Friday Fictioneers – 4/26/2013 – Genre: Fiction Rated G

Friday Fictioneers 4/26/2013

“Trips of a Lifetime”  – Genre: Fiction  Rated: G


The young, chivalrous pirate walked to the edge of the plank and looked deep into the shark-infested waters.  The sword tip at his back eased in its pressure.  He turned and faced his mutinous crew.

The first mate, Skaggy, went from a scowl to a frustrated smile and released the cutlass to the deck of the ship.

“Never could be mad at ye fur long, Cap’n.”  The crew cheered as Skaggy untied their Captain.

The boy opened his eyes and shut the book.

“That’s the way I woulda done it,” he thought as he again reached for the library shelf.





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