunday and Monday off work, so he could work for as long as he could stay up.  He picked up some wire, a screwdriver, and turned back to his machine.  Night settled around him, but he did not notice.

_ _ _

Sheriff Talmont arrived on scene about fifteen minutes after his deputy, the fire truck,  and the EMTs.  He had to admit that he was a little afraid to come when he realized it was Tommy Renko’s place.  That boy made him nervous.  He could handle molesters, meth heads, and thieves, but Renko was a whole other sort of trouble.  Sheriff moved his cigar to the other side of his mouth and chewed a little more on the end.

“What do we have here, Sam?”  Talmont asked his deputy.

The officer stood back up and faced the lawman.  “Well, Sheriff, the Renko boy is nowhere to be found, but his clothes are folded up in a corner, burned like most everything else in the shack, er, home.”

“Do we know what started the fire?”

“Yes, sir, well, sorta.  It was this machine thing here, but we don’t know what it is.  It’s broken and burned pretty much to where it’s all fused together.”

“Was the furniture tipped over like this?”

“N-no, Sir.  I accidentally hit it after we had taken all our pictures.”

“Well, as long as the scene was collected and processed first, we should be okay.  But, son, you need to be more careful.”

“Yes, Sheriff.”

Sheriff Talmont walked around the small area, checking things out for himself.  Sam was a good officer and the others were good at their jobs, too, but he felt that anything with Tommy Renko in it deserved at least a second look.

He moved a few odds and ends with a screwdriver end and noticed something a little strange on the ground.  On the ground from the chair edge was a little blob of red gel-like substance.  He pulled out a sterile swab and container and collected the specimen.  He looked at the swab end before putting it in the container and whistled slightly.  He could swear he saw a very tiny foot sticking out of the mess.  The Sheriff capped the container and chewed a little harder on the cigar end.  He had a feeling that Tommy Renko would not be showing up to explain things this time.  He walked back to the cruiser trying to decide if he really wanted to turn in this particular piece of evidence this time; he drove off still deciding.


What do you think?

Do I need to change it before submission?  If so, How?



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