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I wish to tread lightly here.  I was, somewhat, appalled by the treatment that chef, Paula Deen, received this last week.  Now, I am going to dip into details of everything, but here is a small, brief review:

Paula Deen, master TV chef, has been fired (contract not renewed) on several of her cooking shows and other types of financial supporters.  The problem stemmed from a court transcript supporting that Paula, sometime in the past, used the “N” word.  Now, that in itself is a hot bed.  I understand that and am not trying to belittle it.  The court transcript came from a harassment suit filed by one of the employees at a restaurant run by her brother, “Bubba”, and that she, apparently help(s)(ed) to run (own?) also.  She was asked, under oath, if she had ever used the “N” word and she said, “of course” and later stated it was “a very long time ago.”

I think that is a fair recap of all that I have read today, which is, probably, a dozen things on the Internets, including several clips.  I even watched one of the evening show hosts make fun of this happening to her and she had just been a guest on his show like last week.   Please don’t inundate this site with a bunch of emails going deeply into the details.  That’s not what this article is about.  Also, no hate mail, either way.  It isn’t nice and I won’t leave it on here.

As to the reason for this article, I am working on it.  I am not out to vindicate Paula, nor am I out to hang her.  I am not a close friend of hers; I do not work with her; I don’t think I even own any of her products.

My big concern is not this issue.  My concern here is that people are choosing sides based on a lot of things that haven’t been fully discussed and they are getting angry without thinking it all through.  I am not saying that there is nothing to the allegations; I am not saying there is anything.  What I am saying is that the thing has gone viral and some of that has been almost devoid of the issue.

One person I listened to proclaimed how guilty and how bad Paula was, but if you listened the woman didn’t like her to start with because she “used too much butter in her recipes” and her food wasn’t good for people.  Really?  To degrade a person readily and fully for such a serious accusation mostly just because her food is rich in calories and fat?

The person who brought the accusation of racism against Paula (the restaurant) is a white person.  I am having difficulty figuring out how she was racially slurred by Paula.  It has something to do with this woman’s children or husband, I believe.  Still, this smells to me of “I want attention and I am mad at you, so I will grab straws” kind of thing.

Everyone seems to be on a witch hunt here.  Accusations made and she has admitted to saying one thing years ago and, perhaps, another time.  She can’t remember and didn’t think it was important at the time.

I am not condoning the behavior.  But, neither am I condoning the behavior of the thousands (millions?) of people who have latched onto a couple of details and pushed this person (who seems nice to me) out on her backside.   One of the things I do not like about the media audience of the US is that they tend to blow things way out of proportion just because they can.  It’s funny when it’s a monkey in customs or a cat with two faces; it’s cute when it’s something sweet a child says or a man using a flash mob to propose to his wife; however, it’s horrible when some person’s entire livelihood is overcooked and ruined when the rumor mills start.

I think of all the times in the past when something seemed one way and people jumped on the band wagon only to find out a few days later that, oops!, sorry, it didn’t happen like that.  I guess I am just saying can’t you all wait just a little bit to see what all is going on instead of taking that one statement or one opinion and making it law!?

Just my opinion.  My other opinion:  Racism is wrong.  Very wrong.  I don’t condone it at all.  You all need to know that and not take anything I said above out of context.  If she committed the offense that she is being sued for, okay, then she is in trouble.  However, let the cards all play out to see what’s going on – just in case.



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  • sandraconner  On June 29, 2013 at 1:59 am

    Some really good points, here, Scott. And I agree with you. I add this. I’m not out to “defend” Paula Deen, because, to be really honest, I don’t particularly care for this lady personally — not because of any one thing — probably just a personality conflict. But my point is that my words here are not due to positive feelings about her individually. And personally, I have never felt any prejudice against people of any race. I am of two different races myself and have many great friends from every race. So I’m definitely not supporting any racist words or behavior.

    But I find it insane that the media — and even the people on the street — are so “up in arms” over a couple of comments she made. I hear people say things all the time that are unkind and prejudiced. As a Christian, I experience derogatory things said about me every once in a while by the people out there who don’t like Christians. But I don’t think all of those people should lose their jobs or be crucified publicly just because they are small-minded enough to say those things. We all say things — serious things — we should not say, and I’d hate to think what would happen if we all had to pay the price she’s paying every time we did so.

    But I see the same kind of thing where sports are concerned — especially in the U. S. If a team is winning hands-down, the “fans” are singing their praises in the stands, on Facebook, on blogs, all over the mass media. They virtually crown them or give them halos. But let that same team lose an important game, and those very same people blast the very same men with all kinds of ugly, hurtful digs and verbal attacks. It’s almost sickening. People need to spend more time ‘thinking’ and ‘caring’ about people and issues before they do much talking about them.

    Thanks for the wise words in your blog and for the chance to vent.


    • kindredspirit23  On June 29, 2013 at 3:12 pm

      Thank you and you are welcome. I don’t mind vents and rants when done with some taste and thought.
      As you said (paraphrasing) it is more about how much effort is put into the research before the comment is made.
      I am not sure that I, particularly, like Paula Deen either, however, people change over time and no one has really proved that she hasn’t, if she was that way to begin with. I just read today about a star who made a comment that really did sound like a big slur against the gay population. He went on a stated that he was angry at an individual and he would never be talking about gay people; he works on programs to help their cause. Wonderful…but why isn’t he being scathed and yelled at and so on? He was, apparently, just forgiven and allowed to move on.


  • southernhon  On June 28, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    She told the truth, but she is a racist and maybe this is a wake up call for her.


  • Soma Mukherjee  On June 28, 2013 at 8:30 am

    You are right people are out on witch hunt big time everywhere..


  • Larry  On June 27, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    She told the truth under oath. Good for her. I admire that. Let’s learn the rest of the facts now.


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